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8/19/2015 c13 Nymphadora Auror
Pls do another chapter in REALLY enjoying the story so far but PLEASE have it so Ron askes HERMIONE out
4/28/2014 c13 Story reader
PLEASE UPDATE I love ur work ur one of my fave stories can u also add my character her name is sasha thx !
10/27/2013 c2 15Lahel
In England:
"Where are we going?" Harry asked eagerly at the thought of a new adventure.
Hagrid beamed. "To a school in the States!" Hagrid, if he could have, would have sounded more dramatic. However, he could never really keep a secret from the Trio.
Hermione's eyes widened. "To the United States? Hagrid, we're in our FINAL year! We have to take our NEWTs!"
Ron poked Hermione's stomach in an effort to stop her tirade.
"Professor Dumbledore's given ya a pass. An' Hermione, yer a smart girl- you'd pass anyways."
Hermione blushed at the unexpected compliment.
Harry wasn't satisfied though. He was allowed to be suspicious- the war had just ended! "Why now, and what school?"
Hagrid scratched his head. "The Headmaster wanted ya to have a nice year off... An' I don't really remember the name of the school, but it has to do with art!"
Hermione brightened. "Oh, why didn't you say so earlier Hagrid! To learn about the fine arts, and in America no less!"
Ron exchanged a knowing look with Harry. "Well, someone's excited!"

Hollywood Arts:
Beck grabbed Cat's hands in his. "So how are you doin' this fine evenin'?" he asked, keeping in his role as a helpful psychiatrist.
Cat, who was supposed to be depressed, chirped, "Fine, thank you!"
"CUT!" Sikowitz yelled. "Cat, what was that?"
"He asked me how I was, so I told him," Cat replied, confused.
Sikowitz shook his head. "No, Cat, you're playing a depressed person, so be a depressed person!"
"You want me to be depressed?" Cat asked.
"YES!" Sikowitz shouted, praying to the heavens that Cat actually understood.
"FINE!" Cat yelled back.
"From the top!"
"So, how are you doin' this fine evenin'?" Beck asked, for the 5th time.
"BAD!" Cat yelled. She threw her script at Beck.
The bell rang.

Tori's House:
"Cat, you were a really good actress today!" Tori said, trying to cheer Cat up. She was still in "depression mode" that Sikowitz told her to be in earlier that day.
"I'm being a depressed person," Cat cried. She sighed dramatically.
Just then, Mrs. Vega came running down the stairs. "TORI! TRINA! GUESS WHAT?"
"What?" Trina snapped. How could her mom ruin her ultimate yoga routine for an amazing body like that?
Unconcerned with her daughter's snappiness, Mrs. Vega carried on. "We are housing three exchange students for the year!"
"Exchange students?" Trina's eyes brightened. "Are any of them boys?"
Her mom nodded. "Two are boys, one is a girl."
"Yessss!" Trina hissed. She went back to her workout.
"Where will they sleep?" Tori asked.
Mrs. Vega thought for a moment. "The girl, Her-me-on or something, can sleep in Trina's room. The boys can share the guest room."
"When will they arrive?" Cat asked, interested in any new friends she could make.
The doorbell rang.
"I guess they're here now!" She went to the door. Trina blocked her way.
"I'll greet them, allow me, mother." She opened the door. "Welcome to our-"
Trina was standing face to face with the Papa John's Pizza Delivery guy.
"Uh... 2 Pepperonis and one cheese?" he asked.
Andre got up. "That's us!"
"That;ll be $15.98," the delivery man said.
"Here, keep the change," Andre said, taking the boxes.
Five minutes later, as they were all eating, the doorbell rang again.
10/27/2013 c1 Lahel
Your grammar is atrocious, but the plot sounds like it could work. The first part was so completely Cat! I tried editing it down below- see how you like it?
Hollywood Arts:
"Hey," Tori called as Andre and Cat came over to the lunch table. Everybody else mumbled their greetings as well.
Cat smiled brightly at them all. "Hi Tori, look at my lizard!" She pushed said lizard into Tori's face. Tori then made a face- an unpleasant one, to be more precise.
"Eww... Cat, get that away from me!" Tori said, disgusted. Jade smirked. At least it wasn't her.
Andre shrugged. "I think it's kind of cute."
"I know, right?" Cat asked while she nodded.
Tori rolled her eyes. Typical Cat! She smiled fondly as she asked, "Why do you even have a lizard with you?"
Cat's eyes lit up at the question. "My brother gave him to me! His name is Fluffy."
"Fluffy?" Andre asked.
"Fluffy?" Tori repeated.
Jade snorted- all of them were so ridiculous!
"Fluffy," Cat confirmed. "See, his fur is fluffy."
Beck blinked. "Cat, it doesn't even have fur. It's a lizard."
"What... Oh, but his skin is fluffy! Feel it!" Cat passed around the lizard around the table.
"Sure is," Rex said, feeling Fluffy's skin.
"Hey, I was about to say that!" Robbie said.
Cat ignored them both in favor of her hot dog. "Do you want some?" she asked when she saw them staring.
"Not really."

In England:
"Harry! Hurry up, or Hagrid might leave without us!" Hermione shouted at the Defeater of Lord Voldemort twice-over. They were supposed to be visiting Hagrid, because he apparently had some news to share. Ron had gone ahead, and considering how fast wizarding transportation is, was probably already there.
"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Harry yelled back, hopping on one leg as he tried to put on shoes.
Five minutes later, they finally arrived at Hagrid's hut. Hagrid and Ron were waiting in the pumpkin patch. "Where have you been?" Ron asked, face red with impatience. Sometimes, Hermione thought he had anger issues.
Hermione rolled her eyes and pointed at the irresponsible black-haired wizard. "I've been waiting for Mr. Harry Potter to finish getting ready," she said.
Harry chuckled, ears turning a Weasley red. "Well, us celebrities need to take our time with our bodies, you know!"
Hagrid boomed with laughter. "Speaking of celebrities, 'Arry, guess where you're going!"
10/26/2013 c12 23LunaScamander17
I don't know, I'm waiting this chapter for a long time. and you not give me the best. I'm sorry
10/25/2013 c11 1D lover
Plz keep posting nd I will keep reading, until then APPARRATE!
P.S. Can u plz write 1 about 1D and Harry Potter, nd make it a luv story plz.
10/5/2013 c11 Guest
Please do more cuz its sooooooo good
7/15/2013 c11 Guest
7/8/2013 c11 sasha
why did u have to stop there it was just only getting interesting look i willl give u some inspiration so next tori runs tells everyone then magically becomes a wizard with all her other friends beck, robie ect then they go to hogworts and they all end up in grifendoor even jade i will give u some more in the next couple of chapters
5/27/2013 c11 Guest
Update please xx
5/26/2013 c11 SYDNEY
5/23/2013 c11 Sydney
5/7/2013 c10 fanship
lovely..great- harry with tori!
gr8 writing skills
5/7/2013 c11 Anonymus
your story is really really good! you inspire me- i would suggest you to pair up harry with tori!plz pretty please!so far you r doin x-c-lent! good lick!
2/17/2013 c11 L12
Love the Draco Malloy shroud come and insult sikowitz into sanity
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