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6/29/2012 c1 leevana
Love it. can't wait for more chapters
6/26/2012 c11 Crystal Moon Magic
Oh come on! Thats so mean!

Now, the question is, will Waren want her tomorow at school even if it messes with his image?
6/25/2012 c11 TheSnake'sLioness
OMG, amazing! So great! Warren still in character, don't worry! Please, please update!
6/24/2012 c11 1Serendipity's tears
I wonder what else keepsey can do with that power of hers... :)
6/24/2012 c11 2Bucky Flavored Skittles
AHHHHHHHHHH! AN ALMOST KISS! Aww man, you're so mean! Meaniehead! Hmm, I don't think Keepsie should show up at that place, but of course, she's Keepsie so she's going to go! xD She should tell Warren about it just so that if she doesn't show up ever again, someone knows! Haha!

Of course Warren was still in character! Hehe you're good at that! Cheshire Kitten sounds hot, bow chika wow wow... but bad so I hope she gets her but kicked!

And I hope Keepsie finds out what happened to her project... I'd hate for someone else to credit it as their own!

Update soon! :D
6/24/2012 c11 Amber-Jade James
Great chapter! Loved the interaction between them in this chapter! Keep up the great work!


6/23/2012 c10 1Serendipity's tears
Now if only you would give us an up date so we could enjoy more. :)
6/21/2012 c10 person
i don't like this story. I LOVE this story! omg...puh-LEASE update soon!
6/21/2012 c10 Alice Williams
This story is amazing! I hope that there will be Keepsie and Warren acttion/Romance coming up!Please update soon!

- Alice 3
6/18/2012 c10 2Air In here
Great chapter. I like the amount of action and detail put into it, and it feels like there's going to be a good progression from this. Can't wait for more!

-Air In here
6/18/2012 c10 Rose Brady
Hiya, QueenSword! Great new chapter, though I honestly thought that you were gonna give Keeepsie some new, cool killer powers in that Save the Citezen match. Oh well. I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update, oh please oh please!

I soooo wanna read some more of this story!


Your Awed Follower,

6/18/2012 c10 Amber-Jade James
Great job! It was a fun read! Keep up the great work!


6/18/2012 c10 Crystal Moon Magic
well... i don't know why but I wasn't really feeling the last 2 chapter. But I do know that they were really needed to get Warren and her closer together. And how can a slap be a foul when someone can through an ice spere or fire ball at you. A slap would leave a bruse, the others could kill you! But it is something that Boomer would do... Grrr...
6/17/2012 c10 9lunarweather
"You're stealing my air." So awesome. That is so clever. So can that work with emotions and other non physical things? ex. "Your stealing my... patience, calm, boyfriend, good name?

Really good chapter. Can't wait to see where you go with this character.

One thing- She got a foul for slapping Freeze girl? She made a boy bleed, people can get burned and frozen and she gets in trouble for taking a swing?

Ok, two things- The dummy was poorly made. They shouldnt get penalized when a real persons arm wouldnt fall off.

Look at me getting emotionally invested.
6/17/2012 c10 2Bucky Flavored Skittles
WOOT! KEEPSIE KICKED SOME ASS! Hehehe! I loved this chapter! (And I loved the video too![I didn't know this was a crossover]) I'm glad Keeps slapped the crap outta FT (frost tits) because Warren belongs with Keepsie! Bwahaha I'm glad they had eachothers backs during that match as much as they could; they have real potential! Hehe and her powers! She did something she didn't know she could- now she just has to start testing her powers and figuring out what else she can do! :D I can't wait to read more; this chapter had me giddy because I could feel as if I were there too! Hehe update when you can and hope you kick ass in your exams! I know a way you can pass... imagine Warren rewarding you after your exams when you get home! ;) Bwhaha! :D Can't wait to read more!
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