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for I was yours from the moment I met you

8/1/2020 c25 ronye180
That was soo damn cute I thought they got together kinda early in the story but u managed to keep it interesting. hopefully u saw kyss mig now its really good movie tho nothing can beat imagine me & you lol anyway thx for writing this
3/30/2020 c25 brittsany
Great story.. loved it it would be great if you considered a sequel... love them
1/22/2019 c25 Jordan Springs
Fantastic story! You are an awesome writer. I hope you will come back to write another Britanna story
1/5/2019 c25 A fan
What a beautiful fanfiction 3 I loved. Thank you for this.
10/20/2016 c25 TTshorty33
this was amazingly good
9/20/2016 c25 BrittanaLove93
Read this for the second time and I'm still in love :) I am seriously have a brittana withdrawal for most of the time so read some good fanfictions hopefully can cure it :)
6/26/2016 c25 NayHeMoAppreciation
I'm really looking forward to the sequel !
4/9/2015 c25 Guest
awhhh this story is so cute tho.. I managed to read it all in less than 2 days tho :)
3/17/2015 c7 Guest
Whole lotta Winking going on here...
12/31/2014 c25 Whitney
This is perfection.. there is so much love between them.. I felt every touch, every glance, every feelings.. You made my heart ache and explosed with joy..
Your are so talented.. Please writte an other fiction i will be more than glad to read it.
Just .. Thank you so so much for this one!
9/14/2014 c25 Guest
This story is so sweet. I am so glad I discovered it. I love every bit of it. Certainly a story to read again abd again. Its been a while sunce this story was posted not sure a sequel is now in the cards... then would really be wonderful. I hope you dont stop writing because you are very talented.
5/12/2014 c25 bluecapri
just wanted to say that i read your story about 3 or 4 times cause i think its so beautiful.
I hope this wont be your only story...
4/19/2014 c25 ttandme69
Yay...a happy ending and I hope that there is a sequel. Thanks, Lisa
2/15/2014 c1 Roby
So beautifulll omg loved it!
9/13/2013 c1 Guest
Okay other Guest, no need to be b*tchy.
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