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17h c45 Guest
Absolutely magnificent! Everything fits together perfectly and the characters are written great! I’m really excited for the third year, and I’m guessing that Byron is going to replace Sirius and will attempt to get to Silas? Anyway I’m super excited and this is simply marvellous!

Patiently waiting for the next update,
- Guest
6/21 c45 Logan
Amazing! I just read all 45 chapters in a week, am I’m praying for more! I absolutely LOVE how you’ve integrated Merlin so well into the HP universe, and I don’t even miss Harry! I am so happy how you’ve kept Hermoine in the mix, and I love your take on Draco! And you’ve definitely given us a Snape we can love! A version of Snape I “Always” wanted to see.

Anyway, I love how you’ve made everything your own while still respecting the original stories, and you are obviously both a very talented writer and editor. I look forward greatly to your next update.

Thank you for the wonderful read!
6/18 c45 T-Girl1997
Pls continue. This is a really good story
6/16 c21 10Serina Elric
Balto is a great movie for Hermione to give Malfoy considering the themes of the film having to do with identity and how lineage doesn't define you. Too bad he can't watch it.
5/31 c2 Guest
I’ve been reading this for at least two years, I miss when it used to be updated more regularly :( Please help out your fans! We love you and your writing! Good luck
5/24 c17 ExcaliburStuckInMyStoneHeart
I'm here again, re-reading this story for the 10th time, hoping to catch an update.
5/21 c45 2EmrysLover1215
Please update! It's been 5 months and I've reread this story at least 3 times in that time as I waited for the next chapter! I need more!
5/21 c45 LucisHazel
perfect i love this story it is one of the best i have ever read, thank you
5/18 c45 Guest
Can I just say, not only did I immensely enjoy this, I also found myself stayng up till 3am just to finish it. Eagerly awaiting the third year.
5/14 c45 3BlueMoonMaples
As always your writing is brilliant and this continues to be my favorite story on . I really like how you incorporated Salazar into this story and adjusted his backstory and the backstory of the Chamber. I also love the new relationship between Emrys and Ríognach. I look forward to the next chapter!
5/12 c45 SinsBell
Best Crossover Ever!
5/2 c44 MsShadowsOra
This crossover is fantastic and beautiful! this is the best crossover I've rea r. I'm so excited for the next update!
4/28 c45 Anon-chan
Bless you for the last chapter you posted! I've been following this story for years now, and as always it's so satisfying to see how you rewrite everything from canon!

I was super looking forward to the baskilisk confrontation last I read and that was PERFECT hahah.

I hope you're doing well! Looking forward to whenever you update next :)
4/25 c45 Curious
Yet another wonderful chapter! As to be expected from this EPIC masterpiece, I can hardly wait for the next chapter. Like literally, I check for it nearly everyday. I love how you've incorporated Merlin's character into the Hogwarts world. You managed to take my favorite things from both series and combine them in such a way that is just THE BEST. Not to mention omitting what I didn't -Harry and the end of Merlin..ish- truly a work of art. I wish you continue this forever. Or at least... I was going to make a more 'reasonable' request but I seriously want this to continue FOREVER. Hence a review of my thoughts, please take them into consideration if your ever wondering if you should continue or not. The answer is undeniably YES. ..duh ahem

Best Regards,
A person somewhere
*not a robot... although getting an AI to post a review would be quite a feat... anywho, best of luck
4/25 c45 DragonThetan
What has been written here is great! But when can we expect to get the next chapter? This was only the first 2 books covered here, are we going to get the rest? If so, when? If not, then just know it was great reading to this point!
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