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12/6/2020 c18 Storm Shield
I'd like to so where Chifuyu and Church's relationship goes.
11/7/2020 c1 JT Snake
I love this fanfic you’ve made a mediocre anime into an entertaining and thrilling story. You’ve improved everything from the series and I think I speak for everyone that the main reason is because of Church, he really is the backbone to the story, his interactions with the characters and how his motivations drive the plot is incredible and it also helps with the romance/harem. I think more anime should learn from this that without a compelling protagonist your story won’t hit as hard. As you’ve said before ichicka is boring, he’s just a cardboard box for the audience to self insert and I know harem anime’s purposely do this so that they can focus on the girls but can’t they try both, you’ve just proven that it makes the story much more engaging. And that is why I support the harem route or the “steel all of ichikas girls” route.

This leads into where I also like to request if you can show more interactions between the other girls and church. You’ve already showed incredible characterization and love to the 2 girls that gets neglected constantly in the anime (seriously Rin and Laura get no love or spotlight after there introduction in the anime) so I’m hoping you can spread that love to the others, specially Cecilia, Charlotte, and if possibly Houki. You’ve already star with Charlotte and I can’t wait see more of her and her on going feelings about Church grow and the drama with still being in a one sided relationship with Ichika go. Cecilia despite being one of the girls that switched to team Church has had barley any development and interactions with Church. I would love to see more of her and some parts of future chapters dedicated to her feelings for Church and realization that she needs to get stronger with up and coming battle with Phantom task. After all knowing that she’s fighting a pilot that is better than her with an upgrade version of blue tears will surely give her a shake to her character. And I would like to see her and Church bond more through out the story, maybe through there sad family troubles or something similar like that and hopefully change Church’s mind in the process about her being the least favorite girl and joining Rin and Laura in being the people Church cares for the most, which will further add to Church’s drama on which girl he’ll have to choose. Finally Houki, while she’s definitely the least interesting girl in the show you’ve shown that you can write anything and make it enjoyable to read. I feel like her character development will be a mix between Rin and Cecilia. Her being Ichikas childhood friend but not getting anywhere with him will be similar to Rin, and she realizing that she’s the worst pilot out of everyone in her friend group and been getting hard carried by her IS will hopefully get her the motivation to improve herself, similar to Cecilia. And hopefully through all of this she’ll get closer to Church maybe through sparring together kinda of like what she and Ichika used to do.

Finally Chifuyu. I’m gonna be honest more Chifuyu there is never enough Chifuyu, as we all know Chifuyu is best waifu.

Anyways great work and I’m looking forward to more, make sure you stay safe out there friend and have a great life.
9/27/2020 c21 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
...one thing that's just been kinda gloseed over here. Why in all that's holy would a military organization allow an AI or one of its members to show so much blatant disrespect and (for the AI) even consider betraying them. It's just outright dumb.
9/23/2020 c32 JohnnyJohnnylikes69
boy i cant wait for the next chapter!
9/22/2020 c19 netzelrob
Cecelia is my favorite, but Charlotte is a close second. I feel that the reason people like Charlotte the most is because she's the most normal out of the group. She's not dramatic or over-competitive like the other girls; she's just a sweet girl with an innocent feel to her.

As for why people don't like Rin as much, I personally feel that it's because she looks a little younger than the rest of the group (excluding Laura) and having a crush on her might come off as pedophilic. How do I feel about her? She's perfectly fine; the thing I like the most about her is that adorable little snaggletooth she has, which is what puts her above Houki in my ranking (she's a little too intense for my liking).

My list itself:
1. Cecelia
2. Charlotte
3. Laura
4. Rin
5. Houki
9/20/2020 c16 Generic Reviewer
Holy shit, I cannot stop reading! This story is a fucking blessing after watching IS with a cringe taste in my mouth! Thank god for you!
9/14/2020 c32 Mostima
More Ace Combat references I love it.

The good news is, at the rate we're going I'll be able to show my kids this story by the time it's done! I can't wait!

