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12/17/2020 c3 13Sailor Dragonball 87
This is so awesome! When will Park’s secret be revealed to you Chase? Will it change the way he sees her? I love to read more of this! Please update this or write a sequel! I really hope you decide to come back to this story and finish it!
10/22/2020 c3 16Sasina
Hey there. There is a huge lack of fics about this couple, and I like your plot. Please update soon.
1/25/2014 c3 sleuthonasunday
Please, please continue! This is a GREAT start and I would love to see where it goes. Chase and Park showed such great potential on the show but the show ran out of time to fully explore their chemistry. Its always a treat to see fanfic writers picking up that mantle!
7/7/2013 c1 kaity2011
I love ur story. I always wanted for Chase and Park to grow closer before the show ended, but that never happened. I can't wait for the next update!
5/16/2013 c3 16Koganeiro
Hooray! I'm so glad you updated; I was a bit scared that this might have been left alone. Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter! 3
5/13/2013 c3 4N. Blaxcell
Just one typo:

"is jus due to her loneliness and nothing to do with her illness"

Just add a "t"

Nice to see you with an update again!
5/9/2013 c2 16Koganeiro
I know it's been a little while since you updated this, probably don't even think about it anymore, but I hope you continue this story )
2/9/2013 c2 Ogawa
I must say I think you got the characters on top notch. It could be a episode. Please continue, love it so far!
12/10/2012 c2 Noel
Really like it. update update update1!
6/5/2012 c1 MR DKM
I must say I am clearly impressed to capture House's sarcasm point blank. I can really imagine this story being in the series. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more of your ideas. After all there's only a few Chase/Park stories out there and not many can imitate the vibe from House MD. Update soon! :))
5/12/2012 c2 6J Elise
Thanks for the update! :) Your story is coming along nicely. Can't wait to read more!
5/8/2012 c1 J Elise
I love Park and Chase, and there are so few stories about them! You're doing great! Please keep writing :) Can't wait to find out what happens!
4/29/2012 c1 Yarotaro
love Park/Chase too. they are too adorable. can't wait for the next chapter.
4/29/2012 c1 3mynamjo
Loved it. I'm just glad there is a story up for them.
4/26/2012 c1 6Lady Blackwolf
I like the pairing as well and hope you update soon! :)
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