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5/12/2012 c4 Kistunefighter12
Poor Tenma, i can't wait for your next chapter
5/12/2012 c4 52Amulet Misty
Aww poor Tenma, he's so upset. But yeah, I'd be as frustrated as Shindou and Tsurugi is Tenma didn't do what I said x3
5/12/2012 c4 34Floric1434
Amazing chapter! And the lullaby sounds so sweet! Lol xD I mean, the lyrics has to be something sweet, right? Wa... Shindou 8I Gee...

Oh well, I'd really hope you update soon!

poor Tenma...
5/12/2012 c3 Floric1434
Oh wow I loved this chapter! Now I hate Tsurugi _ Lol, woah, it's Minamisawa... now I'm really wondering what's gonna happen :D
5/12/2012 c4 34Cosmic Pretty Re-ina
Awesome fic! Keep it up!
5/12/2012 c4 4Era-Basilisk
Another nice chapter! This is a very interesting story. I want to know why Tenma only remembered a vast image of water. Please Update Soon.
5/12/2012 c4 10Futaba Takeshi
Tenma ... you seriously got to be kidding
5/12/2012 c1 Futaba Takeshi
4/30/2012 c3 4Era-Basilisk
Yay! I just finished reading chapter 3 and it was awesome, you have captivated me. Though when you are describing the situation, you might want to space out a bit and add more dialogues.
4/24/2012 c2 34Floric1434
Flo: Another epic chapter indeed. ^.^ I really enjoyed reading it, especially the parts where Tenma keeps on repeating that he doesn't remember anything LoL xD
4/24/2012 c2 4Era-Basilisk
Love this chapter! Thanks for updating so soon!
4/20/2012 c1 52Amulet Misty
Oh dear me, Tenma's lost his memories Dx NOOOO!

Great beginning to the story though 8D

I'm a little sad that you're deleting your other ones but you've gotta do what you've gotta do w
4/19/2012 c1 16DarkFireheartNinja
W-w-why are you deleting the other stories? I like those stories! At least leave them up even if you're going to stop writing them :(

Anyway, I really liked this story.
4/18/2012 c1 27Pokefan291
It was really really good...but your deleting your other stories? They are really good and I felt as if I was reading a real book or actually watching the show in my mind. Their all really good. Exspecially the broken pot ones. They are all fantastic stories!
4/18/2012 c1 34Floric1434
Flo: I'm impressed indeed! Tenma lost his memories huh? I really loved this! Especially the reason why you chose the title ^.^

But I think it would be better if you used the Enter button a bit more... sentences crammed up like this are sometimes very hard to read, and I was almost tempted to click the Back button ^^;

So, I hope to see more from you soon!
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