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for AK47 Slaughterhouse: This is Hell

6/6/2013 c1 3The Draftsman
Is John carrying all his ammo in a backpack? 1500 rounds is around 24kg/52lbs, can that guy move properly with that much weight, especially considering the mobility required to survive?
8/13/2012 c6 57Gravenimage
I admit this chapter was too short to be considered an update.
8/6/2012 c5 Gravenimage
Nice chapter I really like Saeko's boldness she will definitely do that to a guy she will like. She hasn't done that to Takashi because of Rei update soon.
6/19/2012 c1 28francisthewitcher
Nice work with your story, besides AK-47 is my favorite weapon. Hope you update soon.
6/17/2012 c3 57Gravenimage
Great chapter.
6/16/2012 c2 Gravenimage
Awesome story man and I surprise like you that there isn't an AK-47 in the manga but maybe when the second season starts.
4/24/2012 c1 11ChaoticCrazy
Great chapter. Combine one of my all-time favorite guns on the planet with HighSchool of the Dead, and you've got badassery at its finest. Then agin, my OC has used either a Zastava M70B2 or an MPi-KM, so I guess you can call them variants or offshoots of the original AK-47/AKM.

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