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6/28/2012 c20 21molotovmullet
WHEEEEEE CHAPTERRRRR 3 great job as always(: sorry I couldn't leave a review again last chapter. I was in the middle of my term exams.
Ah, I wish there had been more Dean whumpqge but I'll take what I can get. :3 HAHAHAA.
OKAY talk to ya laterrr(:
6/28/2012 c20 Guest
Two words. ! ...Ok I can't just leave it with two words. ;D THIS CHAPTER ROCKED! SOOOO emotional and beautiful and happy and sad and creepy and WONDERFUL! As u noticed, I don't hold back my feelings. LOL! You really are a genius. GAH! EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD! *runs away to find sugar*
Your forever fan,
6/28/2012 c20 1Dandelo19
I am sad that there is more than a chapter.
I hope you write yet another exciting fanfic.
Thank you! :D
6/28/2012 c20 14Emma zooka
Oh my god this actually may be the best Supernatural fic I've ever read. Your words are amazing, your scenarios are so real, and I feel as though everything is happening slowly but fast...which is great, cause I'm taking in all this detail, but still constantly rivited by the intensity and pace ofthe story.
I loved when Dean re-met with Florabel. I was expecting something touching but not too sluggishly cheesy, and what you wrote was perfect. I couldnt think of any way to write it better. And I LOVED the fast as a jackrabbit line. It reminds the reader of how much time has passed for Florabel, and yet she is still the same. It was great.
BTW, I was scared for a second that Slaid was going to kill Florabel, but when he didn't I realized that you wouldn't write something like that at this point in the story. So... Thanks for keeping Florabel a bit longer so she can be with Dean a little longer!
6/28/2012 c19 Emma zooka
"I can't imagine what it would have been like to lose Dean when I was seven years old. I don't even want to think about it."
This phrase stuck out to me the most. I can't help but latch onto that specific phrase. What WOULD happen if Sam had lost Dean at a young age? You've sparked my interest (as morbid as it is) and along with that...you've made it almost unbearable, waiting for an update.
Thanks for that :D
6/28/2012 c20 32ackeberlynn
I hate these new site changes. hasn't changed it's layout much since I started reading/writing on here 6 years ago, and now all of a sudden it's changing. Smh.

Anyway...I actually cried when Emma showed up and began talking to Florabel.

This was also heartbreaking: "I'm sorry, I couldn't be your papa," he said in a whisper. "I wanted to be. I'm so sorry, Bel." Tears started to trickle towards his ears and he struggled to master them.

Loved it.
6/28/2012 c20 6Maz101
Sharlot, this has been one of the very best Supernatural stories it has ever been my privilege to read. Really. I was late coming to it and it has taken me this long to get right up to date - I debated waiting to the very end before leaving a review but I simply couldn't after all this time. Normally when I love a story as much as this I would review after each chapter and include my very favourite bits - I hope you'll forgive me for not doing that here (there have been many - I would have copy and pasted most of your chapters back to you) In trying to catch up your writing simply pulled me along too fast, I raced ahead without stopping. (You kept me sane on a couple of foreign jobs too!).
There was so much to admire in your story telling - of course, the OCs - Florabel is utterly *wonderful*. The farm, her mother, Old Jeb, the horrendously disgusting (but brilliantly evoked) Slaid - a truly awful villain, an *absolute* monster. Just fantastic. Your characterisation all round - Your dialogue and descriptions are just awesome. You placed us perfectly in time and place - the physical descriptions of the landscape, the storms, the dust are so powerful and evocative. The story itself, with the multi-layered complications of time travel (I admire how you reunited us with Bel - just as feisty as an old lady as she was as a child), double spirits, and the gut wrenching love of Dean by people from sixty years apart. And the HURT! The most magnificent Hurt!Dean - setting it in a time before our modern medicine just gave you free rein and you went with it in all the ways I enjoy. Thank you for that too.

