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2/24 c30 Beelzebubba
I tapped out on chapter 30. I'm a fan of the slow burn, and the author clearly has put a lot of thought into the wizarding world. I enjoy the idea of making Sirius a dedicated parent and pointing out the absurdity of Dumbledore's actions.


I keep waiting for tension. This is one problem solved after another. Voldemort and his Death-Eaters wouldn't stand a chance. And now there's all-powerful Harry, with none of the flaws of adolescent Harry.

I would have hung in there. But chapter 30 and the cringey sex-ed lesson. No one would ever in a million years share those thoughts with children. And just about every male character who isn't in a known-by-canon relationship turns out to be gay. So this is starting to feel political.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's a side of the Harry Potter universe I simply don't have an interest in reading.
2/15 c69 MRGwrites
nearly 70 chapters in...what a waste.
2/15 c68 MRGwrites
and it was such a food story.
2/15 c63 MRGwrites
if a man treated a woman the way Tonks is treating Remus it would be SH at the least.
2/8 c82 rak87nyc
may I just say kudos to you for being one of the few to correct what I am pretty sure JK got wrong in canon, if the spells come out in reverse order, james should not come out first saying hold on your mother wants to see you or whatever it was... either way love this story, read it multiple times before... thankfully the length prevents too many rereads so I can still enjoy it and be surprised... for a while I was sure barty was polyjuiced as filch since I remember one story where that happened but obviously it wasnt this one, hell even the is it sue or hannah question had me stumped for a second but if I go to reread other great stories for the umpteenth time i start to remember whats gonna happen next
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/22 c82 2HetaPhiPuffPrincess
Ummm the causal way u just turned poor colin creevy and his brother into sexual assaulters is ruthless and brutal, my God. Just why, why was this need ?
1/22 c77 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
I have legit chills reading this, u are a phenomenal writer! I am in awe of how much passionnu have instilled into this Fic its like Magic.
1/17 c52 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
So u are getting rid of Tonks and Remus thats a tad sad but understandable
1/16 c46 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
Im not crying, your crying! Oh my gawd reading this just makes u realize how half assed JK wrote the HP series and i appricate ur throughness and also the dedication to Harry. He will never be alone and that’s beautiful.
1/15 c37 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
Ok i love you , and i love your story. But have u ever heard the term Information Overload? U rehash thought process threw differnt arguments as if it was not previously thought or said. Alot of your conversations and dialouge and some inner dialuge could be considered infered informationZ meaning common sense would tell us thats the facts just through context. Like im
Pretty sure we are gonna have to hear this same information and thiughts but frim
harry or Neville having the same conversations coming up. And hosntoy that unnecessary writing. Thats why somehow almost half way through we still havent even got to Hogwarts or the main meat and potatoes of the story. Because u are constnatly rehashing the same info. I know the story is done but perhaps for future refrence. Remember this is fan fiction and none of this is literal. U dont need to over explain a concept , theory or efen underatanding. Until you have made it ao the simplest of aimpletoins can understand. I want to enjoy a good retelling of HP and a different perspective and take on how things could have gone. I didnt ask to be mentally challeneged and overrot with unnecessary thought processes. Especially when as i said it would be common sense. Jsut write the story . But beyond that, fabulous story and I am enjoying mysef.
1/11 c87 7TiffersStar1989
OMG LOVE this story! It is the most prefect way for padfoot to take care of harry and make sure he has the best world to live in moving forward.
1/11 c9 2HetaPhiPuffPrincess
Ok come through with the Just and parental Sirius i am LIVING! This storynis Giving what should have been given originally and i am HERE for it!
1/4 c30 Guest
Barty is a deranged nut, maybe he didn't actively torture Frank and Alice but he was the one who got the Death Eaters through the wards and I can only imagine the horror of the Longbottoms in the last sane moments of their lives knowing that their baby was in the hands of the maniacs who were torturing them.

Barty might not have been casting Crucio curses but he bypassed security and helped the attackers take the Longbottoms by surprise and then he did nothing to stop them doing hideous things to their victims. He was no better than Peter leading enemies into his friends' home.
1/3 c2 Guest
Sirius should have got the warrant for Buckbeak's execution revoked as soon as he takes effective control of the government.
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