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21h c1 Must be a Slytherin
"Naturally, he kept his opinions to himself." In what world is it natural for Ron to keep his opinions to himself?
7/23 c7 CODYARMY
7/14 c16 Guest
Re-read the story? Oh hell no! It was hard enough to read it once.
7/14 c13 Guest
Addams and eve...really? Those words kind of sum up the quality of the whole story!
7/14 c11 Guest
You have flint on someone's robes instead of lint, yeah? You do know flint is rock. Then you have Amelia rubbing her tempers, instead of temples. The writing in this is absolute shit. The plot is a cheap rip off of several very well written stories published on fanfiction by other authors. See ya!
7/13 c1 Guest
Fuck Ron, he's the worst friend in the world. And you really need to read up on tenses.
7/11 c16 alexaguamenti
I just read the chapter, and I really appreciate the “The Hollow Men” reference. I taught it last week, actually. I love how you tied the poem into the setting. Thanks for writing this story!
7/11 c16 alexaguamenti
I haven’t read this chapter yet, but I am super excited about the TS Eliot reference in the title.
7/5 c16 Mr. Quil
This story was a great read with an interesting plot and I enjoyed reading it. However, I do feel, as others do, that the ending was rushed, almost like the author just wanted to hurry up and get it over with.

Literally, the ending was basically...a battle happening and then someone taking a portkey as they passed out and then voila, it's 10 years later and by the way...yes, we're sure Voldemort died in that final battle and now we're living happily ever after. It's like the story cut away BEFORE the final climax of the book and just assumed that the bad guy was done away with. Almost as if the movie Avengers Endgame had showed where Captain America was facing off against Thanos and his army by himself and then the portals open up bringing all of the Avengers together. Captain then yells, "Avengers...Assemble" and fade to black, opening back up to the funeral scene with a voice over talking about how it was an epic battle until Ironman finally killed off Thanos and the army at a great sacrifice. It was a let down, but at least the rest of the story was good.

I would highly suggest editing this final chapter and tying up the loose ends rather than just acting as if they were magically tied up (no pun intended).
6/30 c16 ak
bonne fic!
6/29 c12 32Jake Crepeau
There are many fanfictions that have Dumbledore as the "dark lord" the one with the power to vanquish has to deal with. There's one, I don't remember the title or who wrote it, where the "one" turns out to be a muggle with a gun! ;D
6/28 c9 Jake Crepeau
Before Sirius went to prison, the term was "henpecked." "Whipped" didn't come into vogue until the early to mid-1980s, when he was already in Azkaban and so wouldn't have heard it. I doubt he would have heard it hiding in that cave, either. He might have heard it while staying with the Grangers, but sheer force of habit would probably have him still using the older term. ;D
6/28 c2 Jake Crepeau
Um, since I don't think any Potter was a priest, the word "sacerdos" shouldn't be in there. The Latin sentence would still work without it. ;D
6/25 c16 atymer
Very entertaining story. Nerve wracking moments and heart warming family interactions. I am happy for Harry and Mione. I can imagine their children living in both worlds.
6/22 c16 5NargleHunter1
Well damn! You've got skills. I was absolutely glued the whole story. Now off to see what else you've got.
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