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4/30/2012 c8 Liz
I love this story you should continue
4/29/2012 c8 DottyRadrian2110
I like this story so please update thank you! K.
4/29/2012 c8 17mac-reye
Awe, come on, please update, please!
4/28/2012 c7 3Mrz Letty Ortiz-Toretto
Leon a cat person?... Lmao CLASSIC. Now I think Vince... Maybe jesse( he could've lived) to come back. AWSOME JOB!...
4/28/2012 c7 layali86
Love it! Can not wait for more
4/26/2012 c5 5emwritesthings
I love the alternate ending! I'm not really sure which I enjoy more, the original or the alternate! Sooo ready for Chapter 4 of Alternate 2! :)
4/25/2012 c5 10degrassijayandalex
Yayy, another update! Again love the fan fiction a lottt!

"That you still loved her," she said softly, retreating from his back and leaning against the sink counter, "I always knew. But I never said anything against it. Because I know….I will never come first in your heart, Dominic."

-Well duhh she's not gonna come first. Letty always gotta be number on. No one can beat her. (:

"The house's quiet, boss…the bitch ain't here." another man said, dragging his feet on the floor boards lazily

-They are talking about Letty I assume!

"To be a dad..," he said, looking over at his daughter with all the love he had managed to have in these last two days he's been with her, "today…when she had me running after her. She reminded me of old times. Back when dad would play tag with Mia."

-Awwh this is sooo cute. Again im really glad that you decided to go with another ending and make letty be alive and them be together. I also really liked the whole scene of them remembering back to when they were younger. How they were like finishing each others sentences.

- I love the whole scene with them in the kitchen it was too much for me to copy and paste haha. i was laughing the whole time haha. As hard as Letty was XD

"Dude," Brian coughed, "your girlfriend messed around with my wife-your sister."

Dom cleared his throat, taking a drink of a glass of water that was already set on the table.

To this, Letty and Mia broke down in fits of laughter

- Hahahaha, this part was fucking priceless. XD

"Umm…," the soldier walked quickly towards his commanding officer and leant into his ear, "former police officer, Elena Neves is here.."

- Well that just cant be good. O.o

He nodded his head, pursing his lips out in agreement, "Alright, you wanna know. Then here it is cupcake," he took slow strides toward her on the other side of the table, "their after your ex's woman."

Her gaze dropped to the floor. So he knew about that too, huh.

-Well fuck Hobbs just knows everything. Creep!

"Well I don't know," Mia sighed, slapping her hands down her sides exasperatedly, "but Letty showed me the necklace and told me otherwise. Talk to her about it, will you? It may not seem serious. But…"

- I also really wanna know what the hell is going on with this necklace thing. And also the Letty getting away and not really being dead thing even though Mia confirmed the body. Lol. You gotta help us out Im dying from the suspense. XD

"Hmm," she smirked, "why so serious?

-Awwwwwhhh Heath Ledger 3

He pushed the enter button and on popped the picture of the Monica Fuentes that he had rendezvoused three years ago

-Mann how did I not see that one coming haha XD

"When you and me went on that run for Braga, it lasted within that time frame. Something had to have happened that day, two years ago. And if I'm right," Dom turned to look out the window, narrowing his eyes at the sky, "then this shit was orchestrated."

-Oooh my sooo confusing lmo theyre figuring out to much stuff at once lmao XD

Dom smiled, "How 'bout givin' your ol' friend a call."

-Now that doesnt sound like a good idea either lol.

Such a little body, but so much power….

- Haha Dom ahouldnt even try and hold her back XD

Letty stared at Mia with a neutral expression on her face, "What the hell would give you that idea?"

"Letty!" Mia whined and Letty laughed at her expense

"Yeah, Mia. Were back together."

