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11/7/2018 c10 ateam123
I like the story. She needs to stop beating herself up though because he cheated too
3/7/2013 c19 Guest
Love the story..
12/23/2006 c19 8Peanut16
Yay Happily ever after... I still like Babefics better but considering that was definatly a cupcake it Rocked! :D

7/11/2006 c1 5beatrice65
I know it isn't new, but I love it!
7/5/2006 c19 Cinderella
Great story. Love the Cupcake ending.
6/24/2006 c19 ttt
great story
9/7/2005 c1 11The Catastrophe Waitress
I agree with one of your other reviewers - thats depressing. Its a great story and all (really good actually, i'm jealous) but please please please if you do one like this again, put a warning if its a "Cupcake" or a "Babe" story! ok, thats the only critisism. I love the "OMIGOD! our baby is deformed!" part. classic! -x-
8/27/2005 c19 Pacific Shadow
That's damn depressing. :(
1/1/2005 c19 Tay
it was amazing i really wish i hadnt heard of steph getting old though she will always be really young to me i cant wait to read more of your storys
7/12/2004 c11 53PTBvisiongrrl
I was really interested in reading this- there are so few SP stories out there. I think that you have some great lines in here that are very true ot JE's style and the character. but there are some inconsistancies that you might want to work on if you edit this. The hospital stay- the 2 days out cold- just isn't realistic. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
5/23/2003 c19 29Avonlea Sawyer
Loved it. It went a little fast, but it had some GREAT parts. I love the fact that Ranger came after her, but I also take the Ranger side in "When Superheroes Fall." If you're interested, please, look at it. Loved your story. It was kind of like looking in a window and watching a life unfold. Good writing. Keep it up.

2/26/2003 c19 1JMJV
hey great story! i love the ending, its rather satisfying to hear what happens to everyone
2/22/2003 c19 Lady of the Lilacs
*sighs* that was a good story. You ended it with some really good closure, too. It was quite eventful. Obviously, that's not what really happened, but who cares, it was good! I'm glad to see some Stephanie Plum stories out, there isn't enough of them.
10/19/2002 c19 2miss emtoo
Oh Wow! That was awesome! Keep up the great work! So great to see a Stephanie Plum fic :P
5/29/2002 c7 6Runafreja
I liked the lines,"Son? How do you know it's a boy? What happens if she's a girl?"

"Well, if she's a girl I'll teach her out to shoot a gun and drive a car. And, I guess, we will have to buy another cookie jar."

Hehe. This story gets better and funnier by the minute. How about Steph ending up with twins, a girl and a boy?
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