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for The Rise of the Drackens

5/15 c73 blackrose499
all right so I cannot feel like Harry's in the wrong here because he's blaming rumors for not telling him about him getting married and having a kid but he's not thinking about the fact that he literally got bonded with four men and have a kid without telling me remis...
5/14 c132 Guest
I was finally able to catch up with your fic and I can only say thank you for all these years... I remember that when I read the first chapters that 2012 I was just starting medical school, in these years many things have happened to me, I finished my career and now I'm doing my residency, your fic was one of the constants over the years, every time I can read it I have a feeling of being that 19 year old girl again it's as if a part of me will always be attached to your work, and although we don't know each other, reading how you also share a bit of yourself in the final notes feels like hearing from an old friend ️ I only have wishes of happiness and good health for you and your family.
By the way, will we finally have blonde babies? I'm willing to give up a whole week of night shifts in sacrifice to see that
5/10 c132 2Demi-Raven
I absolutely love all of your stories and have re-read them a ton of times. I love that you are still updating this amazing story 3 I look forward to the reading your next fantastic chapter.
5/8 c1 asjblackthorne
I was reading this (freaking amazing) story on aff, but it won't let me review there, so I'm doing it here. This is actually more an amusing anecdote relating to the story than a review. Reading rotd made me want to learn Welsh, so I got on Duolingo to see if they offered it. They did! The first word I learned was dragon and the second I learned was bore da. It's like duo knew why I wanted to learn. Anyway, I thought it was a funny coinciden
5/2 c132 Lydia
Very good read please update soon
4/14 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
ay i gave the chapter a chance. a wise person says to never judge a book by its cover, but a wiser one says to read the first 30 pages to know if its the one for you. im not reading it. the thought of having to read yaoi pains me on an internal level and it makes me mildly uncomfortable to read. for people who do enjoy this kind of content, then i would highly reccomend reading it. the story telling is purely amazing, descriptive detailing on the certain features of the main charactera 'bloodline' is really well made, and the way harry has a midlife crisis realizing he is asubmissive' breed of draken and will have to bear children, knowing he is a male provides a wonderful emotional detailibg of someone going through a life changing scenario. i aobt reading the book probably never will. just hope my descriptive analyses of the barely first chapter of the book helps people who like and enjoy such content, enjoy such content even more.
4/10 c1 1yukino89
yeah so it turns out no matter how many times I read this story I still love it. It is amazing and always will be.
3/12 c132 Kimmie0104
Hi hun,
I found this story years ago and I loved it at first read. I've come back from time to time since then and re-read every page up and down.

There are not many stories, especially ones that are this long, that I've come back to this often. And to being able to keep the story this interesting even when we're now at 132 pages it quite the achievement!

All the greatest kudos to you!

I love your work, your characters and the world you have build. The attention to the detalis and the focus points really made me care about all the new characters (where as I usually don't care for to many OC's in the fanfic stories I read).
It's so awesome that the story also has it's own wiki!

I see from the other related Dracken-story you have that there are plans, and they are many! :D
I hope you are doing well, and are still hyped on continuing this story and the life of the fantastic family you've created.

This is awesome!
Love from me _
3/10 c1 Guest
Olá,adoro suas histórias,já vi muito elas traduzidas,pois não falo inglês,eu gostaria de saber se eu poderia usar a ideia dos "Drakens",prometo não fazer igual,também vou dar os devidos créditos,mas caso você recusar tudo bem,de qualquer maneira obrigado por sua atenção.
3/6 c132 Aguamarina
Me encanta esta historia, es la quinta vez que la leo completa. Por favor espero la actualización pronto. Estoy emocionada por el viaje al zoo y saber el sexo del bebé . Además de que hay tantos datos emocionantes que saber de tu historia de continuación.
2/24 c132 blackrose499
I just want to say I've been following this fanfic from the start I absolutely love it it's an interesting concept and it's filled with wholesome family fun and laughter it's great and I hope it continues I would like to know if you are planning to continue it if not would you be willing to post a chapter warning letting know if you are or not thank you
2/23 c132 JeddyBear
2/20 c1 fanficfan1981
don't listen to KBempire... I personally messaged and told him basically he's just another bigot and his girlfriend deserves better... I mean really he's going to have a talk with his girlfriend because she's reading this? oh please... right what you're going to write and keep the chapters coming..
2/18 c1 Guest
Well done! This is very good! Thanks! xoxo Dani
2/13 c5 1Fiasco Reverie
wtf is this, this is really weird and kinda disgusting. Maybe cuz I'm a boy. Girls surely do like to read some weird thing. I just came here to read it after I found my gf reading it. I'm so gonna talk to her about this. This is making me uncomfortable.
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