-Hahaha she better say that theyre back together! Crazyy girl :P

Again amazing chapter and this is what a normal review for me when i really like a fan fiction looks like. Lmao hopefully you like it and dont think that its too long. Haha just like your chapters. Which i still love btw. And haha. You gotta write ourself little notes about the chapters so you dont gotta reread everything lmao. XD Again amazing chapter. Amazingly done cant wait for the next oneee! (:
4/25/2012 c5 2yarx.2x
Wow! awesome! Lol that joke that Mia and Letty played on Dom and Brian was halarious. When she says something about appreciating a good body, doesn't Dom say that to Giselle in Fast & Furious when they're in the garage? but he was talking about the car right? I recognized the name Fuentes at the beginning and was surprised when you didnt bring up Monica, so I didn't expect to hear from her again. Dang, I wish Mia would have hit Monica, lol. Im super excited for the next chapter. I agree tht we've seen enough of Letty's sensitive side, so I was glad to see our fierce Letty return. It seems Elena resents Letty, I wonder if she'll go back on the force with Hobbs, cuz honestly when I first saw fast five i thought Luke and Elena were gonna end up together. Lol sorry I talk so much. I like writing the long reviews, and I especially like that I know you bother to read them. Super excited for the next chapter, I'm not gonna lie im going to be a little sad when this story ends :)
4/25/2012 c5 layali86
LOVE IT! can not wait for more to come
4/24/2012 c4 10degrassijayandalex
I sooo lovedd this chapter too! You got me soo wrapped up in this fanfiction its sooo good! i get s excited readingit because i cat wait to find out what happenes after each wrd i read. you seriously did an amazing job with this. and yayy you better be keeping my dom and letty together fot good i dont like elena she needs to go away and dom and letty needa stay together lol. pleassse hurry up and write more i really wanna read more of this story because its just so damn good! youre an excellent writer to put me in more pain wanting to know whats gonna happen next please update soon!(:
4/24/2012 c4 43STR8BKCHICK
So I was encouraged from my site to check this out and I was def captivated to know what was goin to happen next. It's a compelling story you've weaved about what on earth Letty was up to. I like that she didn't know she was believed dead and that could very well be the circumstance in 6.

Stefania and Dom seem very distant. I don't see Dom as the type of dad to not be smothering a daughter he didn't know he had or otherwise. He hasn't even held or touched her. Also for a two year old, her speech was pretty advanced.

What made me frown was the energy between dotty! I hate that even though the situation was awkward and crazy, she was insecure about his love and her place. In my opInion the real Letty would never give Dom the power to tell her where and with whom she belonged. She's her own woman. As a matter of fact I think this is y he loves her. She's her own knight n shining honor. She got sort of immature there for a moment.

Last thing, I didn't Like was that they still seem so distant. In my mind, and this is my opinion of them, Dom would never not be all over the situation. He seemed really distant And confused about the whole situation. Don't get me wrong, I understand that he's shocked, but I'd imagine the last thing on Doms mind would be Elena if Letty popped up with a kid he'd never met that was halfway across the world!

Not trying to take anything away from Elena, but the shock alone I think would put him into overprotective mode.
4/24/2012 c4 Stacee13
WOW. Letty lost her daughter because of Hobbs. I didn' see that coming. Not at all. I was thinking FEDS or some other corrupt criminal.

I love that they are working their way to each other. Slowly but they are getting there. She has been away for awhile and no matter I quickly wanted Elena gone, she was a part of his life for a bit of time.

So, who did Stefania call and what picture did she take? And whats ging on with he necklace. How are there two of them Is something up with that backstory that is going to blow up in their faces? These are things I thought as I read.

I'm so happy that there are more chapters to come. Great job.

I'll be waiting excitedly for the next installment...
4/24/2012 c4 2yarx.2x
I love that Dom and Letty are gonna be ok. lol i love the part where Brian asks if they're together, and Mia is like “with them, who knows”. Stefie is so cute, I can't believe that lady thought she could just keep her. like what the hell, that is not your kid. lol. im surprised that Hobbs has eveything to do with Letty's misery. And i wonder how Elena reacted when left alone in Berlin. I loved that we got to see some of Letty's sensitive side in this chapter. i mean we all know she's badass, but she's still human. you are definetly going under my favourite authors list. hope to hear from you soon. ciao :)
4/23/2012 c4 3Mrz Letty Ortiz-Toretto
4/23/2012 c4 layali86
Love it! can not wait to read more soon.
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