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for A Marauder's Plan

10/19 c69 Guest
10/18 c29 Bosmer1701
this depiction of Ginny is so fucking stupid.
10/9 c84 kreintoray
Well, this story had some brilliant moments. About one percent of this huge text was very good. But overall, I'm so dissatisfied that I won't read the epilogue.
10/9 c72 kreintoray
I'm sick of Wormtail's split personality. I will kill them! But I will help them. AND I'LL DESTROY THEM! And then I'll help.
10/9 c61 kreintoray
From about the fortieth chapter, it became very boring and wordy. And it gets worse.
10/2 c34 morgannac64
I love the details of all Harry's forms
10/1 c22 ArachnidHiveMind
Honestly I sometimes hate the complete rehash of story from Snapes perspective that a lot of stories use. But it’s kinda necessary given just how many different interpretations of Snape there are
10/1 c1 LuciMoon
I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED this story! You are a brilliant writer!
9/28 c27 Guest
When the heirs swore fealty I got up from the bed I was reading on,did a dance and in my head screamed,GO POTTER!YAY FOR HARRY!

Lunathemoonwatcherthedawnlover (aka the reading,writing fanatic.)
9/30 c18 ArachnidHiveMind
The butchered and bastardized Latin that is “familius magicus” and all it’s variations is killing me more than normal spells butchery. (I’ve studied and learned the language for years, and while I’m not fluent, I know enough to get by in translating things)
9/29 c17 morgannac64
bertie mentions two rituals that may involve Harry but they are never mentioned again until after a key step is found out, way too late to do anything proactive.
9/27 c40 Guest
the song was brilliant.
9/25 c87 daphnie
Love love love this story! My heart goes for Sirius. He is such a good dad! Sequel or not, I hope he'd find some companion of his own too! I must admit I'm a little bummed that Hermione had a relatively minor role in all this, but I get it. Thank you very much for this marvellous story
9/22 c87 S
I don't know how to express my feelings about this story. Therefore I will use emojis -️️️️️️️️️️️️️️. I kind of got impatient and read too fast. More skimmed than savored in places. I think I'm going to go back to the beginning of the story and read it again. Because I really did enjoy it especially how Sirius and Harry found and healed each other. Thank you. I can understand that it took for years, it was quite an undertaking.️
9/22 c73 daphnie
This wedding thing is bloody annoying! Don't know why they are so indulgent on tonks given the security risk. Argh I really really don't like this Tonks. While it takes two to tango, I can't help but feel she took advantage of Remus when is was vulnerable and at a low point.
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