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9/25 c20 Lollypops101
Hey! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed both your stories! I love how you brought in really history. I have a lot more understanding of the period now, and it makes your stories so rich!
8/1 c20 Saralee
I forget how many times I have read this story, but love it every time!
6/28 c20 NeonTheGreen
Lovely story! Had me engaged from beginning to end!
5/24 c20 Guest
Absolutely wonderful story! Thank you for writing!
5/22 c20 theduskysky
OH MAH GAWD! This is so epic! So many plot twists! Poor Georgiana! I can't believe Jane and Charles! And then she died! Like... whaaaaaaa? This was so good! Well done!
4/12 c20 Colleen S
Great story!
4/12 c19 Colleen S
4/12 c18 Colleen S
Excellent! Beautiful story!
4/11 c4 Colleen S
Poor Georgina! I hope Wickham has a nice hanging!
4/11 c1 Colleen S
3/19 c4 9zaubernuss
Sorry, I have to give up. The people and titles are just to confusing. And having a list of people and their birth dates to learn by heart did not really help. I thought Thomas Benett was Leeds. Obviously, he's not. This is too difficult for me.
3/19 c2 zaubernuss
I'm very confused. I have no idea who these people are anymore. Is Elisabeth father involved in the last scene? But he's not a Duke of Leeds, and no Darcy. And what's an Osborne?
12/27/2021 c20 Guest
Interesting story
Too sad though
Wikcham, Caro, Charles, Jane , Viscount William, Georgie
All had sad endings
12/3/2021 c20 Colleen S
Brilliant story!
12/3/2021 c19 Colleen S
Lord! What a family! Like Father, like son and throw in Aunt Catherine!
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