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6/21/2014 c1 Joda-Eragonsson
Amazing gripping preface, draws in the reader you should be happy with a start like this
11/16/2013 c14 juney83uk
Looking forward to reading more
11/14/2013 c14 MissMartha
Thanks for the update. It was a great chapter. I loved the sweetness of it although the cliffie was kinda mean. Can't wait for more
11/13/2013 c14 6Lionnara
oh shnapp.
11/13/2013 c14 sujari6
Great story.
5/12/2013 c1 2Alice Gone Madd
me like it
2/24/2013 c13 shiroosh345
come on!
i want more!
2/22/2013 c13 Lilman1
This story needs to be continued. You can't leave it on such a crucial point as this. It is just too awesome to leave it here. I loved every chapter of this story and am obviously eager to hear more. Please write more.
2/20/2013 c13 2vampdreams
wow...awesome chapter...
i loved the part about the engravings, some are just really beautiful

i feel like you should go for a sequel
bella changes into a vampire in the end of this one i presume?
or even if not she's the last capa

her people will always be faithful to her
she still would hold a lot of control over the ones whos feuds she had broken up

everyone knows that the volturi are power hungry
seeing bella control various aspects as these and her personal powers i think would suffice to provoke them

but then again its just a as you wish

but do keep writing
2/17/2013 c13 Lilman1
Keep writing, keep writing, KEEP WRITING! I love this story and if you do not write more, you will be recieving some very annoying comments from me! Please write more.
2/17/2013 c12 Lilman1
I love the Jasoer thing. Completely unexpected! As I have said about various other chapters in this story, genius.
2/17/2013 c10 Lilman1
Love it! Not too complex, but not too simple either. Genius!
2/17/2013 c9 Lilman1
Love this. I found some of it kinda hard to keep up with, but I cant wait to see what will happen with Edward and Bella!
2/16/2013 c7 Lilman1
Really liked this chapter. It kept me wondering. Im finding it hard to imagine bella and Nios house at this point though, but i guess that would be for suspence and effect. Aweaome so far.
2/12/2013 c13 6Lionnara
woah, nice chapter
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