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5/25/2016 c6 4RATNMR7
Interesting, yet weird ending. Aside from that, I liked it. I love MLP and Phantom of the Opera is, admittedly, one of my many guilty pleasures. What I like the best about this story, is how you cleverly changed the lyrics to the songs. And, not just POTO songs, but also from The Wizard of Oz, and even Nightmare Before Christmas, and Grease.
My favorites are your versions of Angel of Music, Music of the Night, We're Off to See the Wizard, and All I Ask of You. Nice job.
11/15/2014 c6 Snowfrost
Stupid,stupid,STUPID! I HATE THIS! You FAILED at this story! The phantom is NOT evil! Also, this story went by way too freakin' fast! I think you rushed this story. You blew it, BIG time! Hold on, *goes too throw up in bathroom* disgusting!
11/15/2014 c4 Snowfrost
Ok, so i DID say i would keep quiet, but i HAD to say this. Thanks for bringing in fluttershy, but all she said were 3 freakin' words or something. I mean, SERIOUSLY!?
11/15/2014 c3 Snowfrost
Ok,but,um, sorta meh. I mean, its a BEAUTIFUL story, but,i mean, you don't have either discord, fluttershy, OR luna! What the (insert swear word of your choice here)!? Also, WHERE'S the freakin' VILLIN!? YOU ruined the story, but i will finish reading. Ok, i will NOW shut up until the last chapter so i can give my FINAL opinion.
11/15/2014 c2 Snowfrost
11/15/2014 c1 Snowfrost
Pretty good. I, personaly, like the FLUTTERCORD version of "PHANTOM" WAAAAAY better (i am just a REALLY big fan of FLUTTERCORD stuff), but this good too.
3/4/2014 c6 3maybe the lies are true
This was really funny and cute. :) Are you going to do Love Never Dies?
1/29/2014 c4 Nicody
It's so bad it's good. I love how creative you were with the song lyrics. MOOOOOOOOOOOOO
3/5/2013 c1 Guest
That's awesome! (and it's only the first chapter! :3) lol i'm not much of a Phantom fan either but my bestie Andmipink is, and we even had to watch it in band, though us band kids made it hilarious :P anyways enough about me, nice job! I'll have to read the rest later but it's good :D
3/1/2013 c6 38Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
Pretty good. Ending could've been better. Maybe like this.
Twilight's Letter To Celestia:
Dear Princess Celestia,
This week, something amazing about friendship has occured. There was a Phantom Of The Theatre that had an overloading love for Rarity. Although, his love had made him go overboard and become insane. But it wasn't his fault, he was just lonely and wanted to be loved. The thing I learned about friendship from him is that you should never judge people by the way they look, especially after seeing what was behind that mask of his. I'm hoping to see him again, I'm eager to know what it's like to die and come back as a ghost.
Your student,
Twilight Sparkle

I also kinda wanted to see Rarity and Spike kiss, that could've been part of the ending too.
3/1/2013 c5 Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
Oh fuck! This IS just like the movie! I can't wait to see Rarity and Spike kiss!
3/1/2013 c4 Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
Oh boy, what is that Phantom gonna do? I must know!
3/1/2013 c3 Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
There goes Rarity complaining about every little thing again. Great chapter.
3/1/2013 c2 Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
Angel of Music, my FAVORITE song in Phantom Of The Opera, thank you for addig that part.
3/1/2013 c1 Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
SWEET! I love Phantom Of The Opera and My Little Pony. This makes a GREAT crossover.
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