Again, having waited so long (and I feel *so* bad for that) to leave a comment, when I read this chapter and found myself having a little cry over it, I couldn't wait any longer.

Great, great writing. I've loved it.
6/28/2012 c20 39Colby's girl
That chapter was inspired! I loved all the touching and hearwrenching reunions. The touches of humour to balance it all out. Well done my friend. Cheers!
6/28/2012 c20 Hundley
Very nicely done. The whole gang helped put the sucker down. You know, last week I thought the other spirit was probably Emma; was hoping it was, and wasn't she still just a classy lady even as a ghost.

I also really like that you used Dean's cussing. For the most part, the Show gets by with what it can, but these are rough, touch guys, and I can just imagine how they talk. Also liked how you re-introduced 'Bel and Dean to each other. That couldn't have gone better.

I am going to be very sad to read the final chapter next week.

One little nitpick, and I only mention it to for information purposes on other stories. Seatbelts on a 1946? No way. In fact, the Impala most definitely wouldn't have them. Few cars did until the late 70s, and I'm not even sure about pickups. State legislation requiring the use of seatbelts really began in the mid-1980s, and by 1990, all but New Hampshire had enacted seatbelt laws. Seatbelt laws are a state thing, but I think the Fed can withhold highway funding if the state didn't enact laws. Not sure about that, but I think that's how it works.
6/28/2012 c20 51emebalia
And Dean has to save the day. Again.
I've to admit I had brimming eyes a few times in this chapter. And a laugh or two.
6/27/2012 c11 14Emma zooka
Okay so I've been reading your fic and, aside from my jaw constantly hanging open from the sheer AWESOMNES of it, I had to saw one thing


Slaid killed Lizzie? Oh that sick, vile, loathsome, snothead chuckledrum olyeager snurtleddtude! I'm so in shock at him right now that I'm honestly emotionally distraught. Lizzie! Poor Lizzie! And after what he'd done to Florabel...I would have been right there with Dean, punching his lights out.

Ah your writing is so good, I'm emotionally attached.
6/25/2012 c19 DeansGirl
Oh man, as always, awesome, awesome chapter! OMG! I would SO love to see this as a SN movie or something. I'd want to see it exactly as you've written it! You are sooo talented n I hope you continue writing even after this story is finished. I'm gonna be so sad when it's over :(... Until Thursday, hope you have a great week!


6/25/2012 c18 Star
Ch. 18:

"Florabel had been watching with wide, frightened eyes. She'd been horrified to see the farmhand loom over the men. "Slaid! No!" she yelled. Hearing the small voice, the ghost spun around. Surprise, shock, and lust criss-crossed his face, rapidly morphing from one emotional response to the next. His mouth perverted itself, stretching impossibly large into an angular, macabre grin as the spirit flit erratically over toward the protective circle." - Okay, Jesus! Slaid is one sick f***. Just...I have no worsd Kat. Its like you read a book on psychopathy, and made him the text-book case, with some very, very sick tendencies. Gotta say though, I have yet to meet a villian quite like him anywhere else in the FF world. I mean even good ol' Voldemort never stooped so low.

"'Bel," he mumbled and tried to turn his head toward her. - (GRINS) Okay, this time, I didn't miss it! Woohoo! You mad me blush and grin so much! Thank you again. :D

"I don't know. I cain't tell, but I think it's tomorrow," Florabel said. She snuggled into him, laying her head on his chest, snuffling against it. - Hehehe, cute line, and what an adorable scene this would be (if only I could block out the worrisome circumstances attached to it).

"Old Jeb, you got to believe me. Pally didn't do nothin'," she reached up and touched his face. "You know him. I know you know him, Old Jeb." - That's exactly what I wanted to say to Old Jeb in the last chapter. Go Bel!

Jeb backed away. "Something's come undone in your mind, boy," he said cautiously. - You don't know the half of it, Jeb! Btw Kat, Jeb's confusion and unwillingness to understand that Slaid was the evil one...very well done, and completely realistic. It reminds me of the neighbours and friends of serial killers, who are oh so very shocked to hear of the dirty deeds of their friendly neighbourhood psycho.

