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for Between the Crossfire

11/3/2019 c4 Guest
Please keep writing
7/18/2016 c1 Guest
More please
7/18/2016 c4 Guest
I love it you you've got his personality down pretty well
4/18/2014 c4 11Rin-Youki
Please make more chapters
1/31/2014 c1 Guest
BAKA GAJEEL! Please please update! I really can't wait for Levy's expression!
9/20/2013 c4 Shade

Anyway... this is great. w Keep writing, please?
10/29/2012 c4 2Shezus
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oohhhhhhhhhh! nuh he didn't! ;D

... :3 but seriously love the fanfic, pls continue!
9/10/2012 c4 8maidenstage
Oh snap, you fucked up Gajeel! I can imagine Levy's face- poor girl havin' to deal with the brute. Can't for the next chapter!
8/6/2012 c4 3Heve-chan
...ouch! Gajeel, you idiot, you've done it big time!

Nice story! Clean writing, good descriptions and canons kept into character even thought is AU. can't wait for the update which I hope it will be soon! :)
7/21/2012 c4 Reader
Smack him, Levi! Smack him back to the hood. Make him cry!
I'm sorry. Look at me carrying on and on. Great story; an unlikely couple in an alternate universe is one of my favorite romance plots.
6/8/2012 c4 Ferrii
Gajeel is such a jerk. ;N;

Please update!
5/30/2012 c4 2evilsugaroverlord
*gasp* calling Levy ugly! DX Gajeel totally hit a sore spot, what with Levy comparing herself to others. Yikes.

I like this so far (love it), so please update soon!
5/5/2012 c4 8The Musings of a Muse
I never did picture Gajeel as a churchy type of person! I think you got his character down pretty well! Some time in the story, I think you should have a potentially suitor come looking for Levy; you should probably only do this when Gajeel starts to like her a little bit more; like romantically inclined type of like. I love the story so far! There aren't enough GaLe stories out there, so I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this one! Please continue and update soon! Oh, and BTW you might want to look out for chunky paragraphs; these chapters were pretty good, but there's always the threat of making them too large!
5/5/2012 c4 6VitaeCursus
I couldn't review earlier since I was a Liiittle busy-but here I am now!

I really like this story and how you use actual historical events during the Victorian era while adding your own idea. Very well thought-out. The Jack the Ripper thing was really good, too. Gajeel, how DARE you call Levy ugly? fjd;fja;k he deserves to get slapped in his wounded areas. Hard.
5/5/2012 c4 lilou
Super chapitre mais la fin m'a totalement surprise!

Gajeel tu es un idiot!
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