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11/30/2016 c20 8hikaru117
I LOVE YOUU FOR COMING BACK! You just made my year!
11/30/2016 c20 chimera
damn dude im so happu ur back
11/27/2016 c19 karolsss
I knew that this story was familiar to me.. And I remembered that I already have read this. I was so angry back then when I found out you just stopped updating so I'm supper happy now! Thank you, you just made my day!
11/25/2016 c19 Cenza.Ash
And then I caught up and the disappearance of the "next" button was a tough pill to swallow. So I went through the effort of creating a new account specifically so I could review more reliably and get updates on the story.

I wanted to clarify my previous review: the reason the archangel scene stood out to me was because it showed thoughtfulness and consideration for events still to come in the series instead of the story getting trapped in its own bubble and eventually becoming something closer to an AU (Not that that would even necessarily be a bad thing, I would still happily read the story if it didn't then follow the events of the game, but the fact that it IS staying canonical and you're doing it so well excites me to no end.)

As someone who has abandoned dozens of stories in the past- I still selfishly ask that you keep writing (in full recognition of my own hypocrisy.) I'm looking forward to reading more and hope that you find the inspiration and rhythm you need to do so as consistently as before. No pressure ;)
11/25/2016 c16 Cenza
It has been YEARS since I have been on to read fanfiction, and about a decade since I've actually left a review (what are all of these options that it has now? I'm so confused. It used to be so straightforward- maybe because normally I was logged into a account and now I'm not...? Who knows- that's beside the point though.)

Point being: I recently started replaying Mass Effect in light of Andromeda coming out, just in case any obscure references were going to be made- which then led me to falling in love with Shakarian all over again and curiously looking for a fanfic to fill the void. Lo and behold you recently updated something that was apparently long considered dead, and I couldn't be happier. I read all of your other fics and now just finished chapter 16 (and I'm sorry for not reviewing each chapter, I was reserving a review until the last chapter of this one as I consider it all one story) but good lord.

This is really phenomenal. The dialogue is spot-on which makes everything seems 100% plausible. This is becoming close to canonical for me.

Anyway- this chapter was the first one to really blow me away with the realization that it's where Garrus gets "Archangel" from. When Shepard was telling him about angels I was like "...OH! I see what you did there."

It's a feeling not often felt in fanfiction so I had to come out of my hole early to tell you how impressed I am by it.

And now I'm going back in and you'll see me at the latest chapter. But I really hope that you're inspired enough to continue writing this, as I will read every single word very, very happily.
11/25/2016 c19 LittleMissUnknown
Yes you have readers who are still interested.
I logged in just to say hi lol.

Talk about a nice surprise, im going through a rough patch and needed something like this! you have no idea how happy I am right now lol
I'm so excited im going to reread everything from chapter 1 P

Anyway glad your back!

Ps: have you ever thought of joining ao3 and putting up your work there ?
11/24/2016 c19 Kaylakoo
Oh wow, my jaw actually dropped when I saw this updated. I've reread this fic a few times over the last few years since its one my favorite Shakarian fics. I'm glad to see you back! Hope you stick around. )
11/24/2016 c19 H.marshall
Glad you're back. Will need to re read to familiarize myself again. Lol
11/24/2016 c19 Aftermath212
Oh wow, this is continuing! Great!
11/24/2016 c19 GahoCleric
I'm happy to see you posting again! I have to go back and reread most of this because it's been a while lol. I'll probably comment again after I have, I just wanted to let you know I'm still here 3
11/24/2016 c19 1Combat Engineer
4 years later and this story gets updated. Good thing I don't remember a thing about it because now I have to go back and reread the entire thing to get caught back up. This story's worth it though.
11/24/2016 c19 A Guy Named George
From the grave it rises! Glorious resurrection from the Great Necromancer! :D
11/24/2016 c19 xxpinkmistxx
OMG you're back! I had to do a double take at the notification. Thank you for deciding to continue this story!
11/24/2016 c19 MarauderShieldsNeverForget
Christmas is early this year.
11/24/2016 c19 2Kotali
Hadn't read before. Now I have. I was very surprised to see the update alert; I think I scared my friend next to me because I got excited. Hah. I've read and re-read each of your ME fics; I have to tell you; I've been combing through ff.n for some time, trying to find decent writing/stories. Yours have become some of my favorites, by far.
I resigned to the idea that this story would be left unfinished; didn't expect to see any activity, consider the last post date. . I'm so glad though, too see that you've returned to it. Garrus and Shep deserve any amount of happiness and you write them so well. As for the new chapter itself; my only complaint is that it's too short, but I'd likely say that at any length. I look forward to your future work. Thank you.
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