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5/11/2012 c10 tianlu
It was beautiful. I cried.
5/7/2012 c9 46Ripplerose

5/7/2012 c9 Liriodendron
I wanna happy ending! PLEEEEAASE!
5/7/2012 c9 digi-smile
5/6/2012 c8 Sarah
This is so good! I want more, will you write anymore? I know the story may be hard to progress any further, but I don't want I believe that it's over...just like Reichenbach... Lol

Props to you! :)
5/2/2012 c8 digi-smile
Oh god *sitting in a corner crying* that is just so sad. But kudos to sherlock for handeling seeing john in the store so well. Was this the end or will there be more?
5/2/2012 c8 3CryptoSquirrel
"(he didn't need it, memorized of course, but he liked that he had part of John with him wherever he went)" /3

"Sherlock smiled all the way home, because maybe John didn't remember him, but he certainly remembered bits of them.

And there was no point of him if he wasn't part of 'them'." -Oh my gosh. Wahhh. Gorgeous. So lovely-ly written.

Thank you!
5/2/2012 c7 CryptoSquirrel
Ooooh this is getting interesting! I expected this story to be 3 or 4 chapters ending with John's death and Sherlock's extreme sadness, but you've drawn it out and I like that. the thing about his own gap in knowledge causing John to lose his memory-will there be more about that?

Thanks for sharing this! It really touches my heart :( 3
4/28/2012 c7 digi-smile
BY JOVE I THINK I'VE GOT IT! \o/ john drank some memory forgetting thing that was ment for sherlock! I'd ask why but i think i can figure it out. I love how out of the box this fic is!
4/24/2012 c6 digi-smile
I have read this and reread it and i am still so very confused but i shall continue to read this and hope i catch on!
4/24/2012 c6 snake513
This is beautifully written. But I really hate the fact that almost every chapter has made me weep, embarrassing to cry over fictional characters...but it is a compliment to your skills.
4/23/2012 c5 CryptoSquirrel
Wahhhhhhhh oh my gosh, this is so touching. I can just see this playing out in my head, and you've captured them both so well. Watch me dream sad dreams about this...

Thanks for sharing! 3
4/22/2012 c5 Anon
Oh, this is really..Adorable and sad. D: I don't know why this doesn't have more reviews - I love it.
4/22/2012 c5 3A.X.S.Y
Is Sherlock finally confessing his feelings for John? I would hope John remembers this.
4/22/2012 c4 3CryptoSquirrel
Holy cow... That broke my heart. How touching. I love the image of him lying on the ground every day, every week... And Mrs Hudson's reaction was perfect. Oy, I need to go find tissues... :') Thanks for sharing this!
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