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for The Desperate Change that Altered All

4/19/2012 c1 Animeflutist
Interesting start there: I can't wait to see how this story develops since to me it's got potential to get better in later plot developments.

Will Saber be the popular blue one from Fate/Stay Night(King Arthuria)? Yay! I think I also remember seeing a Male King Arthur Saber from a Fate/Prototype video FYI but it's fine. They didn't make a series of that; more like it's a movie collaborated summary though I can honestly say it looked rad! Even though I said Blue Saber's ok I will LOL'z big time if you use the Red Fate/Extra Saber-Nero Claudius. Can't wait!

How and when will Saber appear before Harry? Will it be earlier in Harry's miserable childhood(for instance if the Dursleys' mistreatment of Harry's get a little life threatening for magics to call Saber for help)or will it be at the start of and/or in between Harry's Hogwarts schooling years.

I beg you-please don't let there be a Grail War battle with others involved whether it be in England or Japan's own Grail War with their own plot and characters in Fate. From my point I see it as a reference to the prologue of this story to start things off. I hope it will be centered with Harry and Saber only trying to get through the HP novel's events together whether it be good or bad, thick or thin.

I know this depends on which Saber you will be picking though I think it's Blue Saber, she's pretty popular and in demand as a strong servant because she was also in Fate/Zero, the more serious series before Fate/Stay Night started. Are you going to have Saber pulled from somewhere between these two story lines when Lilly Potter was doing her ritual? Maybe the part when Fate/Zero ends and before Stay/Night starts is a good place for Saber to heed Lilly's call since the grail was destroyed in Fate/Zero by her own master none the less and she didn't get her wish, get along with Kiritsugu nor does she get to develop a compassionate side that many see developing in Stay/Night with Shirou. Hopefully it won't hamper Saber's behavior or thoughts when she's going to be eventually paired up with Harry who has no experience/talent later on.

As for Harry, I much want to see him nurture some kind of bond with Saber, the epic hero/champion his mother left him to protect him from harm and maybe guide him through life's harsh lessons. I can see this bond sprout from guardian to a respectable adult model, then a big sister/mother like figure. But...my greatest wish is to see a romantic relationship blossom later!

It could be made realized when Harry has had his fall-outs with Cho and tired of his spats with a fickle Ginny. I've never approved of his paring with either of them in the first place anyway. This way Harry can be more of a respectable adult like character and manage anything coming his direction with Saber by his side; he'll maybe be physically fit too if Saber puts Harry in a tough sword lesson regimen like she did to Shirou.

I hope my reviews help and be able to read exciting new chapters soon! :)
4/19/2012 c1 5Gilgamesh The King of Heroes
Depending on how long the time skip is I would suggest that the summoning happens by mistake Dudley is attempting to beat up Harry when he is younger
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