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for If These Walls Could Talk

1/8/2021 c3 Celina Cassia
5/22/2013 c3 soulwriter51
Can't wait for new chapter
5/15/2013 c3 2LonelyHollow117
Really like this fanfiction and I think Ichigo's wife sucks. Orihime should be with him. But that's just my opinion. Like the plot and I didn't see anything wrong. Great story and I can't wait to read more!
5/14/2013 c3 Hearts Grow
In the second chapter I kind of figured Mulan was having and affair haha. Damn she is chill haha
Well update soon
5/14/2013 c2 Hearts Grow
Haha Mulan seems pretty chill but at the same time uptight haha weird combination
5/14/2013 c1 Hearts Grow
I like it so far haha I think it's good
5/13/2013 c3 QueenBlade
Beau chapitre le scénario de la plage a été rajouté non ? J'aime bien. Met à jour bientôt
5/13/2013 c3 kayai1995
good chapter, I can't wait for the next one.
9/24/2012 c1 6zodious
Don't worry you're getting better! Trust me when I first started writing fan fiction specifically bleach at the age of 14 I totally sucked! And I think you're doing a better job than me by far. So just continue to practice and as always you'll continue to get better and better. Update soon btw!:D
9/24/2012 c2 zodious
Lol Renji is to much tehehehe! Nice chappie. Where's your update Buster! *angry face*...:)
9/16/2012 c2 QueenBlade
c'était bien. Continue j'attend que les évènements avance encore un peu. Met à jour bientôt ;)
9/15/2012 c2 6tokiluv
Can't wait till the next update!
5/20/2012 c1 tokiluv
Continue please!
4/26/2012 c1 QueenBlade
Cette version commence plus directement que l'autre (je parle de l'entretien d'embauche). J'attend la suite avec impatience afin de voir les détails ajoutés et ceux persistants.;)
4/26/2012 c1 citew32
I like this version more :) Plz update soon can't wait to read more ^^

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