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for Roses Are Red

12/31/2013 c8 jaelun
its really good but U NEED TO UPDATE PLZZ ITS SO GOOD DONT LEAVE ME HANGIN. u get it like a clif hanger
8/15/2013 c8 desperate
update. srsly update nooow
8/1/2013 c8 Guest
I love this story you should totally make more chapters! :)
7/6/2013 c8 alexvjofficial
hey! Amazing story. 'nuff said O.o
1/1/2013 c7 Marsha
I NEED MOREE lool... I'm sorry its just that when I start reading something its really hard for. Me. To just stop
12/4/2012 c7 sunshinecitylights
NO,you can't just leave us hanging u little koala.I hope a strawberry milkshake burns you and I hope u rot in Narnia,
12/4/2012 c3 sunshinecitylights
Please don't eat my cat,And totes Gramille and Brody!
9/16/2012 c7 1Pippa3OneDirection
NOOOOOO NO NO NO NO! I'm a sad sad panda now :‘( Greyson still hasn't kissed Kamille and now Cody breaks up with Bri? What..? No! I really really really really realllllyyyyy hope they get back together! They have to! I hope Lucas and Bri don't start dating... I'm sooooo happy because I'm going to see Cody live in London as part of his CodyToEurope Tour! Pleeeeeease update soon! xxxxx
9/15/2012 c7 3sydneycrush
NOOOOOO! They can't break up! Well I kinda want her to end up with Lucas, but still! No! And what the actual fuck Cody?! Texting girls for three days while youre with you're girlfriend?! Dousche.
9/15/2012 c7 toribean
Oh no! Brianna and Cody can't break up! This was a great chapter! Please update soon :D
9/5/2012 c6 1Pippa3OneDirection
Hiiii! Thankyou for updating and giving me a lovely chapter to read before I have to go back to school later today. YES YES YES! OMG GREYSON AND KAMILLE ARE SO SWEET AND FUNNY TOGETHER THEY HAVE TO KISS! :) :) :) Greyson has waited a long time I guess... Aww Cody‘s jelous 3 I'm surprised Kamille forgave Greyson so easily but I'm glad she did. Please please please update soon! If it helps you write faster its my birthday tomorrow xxx
8/27/2012 c5 alexhamilton1776
This is really good! Please continue
8/15/2012 c5 1Valentinexoxo
continue :) please
8/13/2012 c5 Valentine
continue, love it
8/11/2012 c5 1Pippa3OneDirection
I dont think ive ever properly tried oatmeal, but guinea pig food is not nice! Remember that its for animals not humans so don‘t try it, you will regret it.
Chris! I love Glee :)
Fred! Me and my brother love Fred. We sat there all day once watching his youtube videos :)
I hope Kamille will be foregive Greyson and hos actions (that sounded really formal...) Please update soon. And remember not to eat guinea pig food! xxxxx
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