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8/30 c1 JustSomeNoodles
STOP THIS. STOP WRITING SO AMAZINGLY MY HEART CANNOT HANDLE IT (jk this was such a splendid read thank you so much) This is likely my favourite Detective Conan fanfic.

Every character was just *chef's kiss*. So well written, so nuanced and so, so entertaining to read.

Thank you so much for writing this.
4/24 c29 1Feeling Schadenfreude
Okay so- amazing story and omakes. I haven't slept since I've started binging this lmao. Absolutely wonderful story. The only thing I'd say in criticism would be in regards to grammar mistakes, especially with apostrophes and homophones, occasionally other things such as commas or strange clauses but apostrophes and homophones especially (ex. plurals, or their/there/they're). Other than that, the story was amazing, the plot was interesting and left me hooked all the way through, the pacing was great (even when you shifted to less exciting scenes, they were still important and well done enough to keep me wanting to keep on reading), the different POVs were well done (especially the criminals, LOVED those, you did totally outstanding on that part), the chapters were a satisfying length, not too long or too short... Very great story, very entertaining, well written, and really the only thing I can say in criticism would be in regards to grammar. I enjoyed this the entire way through and it kept me entertained for almost 100k words, and that is very much appreciated.

Loved this, thanks for writing it~

Probably gonna have to come back and reread it someday...
4/23 c12 Feeling Schadenfreude
Okay I was gonna just wait to comment until the end but I just gotta say- wow. All the different POVs have been wonderful, and you've gotten the different people down pretty good, but this criminal dude is just so wonderfully written. You really got into that mindset well, I think. Amazingly well done. Loving this story so far :)
8/14/2021 c30 xellos-sore-wa-himitsu-desu
this is really good, I usually look for stories that are more character interaction moments with a more... uninvolved(?) case but this is a real gem (it does have a lot of conan and takagi character interactions which is what I was looking for, but the case was very engaging, I was on the edge of my seat when the last day came lol)

I loved the puppy analogy by the way, I don't really get why puppy would be lame when they're already calling him kitten though.
6/7/2020 c30 ForestShadeau
Thanks for the hard work loved the story _
4/24/2020 c28 10JOtakuAnime
Oh wait... IT WAS TAKAGI xD I didnt realize...
4/24/2020 c28 JOtakuAnime
4/24/2020 c22 JOtakuAnime
But I guess that's out of the question by his response... or is it?
4/24/2020 c22 JOtakuAnime
Oh my God, I just thought of something.. what if the 'man' is actually just Vermouth xD
4/24/2020 c17 JOtakuAnime
10/15/2019 c26 GriffindorARMY
your story so awesome to the point I get stomachache...too nervous
10/15/2019 c15 GriffindorARMY
aahhh...totally forget about the reception problem..jeez
10/15/2019 c15 GriffindorARMY
your story so awesome to the point I can't stay still due nervousness...jeez
10/15/2019 c14 GriffindorARMY
jeez this is frustating. I feel like want to choke that Lion to death...your stories is awesome by the way. the character really evil. I've been wondering why not they use spare track glasses that Haibara keep..hmmm...wonder
6/25/2019 c28 BreathingMagic
WOW, what a fantastically well written story! Absolutely loving it - and Takagi so deserved the truth! And a perfect happy ending as well. Vermouth's input was such a gem - though I was shouting 'Shit shit shit' for a while once I realized you were sending the children to that damn house. Gripping, my friend! Really gripping! And just the right and believable amount of whumpntoo, lol. Thank you so much for this story!
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