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2/3/2014 c13 rori fan
Que gran historia has planteado es muy interesante y bonita me gusta mucho como haces que interactuen robbie y tori sigue asi y continua la historia pronto and rori is the best
2/2/2013 c13 Guest
Update update update update
1/19/2013 c13 61Jonathan 81
Im glad to see more of this! Hurry up with the next part!
1/19/2013 c13 7SuperNeos2
You can always count on Andre to defuse a situation
1/19/2013 c13 3xRaysxMyxWayx
This was a great chapter :D, hope you update soon again
12/4/2012 c12 gunner
dam good
12/4/2012 c4 gunn
cool beans
10/18/2012 c12 7SuperNeos2
Oh yay they kissed!
10/18/2012 c12 Guest
LOVE IT! all the scenes with RORI were so cute they made me say "Aww" out loud reading it :) can't wait for the next chapter
Sarah X
10/17/2012 c12 Anonymoose101
This is a really cute moment, thanks for the update :))
9/30/2012 c11 61Jonathan 81
Sorry I didn't get to this until now. It was a great read, and I loved Robbie looking at tori in her bathing suit. Nice one!
9/24/2012 c11 7SuperNeos2
Can't wait for major Rori moments
9/24/2012 c11 Anonymoose101
Seriously I cannot wait for the next chapter. Thank you so much for updating this story!
9/7/2012 c10 SuperNeos2
Why do I feel like the beach is gonna be trouble?
9/4/2012 c10 61Jonathan 81
i like that tori continues to show her concern for robbie. him needing a friend like tori is going to help him a great deal get over rex. nice update.
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