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5/26/2012 c3 36francis2
great answer to the challenge.
5/24/2012 c3 7teenycee
I like the Battlestar references!
5/19/2012 c3 bushy4
Cute story! You gotta write more. I am needing more of your stories! Feed the addict
5/18/2012 c3 20Harleyzgirl
That was amusing. Your dh has a sense of humor.
5/18/2012 c3 BlueHippo212
Nice, love the BSg references too.
5/18/2012 c3 Shani8
Super cute and fun! I loved it, especially the kitty with the tuna. I can attest to that, having three spoiled felines of my own! :)

Looking forward to the next installment. Bravo!

Shani :)
5/18/2012 c3 4Ghostrider

Nice weaving together of BSG and H50 there :-)
4/22/2012 c2 lydia
Mmmm, this is really nice. Perfect for reading with a cup of coffee in the morning.
4/22/2012 c2 44Sidalee
Amazing. Your Steve is amusingly funny and very spot on. And Chin is awesome indeed.
4/21/2012 c2 h50rookie
Love it! Steve, you're so cute when you're jealous.
4/21/2012 c2 Shani8
This was awesome! I loved that scene from the show, and I'm so glad that you chose to expand upon it, Steve/Kono style. :)

I love when Steve gets protective of Kono, and I hope you write a piece where he actually does get to watch out for her, with um, interesting results. ;)

I was ecstatic to see and update on this story, and I look forward to more. BRAVO!

~Shani :)
4/21/2012 c2 20Harleyzgirl
This chapter is totally smirk worthy. Poor Steve and Chin just letting him know he sees and knows all in his own way.
4/21/2012 c2 bushy4
You reminded of that scene and I loved James Caan. He had some great llines
4/21/2012 c2 4Ghostrider
Oh, I so LOVE this little snippet! This was awesome! Tony is a hoot.
4/21/2012 c2 17lovepride
i love it
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