Florabel kept pulling on Dean, trying to stop him. "Slaid," she shouted above the din. "I'll be your whore. Just don't kill him!" - Oh God! No, Bel! Honey, 1) I doubt you know what that means, and 2) I LOVE YOU!

The last conscious image he saw before his eyes turned into globes of light was Florabel nestled safely in Jeb's arms. The sight filled him with both regret and relief in equal measure. - Bittersweet, like I expected it to be.

"The smell," Florabel said, smiling at an old memory. She looked up at them. "I'd forgotten," she grinned. "It's skunk oil and turpentine." - LOL.

Ch 19:

He stopped, stunned, but the spirit seemed to sense its sudden visibility and blinked out again. It was definitely not Slaid. - Nope, but I have a feeling I know who it is. :(

He finally put her down again. "Stay here behind the barn, darlin'. Let's keep you out of the wind," he said, but she immediately walked right back to the spot where Dean had been taken from her. She promptly sat back down and resumed her vigil. - Aw Bel. Just, you break my heart sweetheart.

"I don't think he's comin' back, Florabel," he said sadly, but she didn't appear to have heard him. - No, she wouldn't.

"Y'cain't come with me, darlin'," he said walking her back to the crossroads. "I'm gonna be hoppin' freights and stayin' in shanty towns. Ain't no life for a Doodlebug." His voice caught, and he choked on a suppressed sob. He looked broken. "Ain't no life for no one." He turned and pointed her south, patting her behind gently. "I hope life treats you right from here on in, Florabel." She looked back at him, but he pointed toward the town. - This reminded me of a stray dog that sometimes attaches itself to a kind little passerby, and then refuses to leave. I;m so glad this scene was in a written fic, because had it been in an episode, I wouldn't have been able to stop crying. Not I don;t always imagine your fic playing in my mind visually, but that would have just about killed me.

"So he ain't gonna remember anything that happened?" She looked saddened. "He ain't gonna remember me?" - I doubt any monster in the world would be capable of erasing you or Sammy out of his mind permanently Bel; you;re kind of hard-wired in his DNA.

The old woman chuckled. "It was my special nickname for him. I knew we was gonna be great friends even when he wasn't awake. He was my pal," she said. "And he didn't even know his name when he first woke up, so I gave him one." She sat down and looked at Dean for a moment. "It's so strange." Her eyes began to water. "When I was a little girl, he was this tall, strong, larger-than-life man. He was so old and so wise." She caressed his head softly. "I look at him now an' I see a boy. A young, tired boy." She looked at Sam. "Ain't that odd how your perception changes?" She withdrew her hand and set it in her lap. "I cain't imagine how scared he was, how disorienting everything must have been for him. He never let on. He was the truest of souls. Kind hearted and patient in every way." She blushed and visibly held back her emotions. "Half the time that poor boy wore me like a hat. I had such boundary issues. I was forever crawlin' all over him, usin' him as my own personal jungle-gym. Hangin' on to him like a monkey. He always let me. His lap was always open to me." She paused for a moment. "I loved him so," she said simply. "For him that was yesterday," she said, quieting before getting up suddenly and excusing herself. "He's doin' fine at the moment. I'll be right back. Then, we can put a few stitches in his head now that Ellen has it cleaned out," she said with an unsteady voice as she hurried from the room. - No words Kat. Just, WOW. I can't even imagine how happy and heat-broken Bel would ave been here, to see that he was alive, to finally see him again, and yet its all so difficult - he's hurt again, and this time she;s old enough to understand everything.

"She's kind of like a sister to me, in a way." Bobby raised an eyebrow. "We both had the same father," he explained. - Did NOT epect that analogy, but I totally get it. Truer words were never spoken. Now I finally get the feeling that Sammy understands what Dean was to Bel.

