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for Naruto Legend of the Triforce

12/17/2018 c11 asdfghnbgfdxfcgvbhjik
no lo encuentro
1/14/2018 c1 Guest
Well...that was a crappy way to die for someone like Link...
8/12/2016 c1 Banjo the Fox
Sakura as Zelda? HA! Sakura is an unworthy, abusive whore.
7/7/2014 c1 7dragonshaun9
quick question: who did you adopt this story from?
1/11/2014 c9 2nemikconi new sora
when will you update the story
8/15/2013 c10 Fan Fan 92555
niggers read mr grimjaw
8/10/2013 c10 1S.R.457
4/14/2013 c5 4FantomeDePapier
So... I've read until chapter 5 so far. I think the story is good itself and has a great potential. But I think you should really consider having someone to check your redaction (maybe ask a beta reader to do it?).
No offense, but sometimes I've had to reread some paragraphs because there were punctuation marks missing and that makes it a little difficult to read.
Other than that the story has been good, so I hope you don't take the comment badly
3/24/2013 c10 33mr grimjaw
i am glad!
3/12/2013 c9 24thedarkpokemaster
dame not bad I can see Hinata and Kakashi have shown up I know it will be cool.
3/12/2013 c9 33mr grimjaw
this is so great its just a master pice
3/10/2013 c9 Guest
is this link dark link or is link realy evil in this?
3/10/2013 c3 Guest
Good story so far(I'm on chapter 3)main thing I find lacking is your quotation marks placement
3/5/2013 c7 Guest
Good story but should be in the crossover section not general.
3/5/2013 c9 5kidloco
you know i can wait, i had the same problem

(mostly i back to my computer and here dont had docx, so cant write and dont want write in the other computer XD or copy paste in old .doc so :p narusaku will wait alittle more.. anyway im changing againg some part of i had write already :p)
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