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5/9/2012 c3 14Celestia's Paladin
I would say Saber, specifically the one we all know and love... not just because she kicks ass but for the enjoyment of shocking his classmates that King Arthur was a chick
5/9/2012 c2 Celestia's Paladin
Um... is there a reason why the Goblins are calling him Ms. Potter?
5/8/2012 c3 HCVquizibo
I have yet to see much of a change at all and The summoning seems to have done nothing at all. If you don't do something soon you might as well be righting up an abridged version of the original books.
5/7/2012 c3 1Roguecaster
I could potentially see Hercules as a Saber instead of a berserker. That way he could show off the surpisingly brilliant mind that helped his so much during The Twelve Labors.

Also Rider/Medusa would also fit well as a Servant for harry. Both had their lives manipulated but others (harry by Dumbledore, medusa by the olympians), both were abused by their family. Also Medusa's snake symbolism also fits with Harry being a Parseltongue and with the basilisk venom in his veins(if the summoning ritual is completed after the camber battle). Lastly, medusa like Diarmaid is also fiercely loyal, and when she lets her hair down could be a good big sister model for harry.
5/7/2012 c3 Animeflutist
Well now-A vote on which hero/servant Harry might summon at the last minute! This could a tough decision to make. I don't know where or what item Harry could use to summon his chosen servant but right now this poll's going to determine that. To me I am juggling between Saber Arthuria (Though I now don't mind the other Saber's like Red Nero, White Lilly or now that I think about it the black Saber Alter would also be interesting to see!)the Fate/Zero Lancer, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne(he's cool looking and watching him in the fighting game Fate/Unlimited Codes is awesome since his twin lances have a wide hit range giving close combatants a hard time.)or as someone mentioned Rider Medusa the Gorgon of Fate/Stay Night-Heaven's Feel.

Merlin as Caster always have crossed my mind but if Harry summons him he will always be the target of envy and hate from those power hungry icons in the British magical world like the Ministry, Voldemort and Dumbledore. Besides Merlin is considered a God in anything Magical in Europe right? Harry will get no peace of mind as long as Merlin is by his side.

Lancelot- well wasn't he in Fate/Zero warped to be a Berserker class servant with a Mato Kariya and he was dubbed the "Black Knight". He also has bad history with Arthuria. I really don't know much about him.

Rider Medusa could be another possibility. She's a legendary Gorgon, powerful in her own ways and could possibly be a perfect match with Harry's background. It could be interesting to see this development; Possibly every Slytherin/Dark Wizard Male might lust for her though maybe even Voldemort too. She could also tame the Basilisk since they both have petrifying eyes abilities.

That same funny development of Medusa's can also happen to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. With his Love Spot on his face active, he could catch the eye of almost every female witch in England. I almost shudder to think of what would happen to those from Beaubatons that lay their eyes on him. He would be a walking "Male" Veela. Harry too might not get peace from Medusa and Zero Lancer when this eventually happens but what the two have in common that they can give to their master Harry if he gains their cooperation are their undying loyalty and at Harry's command be his strength at dire need.

They could also be some kind of figure/model to Harry too. Medusa looked at Sakura like a little sister of sorts since she had sisters of her own Steno and Erurealle (don't know how it's spelled) so she could see Harry as the little brother she never had. Diarmuid I thought had in his living past life two sons of his own and one maybe around Harry's age before he died. He could see Harry as a little brother too but from his past view Harry as another one of his sons perhaps?

Hope my reviews help and please don't let Harry be involved in a Grail War! I just want him and his servant to get through HP stories only!

I hope I and the other readers will soon see the chosen Servant soon and how it's development with Harry starts off in the next chapter!
5/6/2012 c3 Genericrandom
I really only skimmed the story, because I've read this already. Harry's been on the train and sorted more times then I want to count, and probably more then I'm able to keep count of. On that mark, you fail.

I'm also fairly certain that the command seals aren't supposed to show up until the summoning is complete... but with all of the interruptions and inconsistencies in the ritual I can kinda excuse that one.

As for who HP should summon... unless you use a catalyst, there's really only two choices. Saber or Rider Medusa. As you said, Arturia has a ton of similarities to Harry, and Saber's the most well known and potentially easiest to write. On the other hand, Saber has a ton of similarities to Harry, is hard to get to know, hard to get to warm up and would likely cause all kinds of hell for Harry if she's acting in character. Kinda like how Bloodhawk 248 did it in his story /Phase Shift/. A more interesting but similar choice I think, is Medusa who also shares a number of similarities to Harry such as abusive family and a great power acting against him all in the name of their own interests. I also think she's got just as good odds if not better at being summoned by Harry on similarities alone because that's how she was summoned by Sakura (who's circumstances reflect HP's to a large degree).

