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for A Marauder's Plan

8/10 c58 K
Four stockings and five names! Otherwise a brilliant story.
8/1 c21 2Alexia Colette
Dumbledore still hasn’t learned…. Well, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
7/29 c87 Elisay
This is, without a doubt, by far the best Harry Potter story I've ever read, and i have read A LOT of them. Absolutely astounding piece of work, the quality equals if doesn't trump that of a lot of the officially published books these days.
The storyline is incredibly logical, characters are surprisingly human, the language is a joy to read, it made me laugh and cry and feel so so many things, and I can't thank the author enough for this gem.
Really hope they are doing great in life right now and wish there were mories stories created by them that i could absorb and disappear in for a while.
An absolute must-read!
7/26 c10 Tweetie Bird
Yes! Please do knock some sense into that old coot.
7/26 c9 Tweetie Bird
This makes me smile
7/26 c8 Tweetie Bird
Yay! They can all live together now!
7/26 c7 Tweetie Bird
"What five galleons?" Really Sirius . You know exactly which five galleons
7/25 c4 Tweetie Bird
Yessssssss. Power duo.
7/25 c2 Tweetie Bird
This makes me wish Reggie was still alive
7/23 c87 Guest
very good story
7/22 c19 2SpSt
this is getting very interesting!
7/22 c8 SpSt
this chapter got me right in the feels.
7/22 c3 SpSt
the opening chapters are marvelous. great chapter 3 that really answers the "where was Remus" plothole in the books
7/21 c87 18PowerfulShieldBella
Omg please write a sequel this is amazingly written
7/19 c87 Reviewer guy 433
my only qualm about this story is that it is now over, excellent work
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