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for Lost Legends

3/17/2014 c5 Coolcat
This is a really good story so far.
Update soon :)
8/10/2012 c4 CU Administration
Hi there. Author's notes are not allowed to be posted as chapters. I know you're upset about no sex scenes being allowed in stories. Heck, even I wish it were allowed, but unfortunately it isn't and the site isn't going to change their rules. That is why they have . I suggest you take this down and post it on your page instead.

Btw, it's also against the rules to post duplicate chapters. You're honestly just making your account a target for the admins.

Just in case you wonder later, Critics United was not involved in the purge of MA fics.

[Founder of Critics United]
6/6/2012 c4 6N. Harmonik
You just put this story in danger; chapters that are only notes with no story material aren't allowed. I won't be reporting this but someone else might.

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