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5/25/2012 c6 79Mettlei
Oh dear... this is just... I have no words actually...lovely, cute, funny as hell, adorable... and so on.

I absolutely love how you're writing Kanda and Lavi and...well, actually everybody, not to mention the priceless humour, you're very good at it... got me laughing and giggling-till-choking all through the six chapters.

This is a wonderful story and a wonderful storyline, the little girl is adorable (I don’t like kids though).

I really love it when Lavi is teasing Kanda, it’s so damn funny and lovely...and yeah it would be nice if someone would stumble upon Kanda peacefully sleeping there at the end of chapter six... I can imagine Lavi's face if he would see Yuu at that moment... hehe, sorry I tend to get carried away, all I wanted to say was that you're great and I’ll be waiting for an update :)
5/24/2012 c6 7Stella Rose-chan
I promised myself not to read anymore fanfics tonight because I REALLY need to study...but that was so cuuuuute!

It seems like Kanda is starting to get used to her.

And was it just your birthday? because if it was then happy belated birthday!

I hope you update again soon. n_n
5/24/2012 c6 Lady of Black Millennium
Awww that was cute.

What does gaki mean?
5/23/2012 c6 6marufu-chan
What a cute ending, keep up the great work! n.n
5/23/2012 c6 4romeoandcinderella
Oh god! This is probably the most adorable story I've ever read. Plus, my name is Claudette so... Hohoho
5/22/2012 c6 2sammi117
awwww that was so cute haha a whale named Lavi and a dragon nicknamed Moyashi, that was cute! love this chapter! cant wait for more!
5/22/2012 c6 Death-Sama01
XD she put the big bad Yuu-chan to sleep, when is lavi coming back from his mission DX
5/15/2012 c5 7Stella Rose-chan

If I were Claudette, I'd try to play with Lavi

*cough cough* but that's just me.

At least Kanda won't get beaten by purses now.
5/14/2012 c5 Lady of Black Millennium
X-X This is a dead face cause I just died from laughter.

I was wonderin does claudette know kanda's name?

Keep up the amazin work

can't wait 4 the chapter :)
5/13/2012 c5 1D.GrayManGRL
Lol At this rate he's never going to get rid of her.
5/13/2012 c5 Deeb
lol I find if funny that Claudette doesn't like Lenalee.
5/13/2012 c5 6marufu-chan
What a cute chapter! Keep up the great work! n.n
5/13/2012 c5 2sammi117
*snickers* i love Claudette, she really knows how to mess with Kanda. love this chapter! cant wait for the next one!
5/2/2012 c4 20Shadow Silvertongue
I love it! Please write more! Claudette is soooo cute! ^_^
5/2/2012 c1 Eternal Flame296
I like this story. Its funny! How is it gonn be a romance story tho?
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