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4/26/2012 c10 18Lisa Paris
You know, this was really fun to read. You have a deft touch with dramatic comedy. I thought the wisecracking was pretty spot-on, especially between our two guys.

Some nice h/c here - loved Neal's 'Of course. He's Peter' response to Diana's 'He going to be all right?'

And they even found the diamond in the end (liked Diana's reaction to it - she is a girl after all!) You did drop several mentions of wood-working and carpentry throughout the fic - and now it all makes sense!

The Butler did it... ROFL!

Well done - this was great.
4/26/2012 c9 Lisa Paris
Whew - that was all a tad fast and furious. The whole darn lot of them were in on it. Might have guessed poor JJJ5 was in the attic and manipulated by all the rest.

My poor Peter - shot twice and the tar beaten out of him... he needs to get back to NYC and El as soon as possible for a little TLC.

Both guys were suitably heroic and good to see the banter between them survived intact in-spite of all their trials and tribulations.

Bettina... pah... no match for the pious and faithful Peter Burke!
4/26/2012 c6 14Wondo
"Did you just give me the be careful speech?"

This is such an entertaining tale. Your banter between our heroes is delightful! Especially enjoyed Peter acknowledging to himself that Neal would plan his own revenge, and concerned that Moz would leave the shadows, to sue on the behalf of his client. Love it!

Can't wait to get to the next chapter.
4/26/2012 c8 18Lisa Paris
Ouch - poor baby, can I offer to give Peter a massage? Pretty please?

Another nice chapter - I was really glad Peter withheld the roof necklace as evidence, would have hated JJJ4 to get his greedy mits on it.

Liked all the little touches as Neal took care of his partner's aches and pains, and especially liked the line about 'nothing woke Peter up faster than silence.' Inspired!

And now there's a missing JJJ5 - if he's anything like his dear old dad, then he must be a real piece of work. So - why isn't Neal back yet... off to read the next chapter!
4/26/2012 c7 Lisa Paris
Great action chapter - still loving the snarking between the two guys and your depiction of them both is nicely done.

Have to say I liked Bettina a bit more in this chapter - especially her appreciation of the way Peter and Neal dealt with JJJ.

So - a diamond, but not the one in question - and they nearly lost their lives to snag it. I really want to know more about JJJ3 now... he sounds like a completely different man to his obnoxious son?
4/25/2012 c3 NDKidsMom
The thought of Peter and Neal all night in a double bed that sags in the middle made me laugh out loud! Visions of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and I imagine the two of them waking up in the morning (after surrendering to each other’s warmth all night) and saying, “How ‘bout those Bears, huh?” I loved the lightheartedness of the chapter, and again you have the guys in perfect form. I could hear the familiar seriousness in Peter’s voice when he wanted Neal to vow honesty in his search, and thoroughly enjoyed how you captured the typical banter between them. My favorite line of the chapter, though, is the ever faithful Peter’s reply to Bettina’s declaration “that ring doesn’t mean anything to me” and he answers, “It does to me.” That’s the Peter we know and love, and you depicted him perfectly.
4/25/2012 c6 Lisa Paris
'Peter pinned JJJ with a smoldering look. Men who didn't protect their women were an anathema to him.'

Sighs... just one of the many reasons I love Peter so much. Lucky El to be on the receiving end of those long bathroom conversations.

More seriously - I wondered when the guys would stumble into a secret passage. Loved the 'Indiana' comment, and if they had to find a body, can't say I was too sad it was Wilde's.

Things suddenly got a lot more dangerous!
4/25/2012 c5 Lisa Paris
Okay, so this is getting a tad less funny and rather more ominous for our guys. Danny Wilde is a grade A jerk and his attitude is obstructive and suspicious to say the least.

I loved the dichotomy between Neal and Peter's thoughts on the garden. One seeing the wild romantic possibilities and the other thinking it was creepy and dangerous and down at heel.

Very glad that Peter seems to be getting on better with El at long last. He'll be back on his A game now he's not so worried about home.

Who the heck is the grungy attacker? Some long-lost, crazy relly kept locked in the attic ala Jane Eyre? I'm hoping he's not as bad as he seems - other than the smell of course...
4/24/2012 c10 AstroKat
I really enjoyed this story. It was a great mix of humor, drama and action.
4/24/2012 c4 Lisa Paris
I'm still recovering from the thought of Neal in black silk pyjamas... but I will try to write a reasonably coherent review...

Again - really great chapter. I'm totally enjoying the bickering between Peter and Neal and the way they're behaving like an old married couple.

Talking of married couples - I wish El would forgive our poor anxious FBI Agent. All this worrying about dry-cleaning and home can't be doing him any good.

Loved both Neal and Peter's response to Danny Wilde( I just realised - Danny Wilde and Brett Sinclair... Tony Curtis in The Persuaders!) that Neal might shoot Peter. The guy is a total idiot!
4/24/2012 c3 Lisa Paris
'Seeing the wedding ring, Bettina scoffed, "That ring doesn't mean anything to me."

"It does to me," Peter replied quietly.'

Ooh, Peter - the man makes my heart melt. Really adored these last lines as you can probably guess. Even when he's in El's bad books, he can still come out with an award winning statement like this.

Laughed again at the two guys sharing the room (and bed) and your descriptions of a long-suffering Peter and insufferable Neal.

As for the 'Addams family' (LOL) these people are a piece of work - and who is the mysterious man on the upper floor?
4/24/2012 c2 Lisa Paris
Eek - I go away from the pc for a weekend and you go and post the whole story. I've just had a very nice sit down with a mug of tea and endulged in a WC fest.

Love the way this is shaping - the banter between the guys made me laugh out loud. Poor Peter - in the doghouse with El and having to put up with a smug Neal, a pompous JJJ1V, and a predatory Bettina. The gothic mansion, storm, gargoyles et al. is great fun. Wish this could be an episode...
4/24/2012 c10 7AliWC
Oh the drama! And the twist. Goooood case fic! I feel weariness for Peter and indignation for Neal! A great read, thank you.
4/24/2012 c8 AliWC
Oh, no. No, no. That's a mean jolt of worry you left me with. Neal is fine.

"larcenous little chum" -snickers!
4/24/2012 c7 AliWC
Gritty! Edge-of-the-seat-action. This is quite a story. Liked Peter's grumpy sarcasm at the end there.
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