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6/15/2012 c4 3mw3fan
To the king of just lost other guy
6/1/2012 c4 31Corration
This story has potential, but probably entering quotes as themselves and not part of the paragraphs will really make this story flow along. I like the plot being set up, but more characterization and gaps need to be filled. Probably, a chase scene could be described as Blu being saved by some miracle, like marmosets jumping on branches and then fruit fall that hit Jewel's head, aiding Blu's escape. Or something like that.

As I said, good plot that has a lot of potential. Peace out, and may the ideas flow inside to finish this story

5/10/2012 c3 34qtqt3q4
KOW you keep on trolling like a little Mcasshole stop it its fuckin nnoying and takes up the space and what kind of butt-fucked up story whe hve here KOW? I NEVER been owned you pussy! lets see see we have a... hu a agy story, with.. WTF! nuke town.. too much black ops.. uhhmmm. some fuckin birds,nature,ded guy?... uhmmm... a black hole which is you anyways... ownage mistakes... us rapes world... some fuckin japanese guy... and the gayest fanfic ever:

happy birthday to me

im a hunderd and three

i still go to preschool

and i play with mommy!

my mom is at work

she fired a jerk!

she hired a monkey

to do my homework!

my monkey is dead

his last name was fred

the last time i saw him

was on top my bed!

end: (cont.) and im too awesome for you KOW:

. ... they found bodies...

WHO? put them with the pile

19.* nija crashes through window* say your last words punk!

*kick in grioin*

i have a groin of steel

20. guess what...


*wisper* i'm awesome *yell n ear* !

...crap im bored... im out

(cont.) WTF is that? you waste up the space and your gay and your a lesbian and you are a big fat mutated bitch and pussy pop,pleeeeez you didnt saw mee coming cuz yo eyes were up yo ass covered and smeared with shit...

to mw3fan: About time! :) and your videos ae cool no worries. and that ws just wrong what Blu just said and Ronald in love...lol! got a skype?
5/2/2012 c2 34qtqt3q4
King of Ownage make a acount but you cant own me

I’ll crunch yo’ skull

I’ll crack yo’ back

I’ll smash yo’ stomach

And I’ll squash yo’ sack

I’ll break yo’ face

I’ll shatter yo’ ribs

I’ll kick you in the throat

And then I’ll grab yo’ tits

I’ll snap yo’ spine

I’ll break yo’ jaw

I’ll slam you in the ground

Because there is no law

Shake you by the neck

And rip you outta yo’ skin

Even if KOW fights me

I’ll finish him
4/29/2012 c2 El Padrillo
Hey there. I'm glad you finally made an account. Maybe now I can stop Anon reviews for my story. Anyway enough about my story.

I noticed your grammar needs a little work but I can tell what you mean most of the time.

I also noticed chapters are a bit short. Maybe you should make them about 1000 words per chapter.

It's an alright idea, and Ronald seem interesting.

I can't wait to see what's next.
4/23/2012 c1 3mw3fan
To everybody whom read this reveiw.im sorry this story is too godamn short.ill try to make the next chapter a little long
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