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for Goode Highschool for Exceptional Children

3/22 c28 Guest
3/21 c4 Guest
NO. Theyna all the way
3/19 c23 EFC
Whoever wrote stuff like that to you, shame on them and I love your story, it’s great and very interesting.
3/12 c1 RayGhost11
Are you still alive ?
3/12 c28 RayGhost11
It's been 5 fucking years since you have last updated .Please I'm begging you .For the love of percabeth UPDATE
3/12 c28 RayGhost11
Where is the rest of the story
12/15/2022 c25 Guest
Hi. I don't know if u still check this but i love all ur stories just know that ur awesome remember that only the one that love u matters. U can count me as one. If is okay if u don't have time for this anymore and i love what u have wrote. Hope everything work out for u plz keep writing posted or not for yourself u r amazing! Best Wishes
11/25/2022 c28 Guest
Great story, but maybe we can get an update, pretty please!
11/23/2022 c28 6SWBWG
Please continue with this story, it's amazing. Also is Dedalus really still alive?
10/15/2022 c28 KitKattrilogy
Pretty pretty please write another chapter! This is so freaking good
9/11/2022 c4 Guest
If u dont do thalico i will come to Ur house and rip Ur hart out
9/9/2022 c28 12334thisiscool
I love your story, thanks for writing it!
8/10/2022 c23 Guest
You go girl! Tell them like you mean it!
8/9/2022 c1 Meatball
You said you are going to write! where is the other stories?
8/9/2022 c4 meatball
I think your stories are just amazing. Luv it!
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