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10/14 c26 King of fans
I see a new prophecy has been made however, there are 3things that drow my atenchen.

One is blind, Will truth up hold, and the dark will fall at the hands of all.

The blind could be a sertain snack or a blind person could be summond or someone like Morgana who is blinded by hate.

Could prefer to secrets being keept, or a grate moral dilemma occurring.

Lastly the dark will fall by the hands of all. It meanly no one person will defeat the dark Lord for good, but a team or a order.
10/13 c44 Guest
Please update soon. I can't wait to know what comes next.
10/9 c44 Anime1FREAK
please update this is amazing
10/4 c44 10Ordalie dal Lugar
Very good idea, thanks for this story !
I'm waiting for the next chapter, though. I ended my reading on a #&/ cliffhanger. And I'm crearly not pleased. Whyyyyyyyyy :'( I want a new chapter !

Ahem. Anyway. I really enjoyed this story. I read it instead of doing my homework. And I regret anything. Even if I have to hurry to do them, now.
9/25 c44 1Delightfully Tacky
Well, that was bloody brilliant.
I mean, it's about four in the morning and I now I have classes, but I just kept reading.
Merlin as an 11 year old with all the power of his older self, tricky but you pull it off well.
Maybe what I love most is the relationships and dynamics you write between the characters. Snape's growing fondness for Merlin is adorable and very believable seeing as he has no malice regarding Merlin's parents, like he did with Harry.
The way you write Merlin is one that does develop him and goes in depth of his TV Series character; his lack of trust and thoughts of doing everything himself. Though we do love seeing him as a loveable dork (as he of course still is) he is guarded, he is cunning, he is not above breaking rules or take matters or justice into his own hand. We can only be glad that he also has such a big heart and compassion or he would probably be a force equal to that of Voldemort or Grindlewall (not sure I spelled the last one correctly).

Like the memory curse and how it effects not only his mind but his brain, curious to see the maker of this curse. You gave a little clue with the Name, so old magic, old religion perhaps - we shall see.
Or I dearly hope so. It has been a little while since your last update but this is a story of length and thought so I understand that time is needed.
I can only hope that you keep at it because I am most anxious to continue reading and discover what evil lies afoot for our young Heroes.
9/22 c44 StrengthenMe
This is a great story and one of the best crossovers that I have found. I really hope that you continue it in the future.
9/21 c1 1Zephyr of the Mind
Please update! I love your story- I keep rereading it
9/20 c44 geek-mode-engaged
Looking forward to reading more soon! Keep up the good work
9/19 c44 DeepWound78
So, I've decided to write a review for this story considering how well it was going until 2nd year started. The biggest problem with this part of the story, considering what we know of Merlin's abilities, is that he DIDN'T SENSE THE GODDAMN DIARY OR THE EFFECT IT HAD ON GINNY. Probably the dumbest mistake you could have made, and somehow you went and made it. When Tom was possessing the good Professor, Merlin could feel that from quite a distance, and we know he can feel powerful magic, both good and bad. So the fact that he couldn't feel the Horcrux, despite it being some of the blackest magic in the goddamn Potter universe, shows you must have been lobotomized to make such a decision. And even if he couldn't feel it, let's say it had some kind of charm blocking its presence, you either should have shown that, and even if it did he should have felt the tether between it and Ginny, draining her of her life force and magic. So yeah, that's a huge fuck up to make. Other than that, the story's been great, with awesome character development, great grammar and what not, and a fantastic pacing. But that is a huge error to make, and a repeat of that magnitude will no doubt cost you quite a few readers that expect great content to stay great.
9/17 c23 King of fans
How has the unicorns curse not destroying he who shall not be named yet?!
9/14 c21 3King of Fans
Ok Merlin you are not a wizard, you are a miracle worker.
If you can Chang those two then you. Can rewrite the entire house in a few years.

P.s I am surprised that they did not look up The African school of magic. That School specializes in wandes magic. They only recently started to use them.
9/13 c20 King of Fans
Ok I would love to see the look on Voldemort's face when he leans that quit tell is right.
9/13 c19 King of Fans
Ok now snap has more questions then answers.

I is only a matter of time until they know more about this young war look.

P.s how long until Hagrid lerns that there are two talking dragons in his woods?
9/13 c18 King of Fans
I think I now what merlin's bagart is. A Dorocha.

Ok merlin did not kill a troll be Yamcha it.

Now so many questions are going pop up.

P.s drago and Hermine you my want to get out of there before someone comes around the corner and the troll brakes wind when it deads.
9/13 c17 Guest
Yep that's Merlin's luck for you.
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