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4/16/2012 c3 1RamenKnight
Ya, I can see falling asleep in those elevators. Very funny. Also, my inner fanboy is having attack of giddiness with what will happen tomorrow.
4/16/2012 c3 Stormflite
Haha, yes! I always thought Garrus would have an apartment up really high xD I'm loving your description of the colony life too, I also think there would be horses and cattle and all kinds of crazy going on.

Can't wait for next chapter!
4/16/2012 c3 Jane Hood
Happy sloppy grin. He he, they have to share his apartment.This is doing my cold a lot of good.
4/16/2012 c3 2Turtle00001
Aaah the cliffhanger *shakes fist* Keep at it, can't wait for more :)
4/16/2012 c3 Deanna Ravenheart
Awww, I was smiling wide enough to split my face the whole chapter. Lovely reunion, and overall a very enjoyable ch. 3.

4/16/2012 c3 drakie
"Surprise!" Awwww .

And thanks to Aya they are going to sleep in the same room, yay!

I think awkwardness is coming, and it's gonna be so much fun XD
4/16/2012 c3 13Fallende
In CSYGM I was like, 'they're staying in seperate flats? Aww.' But now that they're stuck in Garrus's flat I'm like 'yes!'

Haha, embarassed Garrus. As Johannes said, poor guy doesn't even know yet.
4/16/2012 c3 leaderofthepanck
I love this! Please continue writing :) I have no constructive feedback at all, just wanted to say that!
4/16/2012 c3 2BladesoftheValkyrie
Awww, I love your characters *so* much! Joker especially cracked me up this chapter, haha. Excellent work! :)
4/16/2012 c3 shadowmythic
Omg whats going to happen i cant wait XD
4/16/2012 c3 3Emmalyn
Ooh, I'm loving the descriptions of the new scenery! Makes it all seem much more real. And haha, I almost feel sorry for poor Kaidan; Joker doesn't really ever help smooth things over, I can see. XD As for the rest-aldfkjhg so cute! Can't wait to read more, and I'm super glad you're able to write so fast. Thanks for posting these!
4/16/2012 c3 6Viking Eggplant
I wondered if the plans for Shepard's use of that apartment would fall through! This is a lot of fun to read!
4/16/2012 c3 TheBreacher89
4/16/2012 c3 4Mullbcrry
I love this chapter!

Keep up the exelent work Chi Chi!

4/16/2012 c3 TwoChoos
I almost feel sorry for Kaidan, for about... oh, .5 seconds. Then it's all OH HEY GARRUS and I (and Shepard) promptly forget about him. Hee.
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