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4/15/2017 c1 bellry
i liked this one better
8/27/2015 c7 Guest
Please please update this story soon
11/26/2013 c7 6bree19
Omg can you please update this this could turn out as an awesome story! I really wanna know why letty is so tired all the time ad I wanna know how it all turns out great story though! :D
8/25/2013 c7 krisle
is there going to be more? hope so.
6/26/2013 c2 aussiegirlforever
dotty kid even better
6/26/2013 c1 aussiegirlforever
i was confused but not anymore was so good to read especially what mia told elena about letty
7/24/2012 c7 lachicarebelde22
Pls tell me ur gonna write more soon
7/12/2012 c1 Jack
Cool, adventurous, well written. I like it. Please keep going
7/12/2012 c7 10TFaTFreak207
amazing story! can't wait to read more.
7/10/2012 c7 Guest
Oh my goodness I. Love. It. I stayed up till five in the morning reading this please update soon
7/10/2012 c7 yarx.2x

As you can see im too lazy to sign in.

I absolutely loved this chapter, especially the way you portrayed Letty's emotions and insecurities, it was just perfect. I love her motherly side almost as much as Dom does. And it nice to hear some Roman humor, lol.

I honestly had thought you had quit on this story, because i went on vacation to my island Puerto Rico, and I came back and you hadn't updated. Even though i love this story, I wasn't going to bug you about it because I know what its like to just not have the heart to continue a story, its hard. I wish you good luck, and congratulate you on an amazing job :D
7/9/2012 c7 17mac-reye
Awesome chapter, can't wait to see what's next!
5/16/2012 c6 7letty331
hey i really love this story i hope you continue it soon.
5/2/2012 c6 1FFFan111
Forgive me I have been incredibly inconsistent with my reviews, I loved this chapter though! It's nice to see the playfulness between them, in contrast to the more serious chapters, please keep writing!
5/1/2012 c6 10degrassijayandalex
Another great chapter like always lol.

"Which means that Hobbs, didn't keep his word." Brian finished.

Dom smirked, "Ain't this sad…."

Uhh ooh, I think Mr. Hobbs is going to be getting in trouble soon!

Walking behind him was Dom. Wearing a long khaki trench coat and a fedora hat to mask view from any prying eyes.

I icould just picture that now. Lmao!

"I ain't built to please nobody."

Well all know thats true. Well maybe just Letty (:

"How can you do that then?," Mia pointed, "more importantly, how the hell did you and my brother slee-"

Letty stood up as quick as she could, "Alrigh', we ain't havin' this conversation. Jesus Christ."

"It's not like I want to know what you and my brother do behind closed doors. But your still hurt, Letty…," Mia walked over to her curiously, "so tell me. How'd you do it?"

Hahahahahahha, ooooh god. Lmao only Mia would be asking her that kinda stuff. Lmao.

She smiled lightly, "It wasn't like before…..he was soft and gentle," Letty turned her focus back on Mia, "The feel of being in his arms like that again," she sighed, "made me cry last night…..God, I've turned into a sap," she rolled her eyes, leaning her hands onto the bed, "anyway, it was like one of those romantic movies. Where you don't know where he starts and you end."

Awwh well thats cute ((:

And awwl the flashback to them last night was soo cute. And Dom was all sweet for being all opened with her and telling her how he felt about her when he thought that she was dead. (: I liked it a lott.!

"That's cause she's everything that you are when your happy," Letty sighed, standing up and making her way to the mess Stefie made on the ground beside the bed, "and when she's mad, she's exactly like Dom."

"Oh, come on. Don't put all the blame on Dom. I bet you she's exactly like you too!" Mia grinned

Haha we all know thats true!

Once she was out of sight, Letty turned back to the window. Watching as two bald head guys came out of the car.

Uhhh oh this cant be good! I wanna know how these people are! whoever it is it cant be good :o

"Fuck nah, Chepe. We've been lookin' for this broad sense day one," the tallest thug narrowed his eyes angrily at Letty, "ain't no way Imma let 'er go after how she did Chico, man!"

Ooh fuck the two thugs that Dom and Brian were trying to figure out! uhh ohh. Lets hope that Dom and Brian get home soon!

Letty glared into the car, noticing Spider was long dead.

