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4/23/2012 c2 1FFFan111
You beautiful, beautiful writer! I can totally imagine this happening- I think the characterization was perfect, I like that she didn't forgive him as soon as she saw him and that she was a bitch to Elena because i see Letty doing that! I also like that Dom was so commanding, obviously because he has always been "the boss"! Cant wait for the next FEW (yay!) chapters!
4/22/2012 c2 3Mrz Letty Ortiz-Toretto
4/22/2012 c2 layali86
I love it! Can not wait for part 2 but, take your time. This is going on my favorite Dom and Letty fanfiction stories list. Love it! I hope everything get better for you.
4/22/2012 c2 2yarx.2x
You can't even begin to imagine the excitement i felt when i saw this in my inbox. poor stefania, i hope shes ok. i thought Letty insulting dom in spanish was halarious. and i loved the part where Dom sees Elena and tries to show her with his expression that Letty needs him more. As for Elena “i dont know what he sees in you”, to me Letty is the type of character you cant help but love even when she's wrong. she's real, and doesn't try to be anyone else. And i love that she can bring Dom to his most vulnerable state. I love this story, and i'm uber excited for the next installment. truly amazing :) you should be proud
4/22/2012 c2 Stacee13
Yay, Letty's alive and they all know it. I must admit though, that I do not like Elena. Something about her in this story is rubbing me the wrong way. i think its just the way she comes off towards Letty, I guess.

Finally, Dom and Mia finally find out that they are daddy and auntie. I love that. I can totally see them having a child and exactly how she would be.

Now they just need to get her back. Take care of the people that are after Letty and find out why everyone assumed she was dead. There is a lot more story for us to find out.

I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Wooohoooo, thanks for doing the alternate ending.
4/22/2012 c2 10degrassijayandalex
Oh my god! This fan fiction is SOOO great. First off I'm mad at Dom for getting a new girlfriend. He's bad for doing that lol. Two. I'm sooo glad that you changed the ending, because I didn't wanna see an ending with Letty being dead. I really liked how you brought her back and everything. I also love how long you make the chapters. I love reading things like this that are super lon. I just hope that you can get the part two of this chapter up reallly, really soon! Because you have me dying over here to know what happens! Im soo rooting for my Dom and Letty to get back together because lets face it everyone knows that they are the ones that really do belong together. Please dont make me suffer more by waiting for the next chapter! lol. But you are an amazin writer and you are spot on with all four characters, and how they are acting and the kind of things they're saying. I don't like the new chick that is Dom's "girlfriend" though. I agree with Letty saying that she is annonying and just gets on my nerves. You need to get rid of her and move Letty back in! But again I say amazing writing skills!
4/22/2012 c1 5emwritesthings
I can't stop crying! Amazing story! I loved the way you ended it! Poor Dom! Can't wait for them to bring Letty back in FF6! :)
4/20/2012 c1 2yarx.2x
This story is amazing. I cried when i realized it was all a dream. I cried for Dom, i felt so sad for him. Please do an alternative ending, im begging. I love the way you did Elena's character. I dont like the idea of her taking Letty's place. Loved this. Keep writing
4/19/2012 c1 Stacee13
Ad I began reading, I was so happy to find out that she was alive in Berlin and that Dom had rescued her. I loved the interactions of Letty with Dom and Mia. They rang so true. Ad when they fell asleep, I just knew it would be hell to pay when Letty confronted him about Elena. Then I realized, it wasn't real.

I was so heartbroken for Dom. I wanted everything to be real for him.

You should do the alternat ending where she is alive. That way Letty can tell Dom that he is a father. I just knew those words were to come out of her mouth.

Good job though. I really enjoyed it.
4/19/2012 c1 LifenthewayIseeit
Awe this was great.
4/19/2012 c1 Zoe
I don't think you have to necessarily re-write the ending, but maybe instead keep going. I think that Dom could see his dream has a premonition or something like that. I could see him going crazy with the idea that Letty isn't death, that she's somewhere, alone and hurt, and that she needs him, that he has to find her. And, eventually, finding her in a situation like in his dream.

I hate Elena, but I liked the way you wrote her. It's one of the only fanfic where she isn't so nice and understanding off the all Letty thing. I would love for you to write her as being a bit mean and selfish, wanting to keep Dom to herself and not lose him to Letty.
4/18/2012 c1 3Mrz Letty Ortiz-Toretto
I think you should change the part where he woke up and basically lost it bc I would love to know what Letty was going to tell them b4 she got into it with Elena. I was think- actually I'm writing two stories pretty close to this(one with dom as the one they thought died and how they find letty) a bugger since six will like five did with messing me I hope there will be more to this and not a one shot.
4/18/2012 c1 layali86
OMG I love it! I hope you do an alternative ending with Letty been alive and with Dom and with and Dotty baby.
4/18/2012 c1 Shawnied777
OMG! You HAVE to make an alternate ending with her alive! She has a child somewhere! I'm thinking a daughter...and I'm sure she's Dom's. Sooo, is Elena is girlfriend or wife? She said gf to Letty but kept referring to Mia as her sister in law. If he married her, that's gonna be SUPER awkward with Letty back. But please oh please write an alternate ending!
4/18/2012 c1 1FFFan111
Totally make an alternative ending! Can Letty and Elena have a showdown too! I'm really quite excited- I've never seen an Elena and Letty interaction plus I'm a mega Dotty fan! But I do love this version too!
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