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for Bodyguard of Azula

12/14/2023 c73 shreyas.sharma.vra
10/10 Great ending, great journey
12/9/2023 c73 Guest
Trevor is better
11/7/2023 c20 WootTwilighterAnimeFanWoot
"Shall we run for our live?"
"Oh yes, let's."
It make me laugh, Thnx.
9/25/2023 c9 28NeoGamer93
good chapter, dont know if i said it before or not, but since the part of soulbending was cut out the scene with sokka going into shock should not be there. in the fight he bashed the pikemans head with his machete but the blood only landed on his shirt, it was not specified if he was killed or not.
9/12/2023 c1 defyinggravity88
Thank you! m
8/11/2023 c6 Zaccai
Liking the fic thus far but sifu judging that its narutos fault that jinchuriki are being captured because he left is bullshit. Thats my only gripe thus far other than some grammer and word choice issues here and there
7/25/2023 c11 Guest
I’m so tired of Sokka, he literally stops and punches Aang in the face for going on a rampage after losing one of his best friends, yet directly afterward brutally messes up the youngest sandbender? Like Sokka is a major hypocrite, the less childish he wants to be only shows me how childish he actually is. Not only that but Sokka always needs to be in the right and everyone else is flanderized making them meaner, or overall just insensitive at times, like I get it’s supposed to fit a narrative but when you have to bend and twist characters this much, it just rubs me the wrong way. I’ve been enduring it cause I really do like some aspects of this story, and the details and care that went into it, that’s why I just can’t understand why the characters are so ooc. Hopefully it gets fleshed out the more I read.
7/26/2023 c47 Zmag49er
one piece reference awesome
7/8/2023 c73 1CheeseMuffinChizzit
Overall a very lacking story that does not have a good grasp on the characters from either Avatar or Naruto. It has some good moments, but those tended to be overshadowed by some very poor character interactions and sudden buffsnerfs of characters.

If you want an decent story, look elsewhere, but if the concept is intriguing enough and you don't mind the story being borderline bad, it can be a good time waster.
7/6/2023 c4 Efail
Overall the story is pretty disappointing, it's pretty clear that the author doesn't have that great of an understanding of either naruto or avatar the last airbender so forcing them together in a way that doesn't make sense comes off as more grating than fun. This story is over 10 years old though so it's not that much of a surprise but just for future readers it's not worth the read.
7/5/2023 c1 Efail
I feel like there was a lot of missed opportunities with developing Azula and Naruto's relationship if even through a series of time skips as it showed Naruto slowly cracking the ice that is her personality rather than this sudden shift.
5/15/2023 c73 zhanna46
I really like the idea of the storyline
4/23/2023 c73 6Mando-Vet
Outstanding story from beginning to end!
4/22/2023 c58 Mando-Vet
I like this ending. Very well written.
4/21/2023 c46 Mando-Vet
Oh man, major twist! I like it.
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