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9h c45 Guest
I LOVE this fic. Is the next chapter gonna be out soon?
9/18 c45 1liz.onia
Absolutely fantastic! Glad you didn't end on an awful cliffie. If this is it, thanks for what youve written! The fanfic community will all be glad if you update again though :) Thanks for what you've shared!
9/14 c1 Alice Whitney
here's hopong you have enough muse for more OAB writing.
I really like your writing style
as well as the way you've taken the story.
usually I don't particularly like the stories that disregard Harry as a character altogether. But I rather like this one.
9/10 c45 3Aeris Mae
So, so, so, SO incredibly thrilled that I stumbled across this gem you're working on! It's staggering the number of Merlin stories that are either abandoned or just not in existence anymore. The idea you have for this crossover is so unique and engaging, every time I think I have where you're heading worked out you throw in a twist. Major kudos. I saw you hadn't updated this year and thought that maybe this was one of the Merlin fics that was left to cobwebs, but your profile A/N renewed my hope! I will be patiently waiting for the next chapter :)
9/9 c45 StardustDragon427
I absolutely adore this story, seeing how Merlin is one of my favorite shows. Your writing style is simply remarkable and I adore it. I hope you continue this story, even if it takes you a while. I will look forward to all your future updates with bated breath.
8/29 c45 the-earth-has-music
I absolutely love this story! Thank you so much for writing it and taking a good chunk of time from my day. This is certainly the best story like this that I’ve read. The plot and characters and writing in general is great; this is the third time I’ve read it, truth be told.
That said, adressing the part with Rita Skeeter’s article in this chapter— I noticed you put “written by Rita Skeeter” below the article titles for all the others, but not this one. Did you forget...?
I wanted to ask if you plan on updating/finishing this story. I noticed you haven’t updated in a while. This story really is a gem. I loved the part with Lucius’ letter to Merlin, and the detail of the different pens he uses and their meanings. It’s a really interesting touch. And who is Byron, and why is he in Azkaban? (I’m assuming he’s not a death eater here, with that remark to Quirrel.) I really want to find out.
I don’t usually review, but— once again— this story is amazing! If you are planning on updating, keep it up!
8/27 c33 Guest
I particularly like


Draco appeared to realize that Merlin was not in fact joking, and he took a step back, his hands rising to run absently through his hair—which turned to pulling his hair as though trying to pull this unsettling detail out of his mind. "Not know—"


"Pick a new celebrity crush," Merlin ground out, face still unbearably hot. "I might have to kill this one."
8/25 c30 Guest
Great chapter. I like Merlin realizing he knows how to talk to a roomful of people because he's done it with King Arthur.
8/17 c45 Cindy
Fantastic. Thank you so much.
8/16 c23 Cindy
I'm so eager for the conversation that goes "but you're just a kid!" "No, I'm Merlin.".

I hope you give it to us sooner than the TV show gave it to us.

Thank you for this lovely story!
8/15 c21 Guest
Yay, Silas isn't a squib!
8/15 c18 Cindy
Thank you for having enough respect for your reader to not explicitly mention the parallels between Arthur the sorcerer-hater and Draco the muggle-hater.

And yay! Merlin's going to have Draco and Hermione for real friends soon!
8/15 c17 Guest
I absolutely love the final scene with Hermione telling off Draco. It was perfect. Her anger, her control, her assertiveness, his anger, his control, his listening to what she said.
8/14 c12 Cindy
I don't usually read unfinished fics because I lose track when chapters are posted slowly.

I'm glad I'm reading this one; it's excellent. Now I just wish it were complete because it's so good.
8/14 c4 Cindy
This is really a fun story, and very well written. I'm glad Merlin and Silas got tied together. It would have been so easy to make a heartbreak.
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