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for The Rise of the Drackens

5/8 c32 1sunnydragon
Hi so I'm reading this story for the 100th time and found a spot where you have Nasta say his whole family are Drackens but in older chapters you have just him and his father as l drackens with his brother being a wizard
5/8 c48 3ravenrose85
I know you described how max looked, but when I read this I see him as Kellin kunz from twilight lol
4/27 c1 kyxx
I love ur story!
Like fe it's ao fucking good.
I rereading this story since 2017.
But like i cant read the spicy scenes it seems stupid but can someone help me?
4/19 c130 sidecharacter728
Please please update! I love this story so much! I love all your stories! I love you and aspire to write as well as you do. I just got a really deep shot in my hip and it hurts, but I just know if I had a Max or a Nasta or a Draco or a Blaise or a Harry, I'd feel so much better, but reading about them helps too. I love you!
4/15 c96 Drackens love
Hello, good afternoon. I have to say that I really like this fic. I have a question: If a dominant dracken launches a distress call because he is in danger for his dominant peers or family to help him, does the submissive dracken hear that distress call? I wonder what would happen in that case.
4/11 c13 54Rebe Marauder
Hi! I am rereading because I love this story. I really liked the descriptions of Harry's suiting Drackens. I am blind, so it is easier for me to imagine how much more description there is and I like that you detail things because that is how I imagine it better. Nasta he is thinner than Blaise? It's just that I can't quite remember that particular detail right now. I imagine Max the widest, then Draco, then Blaise, and then Nasta.
4/10 c14 Dream wisp
regulus black was Severus snape's mate ? at I think as that's as good of a guse as I'll got please let me know if I'm right.
4/7 c130 laven
I love this story so much
4/1 c130 Hermione.Malfoy20
PLEASE UPDATE! I follow you on Facebook and I know your busy with the other stories but I’m begging you if you have any inspiration for this story please do it
3/29 c130 Guest
I have never cried so because of story in so long. Beautiful.
3/19 c2 Rossess20
Damn I want sushi now...
3/19 c1 Rossess20
Step one to recognizing you're anemic: noticing how the way Harry eats that deer sounds really appetizing...
3/19 c1 Rossess20
Sometimes I just like to come back to the beginning here and read these lovely detailed descriptions...
3/15 c2 Guest
Hi. I really wanted to leave you a review. I've read your story 3 by now. I only started reading it in a translation into German and translated the remaining 80 chapters from the English myself using a google translator. And I have to say wow. I love your story and can't get enough of it. just thank you
3/5 c25 Trueseverus
I'm a bit confused... some chapters back (or was it just the previous oneit was mentioned that Harry is the first male submissive in a hundred years, but then there is also Regulus that was in school with Severus and co. I thought maybe Reg was a human, but that doesn't make sense what with all the info on the dominant Drackens. Secondly, in one of the first chapters Severus only suspected that his mate was pregnant, and now his whole miscarriage story was described..? However, small discrepencies do not take away any of my enjoyment of this storyI really love it. Thanks for the hard work!
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