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1/30/2013 c1 24Different Child
FOOD. XD You're in food for a living. I think that makes sense. But DAWWW MAKO AND BOLIN! it's something that's hard for me, understanding sometimes. I grew up in an affluent household and we're more tight on money now but never that tight. I don't understand it always. After going overseas I get it better, but I always jut was the kid bringing food ot her firends, and stuff, like Korra. Money isn't something Korra's ever been wanting for. As the Avatar she's never really needed it? Until RC. Things were just provided for her. Even living at ATI things are provided. It's a good lesson too with this. :) Great GREAT one Shoe!
1/29/2013 c1 80scorchedtrees
I like how you portrayed Mako and Bolin's financial situation, and how Korra reacted to it—it's true that many people take for granted what they have. The Makorra interaction was cute. Nice job!
12/17/2012 c1 Daisy Dollop
You know, I really felt like you captured Korra and Mako. The words, reactions, and the atmosphere between them. I like how you explore the difference in lifestyles, and since Korra probably has always been provided for, she would be uncomfortable in this situation. You captured Korra and Mako. Perhaps you write about food because sharing a meal is special in all cultures. When you offer to share a meal, you are accepting the other person, and it opens up the relationship with the chance to grow. It's small things you catch that I really like in this one shot.
5/21/2012 c1 81JackieStarSister
This was short but well-written, and both were in-character. Good job. :)
4/26/2012 c1 15deadsylifer
Youre going very well so far, please continue this. I love it when mako loses his mind. :D
4/26/2012 c1 19partner555
To Bolin, the world must have been ending during the last bit. HAHAHAHA! I like it.
4/25/2012 c1 5toffeecakesxox
this is so beautiful!

and so simple!

i love this so much (:
4/25/2012 c1 Incandescent Adolescent

My poor babies ;_;

/shoves money at Mako and Bolin
4/25/2012 c1 RollingStars
So adorable, it brought a huge smile to my face. It was simple and sweet, great job 3
4/25/2012 c1 6TheWonderfulShoe
That was adorable...not to mention that I could actually see it happening!
4/24/2012 c1 24XxNeonShadowsxX
I never would've guessed you're new to this. You did a great job with this oneshot; vivid descriptions of everthing and all in-character. And of course, it had Makorra. That just adds to the awesomeness. Sorry, I'm a crazy fangirl with absolutely no life. Anydip, you've got an epic oneshot here. Hope to see more like this soon. Keep up the good work!

-Aiden Rose
4/24/2012 c1 16Mandarins
Aw. I always feel bad about Mako & Bolin's situation. Seeing their apartment - which is an attic above the pro-bending fighting arena D: - was just. wow. You see how they make do with what they have. & you make it better through this fic with Korra giving food & all.

~ Love it. :D
4/24/2012 c1 3toushiro1310
I love this! I'm looking all over for fics of this type. Good to see Korra observing these sort of things and I appreciate how you played her. Not exactly ashamed, but understandingly a little bad feeling there. I think you've got Mako pretty spot on too. Anyways thanks for making the wait between episodes a little more bearable!
4/24/2012 c1 5kagomecathanyo
cool fic! i really liked it! glad i read this one...i tried reading one of the more "adult" ones the other day to see if i could get into them for this couple and...well it almost turned me off from LoK fanfiction T^T glad i read this one though!

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