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4/17/2012 c1 Kathie
Ahhhhh! My entire review and I said hardly anything about your chapter! I'm ashamed of myself. Ok, so it got a little mushy, but I loved Puck's cover up. Smooth, Puck. Anyways, it was friggin hysterical, and sounded SO much like Puck. job! :)
4/17/2012 c1 Kathie
Devil of a teacher huh? Any chance there's an FTFT reference in there...? :D it's ok, I caught its :) Ahhh Shireen, you never cease to be an amazing author. (sorry I haven't been reviewing ITI lately BTW) I have a question Puck. Why is the sky blue? Just kidding.

What to do when you have a crush that you KNOW doesn't like you back, and you know the crush ain't going away? *waggles eyebrows* *grins evilly* :D keep writing! :)
4/17/2012 c1 oah ehm ghee
define the relationship: his example sabrina.

how to get the girl he likes :D
4/17/2012 c1 6TheAfterShock
Um...first review I believe? Yayy!

Ok, this was... great. You got a little mushy, but in the awesome way that I love. :D

I loved how you did the paraphrasing of the songs. hehe


Puck, You actually LISTEN to those songs? that one was Bruno Mars, and I don't even know who the other was, but It was mushy...are you leaving us?


The delinquents.


Yeah, there was one sorta...long sentence? I don't know how to explain it, but the whole thing was really cute! so, will this be like- a weekly thing where he answers questions from the audience, or will it be a chapter than answer to that chapter, than another chapter, than answers, etc. ?


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