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for A Marauder's Plan

9/22 c72 daphnie
Sparkly vamps eh! Lmao
9/19 c43 daphnie
Ron is a prat. Gah. I wish they'd stop being friends so I can get my blood pressure under control. Lol
9/16 c85 Guest
That was one of, if not the best, ways Wormy paid for his crimes, that I've ever read.
9/15 c79 Guest
Well Tom you can give up on breathing through a nose, mostly cause you don't have one.
9/10 c87 personal.nbhutoria
One word : BRILLIANT absolutely BRILLIANT
9/5 c87 925member
One word—Stunning. I mean, in all honesty, one word is too little to describe the breadth of emotions you captured.

I've always struggled with actually bringing a story to close, being able to find that perfect balance of story, character development, and emotion. But surprisingly enough, your fic stayed surprisingly true to source material, while creating a whole 'nother, captivating plotline.

Regardless, I hope others also get into this, like I did. Thanks for the great read!
9/3 c87 AdventuresofKate
I will admit there were times I was literally screaming at the characters out loud like they could hear me lol which to me is a mark of great writing. I was wholly invested in the characters and the overall story line. Thank you so much for writing this and posting it! I will definitely be checking more of your stories. Hope the best for you and yours!
9/2 c87 william488
Wonderful story so glad I found it. you had me crying, laughing out loud, wishing and cheering. thankyou.
9/2 c17 Urutiyori
This story: ️
9/2 c19 babybooboolicious
Why did you have to go and make me cry. Such a beautiful chapter! Well done.
8/28 c87 Hilgendorf
This is by far the best fanfic of Harry Potter that I've read and I've read a lot of them. I feel it brings the heart back into the stories and really brings the characters to life. I would say for me I feel I enjoyed this fanfic more than OG Harry. Thanks for a great read!
8/29 c1 LadyKirsten
I keep coming back to this story and profile in hopes of finding more. it's a wonderful story. I keep dreaming of the next part. please come back and continue this
8/16 c78 IloveHeat
I come back to this story time and time again. Parts of it actually affect my dreams sometimes. The conversation between Harry and Lily is beautiful. This is really one of the most well written stories ever. Once again I thank you.
8/12 c87 K
An absolutely brilliant story, and one that is extremely well written. I have had a lot of very enjoyable hours reading it. Thank you for your imaginative efforts.
8/14 c87 tothesea
This story has been stunning.

I've read hundreds of stories across the years, and this is the one I am saddest about having come to an end. It's so beautifully written, in how the storylines are interwoven, in the details which culminate across the chapters, in the characters who are so realistically portrayed, and in the deep emotion you've managed to capture throughout this story.

I've never written a review before, but this story has had me reading into the earliest hours of morning, had me crying, had me overjoyed. Truly, it was an honour to read.
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