"I guess you can say I did you a solid. You got to meet your homie more earlier then you thought, Spider."

Why do i think this is only going to end badly? Lol.

"In the living room, Einstein. Were fuckin' lookin' right at 'cha." she retorted, looking straight at him from her spot on the couch.

Hahah ooh Brian always being so careful about shit and not noticing things :P

Dom glared, stepping toward the living room. Seeing the mess that was on the couch, "Are you fuckin' crazy."

Lol, just what I was thinking.

Brian sighed, "Imma go help him out with the bodies," he walked over to the front door, "in the meantime. Try not to trip over a knife will you?"

Letty mimicked him sarcastically, "Fuck you."

Haha, not supposed to be funny i dont think. But those lines had me laughing hahaha.

"There's bullet holes in the fuckin' car. What'd you think she used? A freakin' pole?"

"I didn't think she'd known were the damn gun was" Brian stared at his gun disappointingly, looking over it for scuff marks.

Hahahahahahaha. Lmao now thats funny. Poor Brian being all sad that she found his hiding spot. XD

"Your goin' down, Dominic Toretto."

Uhh ooh. More bad.

He bit his lip hard, shaking his head angrily at her, "This ain't a fucking game, Letty! I'm tryin'a keep you by my fuckin' side with our kid. Alive!"

Awwh hes so hurt that she did that man i would be soo pissed off and scared too if i were in his position.

And well damn know we know why those guys are after Letty. I have a feeling that more will come after her soon.

"I want every private dispatch able in this field at every god damn corner of the fucking house. I don't want anyone to let any of those convicts out of the premises. Do you hear me?"

Oooh. No. This cant be good.

"Rome…," Dom turned around and stopped. Looking at Brian's long time friend with a half smile, "thanks."

Rome! Oohfuckk yeahh! I love him! Lmao. I was hoping you would bring him backk too!

"Yeah…I stayed up late trying to see what the hell I can come up with about the double necklaces."

Dom popped his neck from side to side, "I'd forgotten 'bout that."

Ayyye, Dom cant just forget about that. Lmao i needa know! I have a feeling that the double necklace is really some way that they are finding them. Maybe have some kind of tracking device in it. Or something high tech like that. And thats how the thugs found them.

"Guess I'm goin' back home."

Now who could this be? O.o

"Commander, there's no one here." A soldier made his way out of the abandoned house and ran towards his commanding officer.

Hahahaha always one step ahead of them!

"Yo! Stop making googly eyes at each other an' come have a beer!" Rome shouted from the grill across from them.

Hahahaha, see this is why I love Rome always saying funny shit to crack people up!

It was of all of them after Dom had made a win at a major race meet.

Its gotta be Leon, Jesse or Vince! Has to be!

"Leon…" Mia whispered.

Ahaha I knew it! And yayy! Leon's back!

"I knew you survived the crash, Letty."

Dom jumped up angrily, "You knew!"

Oooh geesh. Lol. This is getting eve more interesting as time goes on XD

"I'm gettin' there, buster. Hold your horses..," Leon shook his head, "sheesh! Anyways, I couldn't find you. So the only way I knew I'd be able to keep ya safe was ta make the FED's believe you were still 'ere. That's why they had Mia, here, on 24/7 surveillance durin' those few days after Letty's funeral, thank you very freakin muchos, O'Conner," he looked at Brian with an irritated look, "I went and bought a necklace that looked like Lett's after I knew they'd scout the house an'," he looked over at Dom, "put it in your pop's car.

Awwwl shit well i was wayy off then on the necklace situaion hahaha i think this one makes a lot more sense then what i was thinking :P

"We'll be fine," Letty said carelessly, "if we don't fit, then we'll just stick him in the trunk."Leon's eyes widened, "Man, you've gotten even more witchier than before!

Hahaha. Man i love leon too haha.and now im happy that things are finally making sense with everything. Leon tied it all together for me!

"You cheerleaders ready to go or wut?" Leon turned his body to look back at the passengers.

"Drive, Brian."

Lmao. Well like i said again amazing chapter. And you got me even more excited to read the next one! (: and now i bettter submit this review before i make it any long than it already is. Since ima get on your nerves with all these long reviews!
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