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9/9 c1 BrookeEffyJames
Okay so I know it’s genuinely been years since you wrote this but I felt like I needed to leave a comment on the off chance you check your notifications still. I come back to this fic (and all of your others) every single time I rewatch passion and I swear to god it’s the only thing that gives me the closure I need lmao. Every time I read it I’m so so impressed with how perfectly you nail every single character’s voice and every scenario is just absolutely perfectly written. I’ll most definitely be doing the rounds on all of your other wonderful fics but this one is my all time favourite fanfics out there and honestly the only thing I’ve read that gives Jenny Calendar the love she deserves!
4/8/2014 c1 Guest
This is beautiful. I like the way the sections are written chronologically backwards instead of starting at the point of canon divergence. Reading the death first, it somehow seems less sad when you read about the rest of their lives afterwards.
5/2/2012 c1 PassionNotObsession
That was beyond fantastic. I love the style in which it was written. I wish this had happened!
4/28/2012 c1 7Blessed Lunatic
I'm pretty sure I've read this before somewhere? But it's now added to my favorites. LOVE this. So much. It's a perfect set of little glimpses into what their life together could have been. It's bittersweet and beautiful. You've made it very realistically them...the bickering (sometimes good-natured, sometimes most definitely not), the teasing, the humor, the love in a very intense but somewhat...quiet...sort of way...they're not prone to mushiness or wordy sap. With them, a look says more than anything else, and that's very hard to convey in writing. You did an excellent job of getting them right. :o)
4/27/2012 c1 18the sceptical muppet
So sad and so fabulous and I absolutely love it. She should have gotten to live these moments...
4/23/2012 c1 125Malvolia
I enjoyed these snippets of could-have-beens, and the reverse chronological order just adds to the punch. I am curious as to whether there is any significance to the pages marked in the Ishiguro novel, and which novel it was. I can see Giles reading Ishiguro in the times he ever got around to novels. I like the references to the father-daughter relationship that Giles and Buffy have, and the bit with Spike giving Giles and Jenny unsolicited advice was great.
4/22/2012 c1 23a2zmom
This is amazing. I wish this is what had happened. Each section is short, but says so much. I can easily envision the life they would have had.

Section 4 is my favorite. Jenny would have had to make a lot of sacrifices, no doubt about it.

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