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8/30/2018 c4 Jani.Beccharelli
I hope that some day you will decide to update your stories since I quite liked them :)
6/2/2018 c4 79YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting shame it's not been updated in years a promising story
6/1/2018 c3 YeagerMeister31
Well this is interesting so maybe Kizashi's not gonna be an ass it's just his slut of a wife
5/31/2018 c2 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting I guess why Naruto and his friends are stuck with that retard Uchiha is beyond me he deserves nothing but to DIE a SLOW PAINFUL DEATH ALONE
5/31/2018 c1 YeagerMeister31
Well this was interesting Naruto seems interesting and it seems he's wearing his Shippuden attire, the other two Hamano and Riyu seems cool I wonder what will happen when Naruto meets Sakura and will she remember him I wonder who will gain a crush on Hamano, they all seem quite advanced so can't wait for what happen next
8/31/2014 c1 Guest
Very nice so far even though I'm only 1 chapter in. My only problem with your oc's isn't even a problem with them per say as I like them so far just hoping you give naruto one or two more good jutsu would be nice :) aside from that keep up the good work I must continue reading now
5/10/2014 c4 8GlitteredCupcakes
Is this like the end? I hope not,

I like how you added two more character that and they seemed to have a really good role in the story, ( I didn't find them bothersome at all) I kinda ship Riyu and Hamano **

Loved your way of writing, specially action scenes. and also I like how you explain each jutsu at the end of the chapter :)

all in all, I loved it, I hope this wasn't the last chapter.
6/3/2013 c5 AllForHighspeed0516
I love this story, and i hope you continue this story. I'm surprised that this hasn't got more reviews.
11/28/2012 c5 sortofbored
Riyu kicks ass. Looking forward to more.
11/22/2012 c5 5kidloco
is good to read that back again, good chapter and dont wait to much, is good fanfic and the school thing was good idea(somehow i had the idea of crossover but was not lol)

11/20/2012 c5 2Zatheko
Really enjoying this story so far, look forward to more!
11/19/2012 c5 13XT3100
I am highly enjoying this. Ino getting a learning momeant was kinda needed
11/19/2012 c5 8The Keeper of Worlds
Cool:)...Can't wait for the awesome to really kick in!
11/1/2012 c4 13XT3100
I love this series! it different! I loved the twist at the end
10/28/2012 c4 sortofbored
Awesome story. Loving it so far. Looking forward to more.
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