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6/12/2017 c2 39Sunnyflight170
jeese, what person would design their bathroom that way?! that sounds terrible
7/19/2012 c6 9Oncie's Sweetheart
This chapter both creeps me out and scares me...
I liked it.
5/18/2012 c8 12bedazzled-bat
Aww. Warm fuzzies all around! This is a much nicer way to end than with poor Oncie exiling himself, haha. The thought of the Wiggins and Audrey becoming friends with him will never fail to make my insides melt (In a good way, o' course)

Lovely fic, Took! C: Very lovely! /Applause
5/16/2012 c8 24ectoaceinspace
This was makes me smile so much. I love the idea of Once-ler finally starting to forgive himself after all this time. We are all our own worst enemies in a lot of ways, in the way that Once-ler could hold such a grudge against himself. Beautiful story and I loved every minute of reading it!
5/15/2012 c7 3nevercallmesane
Well this is amazing, the last two chapters are especially my favorite. You really know how to bring out the pain Once-ler's feeling, it's great.
5/15/2012 c2 5ItIsAllInMyHead
I love this one!

Though the Ending Scares me:0

Poor Oncie!
5/14/2012 c7 12bedazzled-bat
Awww, poor Oncie. Golly, he's a pathetic little wretch, ain't he? So much hurt endured by one guy can't possibly be healthy.

Your writing is gorgeous, as always. :,) You have such a way with words. And the setting is so atmospheric. You've got such a talent for setting a tone, and setting it so solidly that the whole real world just melts away. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, no matter how small it may turn out to be!
5/14/2012 c7 24ectoaceinspace
I have tears pricking my eyes on this one. It's very sweet and sad at the same time. I've been hearing about Once-ler's mom being the secretary but I haven't seen the clip of him walking in a while so I haven't been able to see for myself. Anyways, great chapter and I'm looking forward to the conclusion!
5/10/2012 c6 ectoaceinspace
LOVED it! This was wonderfully done and I'm looking forward to the final chapter and anything else you cook up! I feel as if you portrayed the corrupted side of Once-ler very well. Someone who gets what they want with ease. =)
5/8/2012 c5 12bedazzled-bat
AWWW, I love Ted and old!Once-ler shenanigans. So much. ;w; Your writing is so nice and chill, especially for this scene. It's just such a comfy, cozy little moment. I imagine it would be pretty mindblowing for Ted to see stars for the first time, haha
5/7/2012 c5 24ectoaceinspace
Great chapter! I positively love the Ted/Once-ler grandson/grnadfather type relationship. And old ONce-ler is my favorite of the three shown ages of Once-ler's life. Old once-ler has to be the most adorable old person in the history of old people. ^^ Looking forward to the last 2 chapters!
5/6/2012 c4 41Gremblin
aww those are all really cute. I especially like this last one, where he's talking to Melvin. Once-ler's so adorkable.

Great job with these!
5/4/2012 c4 24ectoaceinspace
I really like this story!
4/28/2012 c3 ectoaceinspace
NORMALER FTW! Loved this one. ^^ Looking forward to more, and hopefully more Normaler. =)
4/24/2012 c2 randomgirl
*gasp* Once-ler! I must know if you are alright! Nevermind the fact that you are already shown to have grown to old age, I MUST KNOW YOU ARE ALRIGHT!
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