Appreciate your work bruv, keep it rolling.
9/1/2020 c1 guest
Basically, Church takes advantage of Ichika's weakness and inability to date before the Ntr and cuckold him with his harem?

not great, author, not great!
9/1/2020 c32 RecklessBaka
Quite amazing how you took a rather mediocre series and made it into something very well written. I would be interested in Infinite Stratos if the series focused on Church and this storyline. But alas, I'll have to settle for the updates as they come.

Great chapter (as always), and I love how you write Church and Chifuyu.
8/30/2020 c32 9christian.a.lebron1
I can't tell you how happy I am that this isn't dead. Really hooe to see more soon
8/27/2020 c1 Zahndrekh
I'm shocked reading the reviews to see that years later people dare to say that Ichika is "dense" ... when he is heavily involved that he SIMULATES his "density" in order to survive!
his harem is so violent, almost murderous, that he doesn't know how to deal with the situation in which he finds himself!

Ichika has no confidence in him. but how can you be confident when you are the one and only male surrounded by a yandere harem who spends their time humiliating you, trying to kill you on occasion, have no one male to confide in your problems and that each of your actions leads to repeated beatings?

Ichika had no dating experience!

his rare dates whatsoever with Houki, she makes her statement but ... at this precise moment a fireworks display breaks out right!
Ichika having heard nothing of course, the declaration being auscultated by fireworks' souds.

the other dates are disrupted by the girls leaving Ichika ...dateless!

spoiler in volume 8 of the serie, other boys are showing up and you know what?
girls treat these other boys BETTER than Ichika!

Watching Ichika's harem move to Church may be for the best, at least he won't have to suffer from their repeated humiliations and attempted murder.

ps: I just recently read that Infinite Stratos was now taken as an example on how to write a story with a harem that doesn't torture the mc! just saying!
8/23/2020 c1 1END D BLACK
(Ps: English is not my first language so it may be unreadable.)

This wonderful story, in fact, you launched the chapter a little after I reread it for the third time, and really my favorite fanfic that deserved to be adapted for an anime because it is so superior to the original. I'm dying to know what Church's journey will be like going forward even more with Laura and Chifuyo who are my favorite characters in the plot. I hope this phenomenal work continues.
8/22/2020 c32 The Headless chicken
Really enjoying this story so far
8/21/2020 c1 3LightbulbHD
FUN FACT: This is actually the original story and lightnovel. The anime and manga are the fanfiction/parody. Originally this story was supposed to be turned into the anime. But the directors and were in a low budget and had no taste when it came to good writing and characterization, and so they decided to fuck it and turn this story into a very badly executed Reality Kings porn movie and make merchandise out of it.

Alright, that aside. Let me get straight to the point. These are one of the reasons I love fanfiction. Especially when the fanfiction author surpasses the original author of the story/series. I for one am not a big fan of harem anime. Because usually the main characters have no personality at all, and it annoys me how unrealistic it all feels. (Of course, Kazuma is an exception when it comes to harem/isekai but I'm getting off topic.)

Your story was totally something else, a breath of fresh air I would say. I remember watching the first few episodes of Infinite Stratos during my 'weeb' years, and despite having a positive appeal to just about any anime I watched, this show shot down every chance I would've given it with a very bad main protagonist, and a wasted interesting story premise that you had somehow managed to salvage, and turn into a masterpiece. I can't help but laugh at Percidal Church's experiences, rooting for the guy every chance I got. I know harem anime are supposed to put you into the main characters shoes, but with what you did with Church was a genius move showing that you deserve a spot above these amateur authors. Because I know I am not Church, but it sure as hell inspires me now to flirt with girls and try his methods. (Shit, of course if that totally backfired, I'm fucked.) But basically, when it comes to romantic storie, I believe that the main protagonist shouldn't be you, but of somebody who you could be if you respected the women and made them feel special without all that plot armour crap. That's why I've got tremendous respect for you sir. Why? Well, I have a lot to say...

