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4/18/2012 c4 shadowmythic
Seriously the only way to describe this story is cute, this story is jucy simply cute and i love it
4/18/2012 c4 YellowHawkDawn
I love you,

and I love this story!


4/18/2012 c4 Jane Hood
Sweet. Really sweet, I may start crying. Love the presents they got for each other.
4/18/2012 c4 12flippedeclipse
This was so lovely! Though I can't help but think about what happens to Shep's voice stone when she's spaced =( I like the subtle more-than-friends feelings you've put into this chapter in particular =D I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/18/2012 c4 kihten
Awwww yay! this story makes me so happy, every time I read it. Love the next chapter, so sweet!
4/18/2012 c4 8Yngvildr the Voracious
Of all the chapters so far, this is the cutest. I really love the way you write their relationship. Go ahead and make my head spin ! =)
4/18/2012 c4 2vfall
I was just about to turn in for the night but on a hunch I checked my e-mail and let's just say I'm really glad I did! It always makes my day to get updates from your fics. I like the idea of the voice stones. And Garrus once more bewildered by humans and our logic XD
4/18/2012 c4 7dragonlover131313
Awe that just...damn my heart just kept exploding. Both of their gifts were just perfect. Oh how I wish I could have this made into movie and then justwatch it all day long. Your writing is just superb and I have no words right ow, I think I just might squee with happiness.
4/18/2012 c4 2BladesoftheValkyrie
This was awesome! Shepard's reaction to the sweater was perfect, haha. And the voice stones! What a unique idea. Thank you so much for the fantastic update! :)
4/18/2012 c4 36Defii
OMG! BEST chapter EVER! It was so sweet and sappy and yet at the same time, absolutely perfect, and made me laugh loud enough to be looked at like I was crazy. The stones...Oh maker, the stones! :heart heart heart:
4/18/2012 c3 Kate
God, this series is one of the most adorable things ever. I think this is my third time reading through You've Got Mail and I still adore it. (And I'm one of those people who usually has a "if there's no porn in it, it's not worth reading" policies.) But I am so so happy I discovered you. I love the build up of their relationship and the fact that you rely almost entirely on dialogue - and do a brilliant job at it. It's extremely impressive.

I've been comparing the timeline over on the wiki with this one though and I noticed that Shepard gets spaced in 2183. In only a few days, it'll be 2184 in your story. D: I'M SCARED. (Unless they're wrong. Or unless you leave canon. Which is totally cool too. I'm rambling now.)
4/17/2012 c3 4Natzo
Oh! Cliffhanger!
4/17/2012 c3 9rikufanattic
I honestly have loved your stuff. So much so it's inspired me to start a little Shakarian fic of my own. But anyways, I love the characterization and the interaction. It really shows you are dedicated and enjoy writing things like this. Keep up the great work Chi!
4/17/2012 c3 stella
Just wanted to say that your writing is addictive. Really, it scares me...

I'm loving it! :D
4/17/2012 c3 Jab
Almost 100 reviews in less than a week. You are a literary godess, Chi Kyoku. I've read CSYGM, and when I heard about this, I squeed. Love the update
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