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2/24 c87 JuliusMD
thank you for writing A Marauder's Plan
2/23 c19 Kaylen.b4444
I’m so mad that it took me so long to read this! I kept starting this story but could never get past the first 2 chapters (I know, I was impatient) but now I’m obsessed! I love HP fics with family magic and I’ve never read one like yours
2/21 c73 JuliusMD
why does Harry need Sirius help with his hair?
2/20 c2 8IfIOnlyWereAWeasley
Again with the details! It’s like we’re there with him; I just adore how you write about the places he goes.

I also loved how respectful he was to Buckbeak and how intelligent Buckbeak is.

Speaking of intelligent-his rules for Kreacher are so well done! I was really excited that he lead with laying down the ground rules for him-no careless mistakes here! I also enjoyed him earning Kreacher’s begrudging respect.

The intricacies of the magic that you’ve created for this fic are already so impressive. I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into this with you.

Sirius not wanting to take up the mantle of Head of the Black Family but fully committing to it for Harry’s sake just…he’s what Harry deserves. I’m just going to keep saying it because it’s so true. Harry is so selfless and always puts others before himself. It’s high time he had someone who puts him-not the war, HIM-first.

I literally wrote “letter from baby Reggie” in all caps in my notes. I’m just so excited that Sirius finally gets to know about his brother’s sacrifice. I won’t get on my Regulus soapbox right now, but even his memory deserved better. I really appreciated how you made Regulus’s voice so distinct from Sirius’s. It’s also so true to how I feel he would actually think. Also, I loved his little jab at Sirius amidst what he knew could well be his last letter. I just love him.

The final thing I wrote in my notes wasMOONY”. Can’t wait to see him!

Loved this chapter! Thanks for sharing!
2/20 c1 IfIOnlyWereAWeasley
Okay, first of all, having Sirius go to the Potter’s house has the same vibes as driving on autopilot and automatically starting to drive home when you haven’t lived there in years, and it makes my heart hurt. And can we talk about “where else was there to go when there was nowhere else to go but home” like okay, just go ahead and take my heart now. Jesus. What a line.

The details in this fic are just impeccable. The description of the house before and the flower boxes versus how it looks currently just makes me emotional. This is brilliant.

Along the same vein, Sirius talking to Lily and James is so genuine. He’s been unable to experience genuine grief under the dementors for so many years, watching him finally get to express that is so heart-wrenching. This whole chapter was so emotional for me, apologies for being a complete mess in your comments.

“He shook himself as though he was Padfoot” I love this little detail!

I’m just already so obsessed with this. Harry and Sirius deserved each other. The entire HP series is just incredible to me now, because Harry is a CHILD. He needed an adult who was genuinely on his side, who wanted him to get to be a KID and didn’t look at him like he was the solution to the war. Sirius deserved love, a family, a chance to redeem himself in his own eyes, and the chance to be Harry’s godfather. Not to mention, Sirius is so hard-headed in canon and was abused himself! It was always so hard for me to believe that he wouldn’t have taken one look at Harry and done whatever it took to give him the loving home that he deserved.

So excited to read your fic! Thanks for sharing!
2/20 c1 katscyborgs
I so look forward to reading this after I finish my current fic! What an interesting premise!
2/19 c87 5thinker0
Really interesting ride. And the in depth look at the characters was amazing.
2/19 c53 1BohemianVoldemort
Minor correction: Air isn't fuel for a fire. Oxygen intensifies a flame, but it itself is not flammable. Without a fuel (usually a carbon source to oxidize) a fire cannot occur.

Chem major here.
2/16 c87 Ashxsloan
This was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever read.
2/13 c49 taxzombie
It always amazes me when a simple collection of words manage to touch my heart. It doesn't happen that often so perhaps that is why I am still amazed. A prime example is the following -
"I am attempting to do better, Lily." Severus whispered into the stillness of the room.
A faint scent filled the air and had him whirling around in shock.
Lilies. He could smell…
That Severus, a character I have no love for receives a momentary signal that he is on the path of redemption touched me. Those three sentences reached out to me and had me reaching for the kleenex. Well done, I say again, well done.
2/12 c53 JuliusMD
why weren't the eggs charmed to be unbreakable by thr dragon handlers?
2/11 c87 SumNumb3rs
This is probably the best written and most interesting HP story I've ever read. I love a well written Harry and Sirius story. I like how you didn't take any short cuts - jumping time or summarizing - just to move the story along. We were present for all the action, big and small. We got to see how Harry and Sirius got to know each other and become father and son and learn to deal with everything together. There's so much I love about this story and could go on and on, but I don't have time. Just know, I think you are a very talented writer!
2/6 c13 JuliusMD
did the longbottoms go to the time bubble?
2/5 c9 JuliusMD
building alliances sounds like marriage contracts.
2/3 c63 mike3308
I'm glad Remus and Tonks are about to start a relationship.
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