Type-Moon Merlin is a fucking troll. I don't think HP summoning him would end well for anyone but Merlin himself. Neither Herakles and Lancelot make much, if any sense to me beyond the "cool" factor of Harry summoning them. Same with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, although your points on his loyalty might be good for Harry, from what I understand of his character (keep in mind I've not read or watched Fate/Zero yet so I don't know much about his character) he's kind of a Duche. He also seems more of a servant in the usual sense and likely wouldn't inspire much of anything out of Harry, which even non-Berserker Herakles or Lancelot would manage to do. Harry would likely have a drive to become a better wizard/warrior/person around Lancelot and Herakles, I think.

But if anyone, I'd have to suggest Saber Extra. Because playing through Fate/Extra one of the things Saber does more than any other is encourage the player to be more awesome. And once you win her respect, she's lavish in her praise, very encouraging and offers a real personality counterpoint to Harry which would allow for a lot of conflict and bonding. Out of all of the servants I'm familiar with, I personally think that Saber Extra would bring the most dynamic and interesting changes to the HP verse outside of someone like Caster Merlin... but without the extreme likelihood of everyone getting trolled to death and half of Hogwarts female population turning into temporary Hermaphrodites.

But that's just my 2¢ and based on you using the Type-Moon variant of the characters rather then something more in line with the HP-verse or maybe even your own take on them.
5/6/2012 c3 10Time Hollow
Well I like how the story is going so far I noticed Harry didn't met Ron on the train so don't know i they would be friends or not.

Now then on the which servant you are going to give Harry.

I would say give him Saber Arturia like you said because like you say their similarity to each other and I think about she's the type of servant Lilly would be trying to get for Harry I mean do you think she would try to get someone like the caster from the fourth war? No I would say Give him Saber Arturia.

As or the other choices I came up with some reasons not to let Harry summon them.

I would say no the first chance I had to Merlin while as you say it could be awesome it just doesn't seem to fit harry at all so like I said have to say no to this one because it would cause to many problems for Harry.

Now then on to Herakles and Lancelot I have no problem with Lancelot as he could like you said it into the other classes and even i you keep him in the bersaker class he could still work i Harry had enough magic to control him but Herakles I believe would not it into the story well as even i he could fit into the other class but putting a Greek hero in this story just doesn't seem right but hey i you do chose him maybe you have a way to it him in there I'll just have to see.

Now then onto Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, he is the second servant I would chose because the way he is someone I could see Harry looking up to and respecting a little bit.

By the way will Harry get involved with the grail war in japan and if so which could it be the fourth one because I have yet to find a story of Harry involved with the fourth war the fifth one yes.

well there you go hope you think about what I said and cant wait to read more of your stoy!
5/6/2012 c3 Blinded in a bolthole
This far the story was pretty much step-by-step following the series.You even put the whole argument with the hat, Dumble's random comments AND the hat's song.I kinda don't know what to expect.

As for the servant...4th Heaven's Feel happens during the second year,and call of the Holy Grail can bring Harry into that bloody mess.

So if you summon him a servanthe would have to take part in the War too.

You could either involve him in the war (because he either has to go to the Church's mediator and officially leave the war,or the Grail would force him to take part) or change the timeline of Nasuverse to fit in.

If you choose the former it might be a good get-away excuse to leave dursley's behind (and possiblly end up living with Kiritsugu and Shirou), though with a master into play the grail would not summon Caster(blue-beard) and the course of the fourth war would change.

If you choose the later, Hogwarts has enough magic to sustain a heroic spirit in the world.

As for which servant:

Saber-Arturia: While I like Saber the most, out of those you considered she is also the most troublesome. There's the problem of Saber's inability to turn into spiritual form. On a side note she is the only one close to Harry's age.

Caster-Merlin: Sure it is awesome, but it is also rather cheesy. Though it is interesting to hear Merlin's comments on silliness of people who consider him a saint.

Lancer-F/Z: This guy is too knightly to be any fun. Sure Saber is knightliest of them all, but at least she has some interesting features too.

Instead of the two in 4) ( He is kind of an overkill,his character does not fit harry and if finding an artefact of him was easy the magi would have summoned him before 5th war- Herakles and or Lancelot - Lancelot is already used in another fiction and fits rather well), I like to also suggest:

Lancer (Cú Chulainn): Free-spirited, cheerful,easy-going and a skilled rune-master.

All those mentioned above (excluding Herakles of course) are heroes of Great Britain so Lily could find something of them (it does not take Avalone to summon Arturia, but that sheat would make it a sure thing) to seal inside Harry (or Harry finds in hogwarts).

Rider (Meduza):Thanks to Harry's wonderful upbringing, which was a Shinji and some worms shy of Sakura's I think he has the proper mental closeness forthat.
5/6/2012 c3 archie776
lancelot. he could teach harry weapons and instill that nothing is ever truely pure and innocent in the world.
5/6/2012 c3 blarg7865
I would say Diarmuld would be a good choice. His Gae Deaug, the anti magic spear, would be a useful weapon against other wizards and he just doesn't get enough atenttion compared to Arturia.

