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for Goode Highschool for Exceptional Children

5/7 c28 Lily Tris
I loved this fanfiction so much, and I can see that you have ditched it, I was so disappointed. I was hoping that this would be the fanfic that was amazing and was completed, but no.
4/30 c10 Guest
I love your description! BTW you... Are you annabeth?
4/20 c28 Tushii
whaaat, u cant end it!
but except that simply loved it
4/20 c23 Tushii
Hii! Ik its been some time since you have updated this story. More like 2 and and half years! and i don't think you would read this but just in case...But well I simply love this story! And that teacher who told you, you dont have writing skills. WELL SHE IS VERY WRONG! You are an amazing writer! JUST AMAZING
I wish I knew in real life.
Now for this story its just
Its so damn good!
I looovee it!
I hope wherever you are u are still writing!
4/15 c4 Erim
No thialico
4/14 c28 1anaklumos28
I have found that a lot of the best authors are perfectionists like you and Starblade. I myself am also a perfectionist, which is exactly why I hate reading my writing. I hate the idea of changing something I spent so much time creating! But maybe I should spend less time creating it so I won't feel as bad when I change it?

I find it a bit bittersweet that I have made it this far and I am on the edge of a new chapter while knowing that this story hasn't been updated in a couple of years. I know you are probably older and wiser now and like "stories, who needs that baby stuff" and to that, I answer "I read fiction stories and I probably always will." I thought maybe fiction stories were a phase when I was in elementary school, but they are not, from what I understand. I mean, I always like a good autobiography, but nothing envelops me quite like a good realistic fiction story.

Well, thanks for the story, and hope you read my reviews and get something from them.
4/14 c27 anaklumos28
See, I told you Mr. Sedel was a bad guy! But, I do think that Chiron shouldn't have pushed Percy that far. Of course, it is easy to say "But Percy is not a kid, he doesn't have to follow Chiron to the letter." But schools encourage that we should follow teachers and err on the side of following them whenever we are in a dilemma. For example, sometimes my parents tell me to do stuff, and sometimes I don't agree, but I at least try to give them the benefit of the doubt and try stuff they tell me to.

I also wanted to say that I truly empathize with you when you said your mom hit you. I want you to know that her actions should not necessarily be a result of your actions and that you should always try to improve than focusing on being wrong or right. I mean I don't know a lot, but I know that it took a while to get over the anger I had at my dad for the way he treated me when I was a kid.

But enough sad stuff :D, I am excited to read the next chapter!
4/14 c26 anaklumos28
I think I liked Connor and Travis' abilities the most - it seems so cool and if fit them well since they are twins that are always hanging out together. I like that they are not even jealous of the other one when they switch abilities (although one of them too the running bit a little too far :P)

Well good thing this is a story, where Percy has a 100% chance of catching the blade before it kills Annabeth :)
4/14 c25 anaklumos28
Oh god - is Annabeth giving her nightmares to Percy now? I think it would have been cathartic for the both of them to be able to share information about their nightmares and realize that that is all they are - just dreams. But it seems like Percy's nightmares are out to get him and that really sucks; you know sometimes, something bad happens and you wish it was all a dream but it's not? I guess that's how Percy must feel. I remember in my Philosophy class, I think the TA asked us how we know if something is a dream or not and I thought "Duh, we wake up from a dream". But now that I think about it, aside from waking up from it, we don't really realize when we are in a dream. But people who Lucid Dream do know they are in a dream... Maybe I should lucid dream and find out.
4/14 c24 anaklumos28
I think I need to understand how you manage your life so well - I am an adult and even I don't have my life figured out as much as you. If I run like 5 miles, my brain gets so tired I can hardly focus on my work. I think the one thing that has helped my ADD brain is meditation - I learned this thing called Vipassana meditation and it literally changed my life from struggling in school to getting a hang of life.

The one thing I will say is that Annabeth is such a toughie that she would probably never be so cliche as to say that she would want to "build their relationship for eternity". Even the best architect knows that good things sometimes come to an end. Also, as you pointed out, they have been only together for like 2 days, so I think it is funny how Percy thinks he has found eternal love. But there is this one girl from university I can't stop thinking about. She was so pretty, intelligent, and she would never give me the time of day. I feel like she is the Reyna to my Leo. I don't know if I should message her again (I don't know how it would pan out, since I haven't contacted her for almost 1.5 years and she didn't respond when I said Happy New Years for 2020, XD)
4/14 c23 anaklumos28
God damn, sometimes I see these reviews that are like "I will find you if you don't update" and I think it says more about them they it says about you. I think they might be in an emotionally unstable state where they need the stimulation they get from a good story like yours. I don't condone it, even if I might understand it, and I actually think you handled some of the flames pretty well. I know you probably don't have any reason to read my reviews especially if there were so far away from when you wrote the story, but it would be so cool if you would just PM me on any of my reviews and be like "I have read your reviews. Now shut up for eternity." :D
4/14 c22 anaklumos28
Well, you didn't have to tell me the Legacies were bad for me to know that! They seem like the Death Eaters when Snape was Headmaster haha (I hope you have read the 7th Harry Potter book by now... ;))

Honestly, why does Luke hate Percy so much? I thought for sure Luke was spying on Percy cause he is such a slimy git (as a Weasley would probably say, haha!) I had some people who hated me like that but I just didn't talk to them too much. I was never much of a fighter.
4/14 c21 anaklumos28
That is kind of weird that you parents would leave you to go to the Bahamas! Well actually, something similar happened to me where my dad got a free trip to Cabo but only my dad and mom went because my sister had school. My mom said I could go instead of her, but to be honest, I don't really like sand that much.

I am so glad that Annabeth can sleep next to Percy! It seemed so natural of a follow-up to the chapter where she couldn't sleep Percabeth that I guess that other people figured it out too! I think lemons can ruin a story - please don't do one. Their relationship is so innocent (and they are in their freshman year of high school lmao).
4/14 c20 anaklumos28
I think your writing style is not going to win any awards for magnificence, but I also don't think you need excellent writing to write a good story. Okay, a lot of people said clairvoyance and thinking a lot, I think, and you were like "nuh uh". So here I am to tell you "uh huh". It would be so cute if Percy was the only person she could sleep next to!

Also, I wonder if her making a friend had anything to do with her house burning down? That sounds like her life really sucked! I wonder if there was some evil mastermind that likes making kids' lives miserable and he saw Annabeth making a friend and he reaches out to his flip phone and says "God dammit Peter! I told you she couldn't be happy. And what do you do? You put her in this school with a friend. I am going to kill you - but before I do, I am going to kill her parents first. Manical laugh. MANIAICAL LAUGH!"
4/14 c19 anaklumos28
I am so sorry but I have to ask why is Annabeth screaming an ability? :P Snuggles :PPP I don't think any of the hints you gave actually made us guess this, since everyone else's abilities had something to do with the canon version of their characters.

I am glad that Percy didn't open that file, because I think it would have been an intrusion of Annabeth's privacy if she didn't want him to know. But she did... So would she have been okay if Percy opened it? Why did she want Percy to see? Why is Annabeth like "Percy you can't know you poopy head" to "Only Percy can see me" the next day
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