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for Super Robot Wars: Untold Saga

10/22/2019 c8 darkfirelord6506
so basically

Rei: suprise mother fugger
8/15/2015 c8 Jacob9594
Now that was funny
8/15/2015 c7 Jacob9594
Looks like Shinji has bonded with Sestuna
8/15/2015 c6 Jacob9594
Now that was an intense battle between Jason and Sestuna
8/15/2015 c5 Jacob9594
Now that was a great bonding chapter
8/15/2015 c1 Jacob9594
Loved the prologue.
8/15/2015 c4 Jacob9594
Good chapter. This looks good for an met crossover story.
4/29/2012 c1 2rabbitt773
Sorry, no Getter Robo or Mazinger, the reason being I haven't watched either show so I doubt I'd be able to portray the characters effectively. As for what you've said about Gundam 00, I didn't really think about possible incompatibilities. Then again none of the current cast are trying to start conflicts (Gurren Lagann was more self defense and trying to free the people) although it may have an impact when I start bribing in other series (e.g Macross, OG) Where the characters are actually emPloyed as soldiers.
4/28/2012 c1 2SpartanCommander
THis will be interesting especailly since the Gundam 00 guy's are just as likely to attack the other super robot guy's as well.

Won't they be supprised that if they pick a fight with the Gundam wing guy's that they are very much outmatched, (Even with out their Gundam's their much better trained and actually know how to use their hand to hand weapons to maximum effect instead of using the large swords like knives.

I hope you have the Getter Robo guy's and the Mazingers. Those are awesome.

Although considering how Gundam 00 does things they are just as likely to attack both sides in a conflict as they are supporting once side if either continue to fight when they arrive...that sort of limits your ability to get allies but if the the 00 Gundam's actually prove to be very innefectual to what their fighting it may give them enough humility to actually aid the good guys than attacking everyone. After all their entire plan comes from a scientist that died years ago and the plan is likely very much out of date and relys solely on how superior Gundams and those energy generators they have for an advantage.

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