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for A Marauder's Plan

5/12/2012 c4 31monbade
good story, update soon please. hoping they get harry away from the dursleys real quick

5/9/2012 c4 Spring Raine
I don't think I'd trust the unspeakables to destroy the horcruxes. I think they'd be more inclined to studying them, possibly for decades, then just destroying them. I think they should talk to Harry about how he destroyed the diary and then get another fang from the bassilisk in the Chamber.

I loved this chapter. I'm not sure Sirius freaked out as much as I would have in the same circumstanced. One of the first things they should do is talk to him about not holding back on his magic and his intelligence any longer.
5/8/2012 c4 2ConvictedDreamer
This story is really interesting so far. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
5/7/2012 c4 Lollypops101
great story! i really like the stories where sirius breaks away from dumbledore and takes control of harry's life. will this be harry/ginny? i hope so! that is my favorite ship. please update soon! i can't wait to see what changes sirius is going to make!
5/6/2012 c4 17Sammy1985
Loved it, it's sensible and believable. Can't wait for more.
5/5/2012 c3 22Katzztar
I still don't trust Dumbles, not since he is effectively turning a blind eye to an abused child. By knowing and doing nothing, it makes him accessory to the abuse itself.

Glad to hear how mcuh Remus tried to apporach Harry. Makes me really want to slap Dumbles ...and salp him again for thinking he could twll Sirius not to contact Harry.

That makes him seem much less inocent and more sinister.
5/5/2012 c4 58Vinsmouse
I suppose this means Albus' mother never gave him the advice my own mother gave me to wit: Never assume as it makes an ass out of you and me. ;)

Wonderful update,proud of Sirius. It must have been difficult resisting the urge to go curse Dumbledore as Remus was recapping Harry's first two years. Lovely to see the plan coming together and with a hint like the Fudge prank I really can't wait for the next bit.

5/5/2012 c4 4The-Girl-Who-Dreamed
5/5/2012 c4 10J.F.C
Still awesome, hope you update soon.
5/5/2012 c4 10Harry Albus Potter Dumbledore
More, please, more, I'm starting to become addicted to this story.
5/5/2012 c4 2Deby Magid
good chapter

hope they do something soon and not just plan.

and the harry gains confidence tobe a proper wizard
5/5/2012 c4 13Silverfawkes
Delightful chapter. I am looking forward to where you are going with this.
5/5/2012 c4 Lupinesence
Great chapter, I think Sirius took that all rather well really :) I love hearing both Remus and Sirius reasoning things out and their future plans cos let's face it Dumbledore would not be helping them.
5/5/2012 c4 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great review of Harry's life so far (and a bit of Sirus' as well). I like that they have formed some very good theories about what is happening and how to counter them. Thanks for sharing!
5/2/2012 c3 HIfromme
Sirius is not going to be happy when he hears of Harry's insane adventures
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