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1/19/2021 c2 5RoyaleGaming1
Don’t know if it’s just me but chapter two has some serious format errors. I’m using the app and a lot of the sentences have no spacing between words at all. Don’t know if anyone else has this issue but it makes it hard to read. If you still check this account can you look at it and see if it’s right your end
3/23/2018 c3 RoyaleGaming1
This is an amazing fic I come back to it every so often it’s well wrote and has really good story progression I honestly wish you had/would write more YuiAzu
12/12/2017 c3 Annon24313
I’m saddened you didn’t continue this storyI think I’ve read it three times now it’s that enjoyable to me
5/20/2016 c3 RoseBloodmane
Nice story although Azusa was HTT Rhythm Guitar not lead Guitar I know people like to swich them around but come on seriously the lead of the band has always been the airhead Yui and she was Always lead Guitar as far as I know. I like it better with Yui as lead and Azusa as Rhythm anyways the sound seems better that way.

Anyways the reading of this was pretty nice. I skipped some spots as I wanted to rush to geth Yui and Asusa together so i scanned over some of the stuff that didn't have either Yui or Azusa's name in it. Anyways I did enjoy it, but with Azusa as Lead it felt a little out characteristic.
5/19/2016 c1 RoseBloodmane
I like this this has potentail. At least so far lets see what happens next.
10/23/2015 c3 xLaShay
I was half through the first chapter and was really captured... I'm a fast reader, so I read the chapters twice in the last 3 hours... And even if I'm satisfied for now, I really hope that this story would be continue sometime. Please find your Muse back Author-sama! I beg you 3 XD
2/22/2015 c3 6Runningshadows
This is an amazingly well written story, great job. Can't wait till the next chapter!
10/17/2014 c3 10JayXNitro
9/13/2014 c1 8equastar
OMG incredible
7/17/2013 c3 BlueBreaker
Plz plz write the next chapter i want to know what happens next
7/16/2013 c1 BlueBreaker
Good job on this story
4/20/2013 c3 1Yuzu-kun
By the way, continue this. As I've seen, it's almost been a year since you've updated. Keep it up bro, I want more, the others also wants more.

Take note of the harsh criticisms, following it will make this better.
4/20/2013 c2 Yuzu-kun
I love how this story is going.

I am always turned on by a story that creates new environments from these lovely characters.
America? It is a good choice for a change of place but lots of users use this place too. But, America is the best place to begin with. English for the Japanese-speaking characters.

I am also turned on about the YuiAzu meeting. I love that pair.
3/21/2013 c3 6Kairin Viola
this is very awesome please continue this i would love to read the next chapter in their lives
12/11/2012 c3 Leoboz
there isn't no mo' chapters D:
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