Also, if you do Merlin, which will you use. The one from Fate who lived 1500 years before and was half demon or the one from Harry Potter, who lived 1000 years before, was a Slytherin and was pro-muggle.
5/6/2012 c3 Home of Eternal Void
I say you should give Harry Merlin and Lancelot. I think it is always interesting to see someone with two servants. (In my opinion, it gives more path Harry can take beyond because he have enough power behind him to help him through)

Reason for each summon

Caster Merlin - Harry have just learned about the world of Magic. I think that the curiosity will attract him to summon based on magic more than any other class. Having a caster as servant will help when there is a necessity for Harry to grow more powerful. (help the plot advance) Harry, being a wizard himself, in a nation where Merlin is from... I think that is a more powerful link than anything that can relate Harry to Arturia.

Berserker (Could be a Saber too) Lancelot is a good choice in my opinion. Every year, Harry face lots of physical dangers. In times like 2nd year, a physically powerful servant like Lancelot could also be useful. I think Lancelot would be more useful than most other servants because his ability allows him to use many different things as a Noble Phantasm. (I personally want to see what would happen if Gryffindor's sword became a Noble Phantasm.) Another reason Lancelot above Arturia is because Arturia is very... businesslike. I think that such personality will not mesh in well with Harry's personality. Also I think people (coughDudleycough) is more likely to fear an intimidating person like Lancelot rather than a petite woman. (that would free up just about every summer for Harry... Free Summer + Merlin = more magic knowledge )

I was reading over few of the most recent reviews and someone mentioned prana requirement to support a berserker (and in my case, berserker/Saber and caster). I don't think Lily was ever described detailed enough as a person other than one family member and having red hair. You can change the Lily to be someone who originated from a powerful magus family (or a homunculus, if she is a runaway from Einzbern) If Harry's mother is a powerful magus and father a powerful wizard capable of animagus at age of 15, it will explain Harry's power that Voldie does not have also.

... and there are more reasons I support those two.

1)I think it will be interesting for Shirou and Arturia to "encounter" them in London if you bring them over to Harry-verse. (and I always liked Arturia x Shirou)

2) I really like Lancelot. He is a dedicated person. To betray his king for a someone else? That takes a lot of dedication. If such dedication is transferred to Harry, it will be interesting.

3) I don't think I saw many stories which features Lancelot. (I only saw one other fanfic which had Lancelot in it... and I think I read just about every cross over for Fate Stay/Night (I read fanfic about 5-6 hours a day on usual basis... and I have been reading mostly FSN for... few months now)

4) Arturia is far too much overused

5) Herakles is ... too big. Unless you make Harry into extreme talented Magus, Harry won't be able to hide Herakles from sight and... Herakles does attract attention ... especially in 1990s and London.

P.S. you can have Merlin summon Lancelot like Caster from 5th Grail War summoning Assassin.
5/5/2012 c3 Nightstone49
So far its not been what I expected after reading some other HP/FSN crossovers - however, I confess I am measuring this to one where the timeline is in a different place so the pace in which the story travels in different too.

My thoughts on the possible servants are that it would be nice to have Saber (Arturia) as Harry's summoned servant however Lancelot is also a viable option for the Saber class. What of the other Knights of the Round?

As for Merlin as Caster...its a high possibility that it would be awesome and everything but personally, chose a Class/Servant that will compliment Harry's strengths but also cover a few of his weaknesses. (Personally, a loyal servant in Saber class works for me.)

Also, how compliant is this to the Nasu-verse? If so, Saber should still be with Rin and Shirou (or does the time match better to when she served Kiritsugu and Iri?).

Have you read any of the other crossovers? A few show Harry with Arturia while one I found involves Saber/Nero (red dress). Others have Lancelot while other confirmed servants from Fate have appeared as allies (Hermione + Archer (Robin Hood) / Luna + Caster (The Green Knight)).

Also, I'd advise not choosing a hero from the Potter-verse as a servant. Merlin is fine as he goes beyond the world of Harry Potter, same with Morgana, but not someone who was created as part of the Potter-verse.

And I've taken up enough of your time, I usually don't review fanfics because I can see that the person is doing something right. But I felt that I needed to do this to offer an opinion to the choices you had open to you. I'd like to see this fic do really well, and if my help has given you some ideas to work off that improves the story, my work is done.

Kind regards,

5/5/2012 c3 Chi Vayne
My vote is for Saber.
5/5/2012 c3 54Neph Champion
I say Arturia! She is my fave Saber, though Lancelot could also work, there's already a fic like that. Though the circumstances are hugely different...

Merlin would be Epic win, but I'm not sure how that would fit, he'd probably give the magic population a sniff of disgust and start training Harry as a Magus, which would be cool...

*shrugs* I like Aturia Pendragon best, and according to the legend, Aurthur is resting in Avalon, waiting for Britain to need him again, Saber works better.

5/5/2012 c3 Atlantisatlan12
I fast my vote for saber Arturia because I fill that they would both cOmplete each other with what they both have or will experience.
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