First of all, Church's character is easily likeable: for some reason he gives me Peter Parker vibes. Only this time, Peter Parker had the confidence of both Iron man and an older, more mature Spider man with EDITH (AKA - Cerberus). I don't know if you had intentionally done this, but either way. Nice work.

I view this story as the actual story. And the original story can go fuck itself and burn someplace else. It's amazing how you turned this story into a masterpiece, with your own twist of things with Cerb and all. Especially replacing the MC with an OC, which most people don't like. But these are one of those one case scenarios where it is actually really good. Compared to every other IS fanfiction here, I believe it is the best among all of them when it comes to originality and without having to use Ichika as the main protagonist still without much added into his character. This story deserves the thousand faves and follows those other stories have and I know it will reach that one day once you release the more 'epic' parts of the story.

I know I'm kinda late into your fanclub, and am fully aware that you've been writing this story for quite some time now. And honestly, I haven't really detected any plot holes or mistakes that may have been present before. But that just proves you're really good in covering your tracks and fixing your mistakes.

I love how you've completely changed Laura's personality into a more likable character. Same goes for Rin, for a character that I originally hadn't given a shit about till now. I don't know what else you have in store for the rest of the other girls, but I do hope that you have more in plan for them in the future when it comes to characterization. Because where the story fails, it's at developing their characters. And you seem fairly good at doing that. Though it is your story and you can sure as hell do whatever you want with it. Heck, even add another guy and I'll still read it. (If your gonna add another guy though, how bout a black or hispanic guy? We need some more black/hispanic love in the anime community.)

Alas, that's my review and hope that you continue soon. Though, it may be a few months from now or years until this story will finish. But I'll stick along with this story till the end, because that's just how good it is.

(I'm not sure if you take suggestions, but if you are willing to read me out "If you even see this" I think a lot of us would actually enjoy seeing Ichika develop a bit? I for one am one of the guys who dislike Ichika's character, as in a very much a lot. But considering that you sure as hell know what you're doing. Perhaps, even the dumbass could figure out that his group of girls were now flocking over to Church "Which I don't mind by the way. Hell, have Church steal all his girls and I'll sure as hell won't give a fuck about him." And with this, you could have Ichika question the girls as to why they were ignoring him now, resulting in all of them ganging up on him and telling him their true feelings as to how he's so dense and how Church had more personality than him in so many different levels. Basically a one sided roasting match. I know it's kinda overkill and this usually results in depression or something, I don't know with Ichika. But that sure as hell would get his character to improve, and the neutron star could actually show some personality for once in the hands of an author like you.

Keep up the good work, and I'll be waiting for the next chapter to read on the afterevents of that 'French kiss.'
8/21/2020 c32 Rai24
When I got the notification for this story, I couldn't be more excited! We finally got some information about Church's past. Some of the things we found out where quite interesting. One big thing that stands out for me is Church's father. There is really no concrete information about him. Going off most stories and shows, if a parent is missing and the protag has no information on them, their mostly likely going to play an important role later on. But who knows? There is one more thing that is bugging me, and that is Cerberus. I don't know why but I feel like I'm getting that "betrayal" vibe from him. He's acting too quite and he has been disagreeing with Church more and more. Boy would that take the story in a interesting turn!

Moving on to the party itself, not only did I enjoy the fanservice, but we also got a little bit of history. Which was a good move on your part. The bunnysuit, frenchmaid, and all the other dresses was a nice touch. Also look at Charlotte mustering up the courage to flirt, loved it. I think Cecilia needs to take some pointers from Laura and the rest lol.

My final thoughts have to go to Chifuyu, she stepped up this chapter and I loved every single bit of it, whether it was the conversation between her and Church OR THE BIG "accident" KISS! Can you count it as a accident though if there was tongue lol? You had to leave on a cliffhanger didn't you lol. Boy I can't wait for the next chapter, with all the girls reactions and such. Can't forget about Ichika, will he find out about his sister's kiss?

Once again Chifuyu is best girl and I look forward to more moments of her and Church! Keep up the amazing job! Also shoutout to your other stories, they have been great reads!
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