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12h c76 12Lady Logos
Wait a minute, a grown godson in Blaise? you mean Draco? I thought Severus was Draco's Godfather? just jumped out at meI decided to read this from the start because why not?it's s great story! sometimes it can get a bit domestic and repetitive since that's what life actually is, so if you're not into happy family bliss and family achievements and people being proud and loving then this story is Not for you. personally it's nice to see people happy
9/29 c136 1mayawene
Thank you
9/29 c136 crystalinowl
as always. I enjoy your story immensely. it puts me through all the emotions.

I was surprised to see Ezra and lathen but it was a very nice touch.
9/28 c136 autumngold
Thank you for your incredible new chapter! Harry's birthday was wonderful! I'm so glad that Lathen and Ezrah were able to stop by with Harell. Such great parents! Thank you again for blessing them with their own little son! Fabulous update to your beautiful story!
9/28 c136 xDarklightx
I like it.
9/28 c136 Guest
Thank you. I have been hoping this story was not abandoned
9/27 c136 10draconic skysong
Wooh This was a happy fall surprise! I will now try and stop streaking around in circles, mentally.

I'm dying of the cuteness overload.
9/27 c136 HoneyBear84
Love it and looking forward to the next update
9/27 c136 melissa52080
9/9 c135 RessaWalters
I love this story, i cant wait fir more to be added
9/7 c135 7TwiSagaLover
I swear I was hoping for twins boy and girl for Draco baby but I’m just so happy for him
9/4 c135 Orion26600
J’adore cette histoire !
8/31 c135 Guest
8/30 c135 2Gingersnappedcookie
Every update gets me so happy. Thank you again for sharing your art with us. I’m so glad that Ezrah finally gets a joy of his own, him and Lathen both.
8/30 c135 darlinf
omfg i love this story! love you and your writing and i lowkey cant wait for tje next chapter omg ️️️
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