"I missed you, Pally," she said eventually. "I cain't tell you how much. That day, Pally," Florabel stopped and pursed her lips, struggling. "Seein' you like that. I cain't…I cain't tell you. You know, I ain't never loved no one like I loved you. That's a fact. I ain't even ashamed to say it. You was everything to me." The old woman sighed. "I hope you don't think unkindly of me about all of this, but part of me wishes you never got your memories back. I wish that Slaid had just fallen off the face of the planet and that you and Mama and me had been a family. I ain't trying to take away who you are nor undo what really unfolded, but," she shrugged. "Part of me still wishes you remained my papa. Sometimes. Like I said, I ain't tryin' to take away what really happened," she said with an enigmatic smile. - Again, very 'awww' worthy scene. I'm sure I already said this, but I felt just like Bel did, about this situation. Dean's reunion with Sam (which was beautifully simply) was necessary, but I couldn't help but want him to stay with Bel. Wish we could clone him, huh? (Maybe make 4 copies, the remaining 2 for us? :P)

Sam twitched and swallowed his grin. "He's wearing overalls," he noted. "I mean, I saw the picture, but this is so much more…awesome," he said, grinning. He noticed the long underwear and quirked an eye. "What the hell is he wearing underneath?" he asked. - Hehehehe, I KNEW Sammy would make fun of this, just as Dean predicted.

Sam nodded. "I can do it," he assured her. - The epitome of "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

"So, you mean that Pally came to this town and wound up hunting down a spirit that he, himself, created seventy-two years ago?" - LOL, I DID not think of it like that, until you mentioned it! Kind of cool. Like Hermione getting hit by the little rock in Hagrid's hut - the rock thrown by her, gone back in time. (Oh, hope you've read the HP series!)

"Square dancing? Are you serious?" He actually laughed, the first laugh Florabel heard come out of him since he knocked on her door. "Oh, man. What I wouldn't have given to see that!" - ROTFL. Me too, Sammy!

Sam was lost in thought a moment and then looked up. "Right," he said. "It takes a day to know Dean." He shifted and spoke quietly. "And a lifetime to understand him." He looked at Florabel and then at Dean. "He humbles me. And he infuriates me." - You stole the words right out of my mouth, Sammy! Oh Dean. Wake up soon! I miss you.

"You've got to snap out of it, though. What will baby think if she assumes you don't care? You remember baby, don't you?" Sam said. "She sure misses you, man." Sam pulled out his cell and flipped through some photos. "See?" He showed Dean a photo that Sam snapped of Dean goofing off with the Impala, sprawled against it in a spacious, enthusiastic hug. Dean looked at the photo and grabbed the phone, squinting to try and bring it into focus. - Yay BABY! I missed her! I knew she would get the cogs churning in Dean's brain.

Wow. SO glad I finally caught up. Fab job, as always Kat. But somehow, Slaid's death, didn't quite match my desire for a painful and slow roasting. Although, I guess there's already been so much blood and gore.

Jeb finding out about Bel's assault - (Sigh) How terrible he must have felt - you did a great job with Jeb here. Although, I felt like you didn't reveal much of the guilt he should have felt over accusing Dean and believing him to be the perp. BUT, him walking away from Bel as the sun set, GOSH! Another heart-breaking scene, Kat, that I;m glad I only read about.

Anyways, I'm glad things are getting better now. I can't wait for Dean to see and recognize Bel (will he recognize her quickly?). But, also kind of sad that the story's almost at an end. I'm glad I found you all those months ago with Killing me Softly, because really, I love,
6/25/2012 c19 kinky-kitsune
OMG this story is super awesome and so well written it blows my mind! I can't wait for the next chapter in Dust Devils!
6/25/2012 c17 Star
Hiya Kat!

Had a good vacation, but I'm glad to be back, because now I can catch up on reading DD! :D

What you said about 'Bel calling Dean her best friend, GOSH, that totally makes sense now! Its funny because I feel exactly what you described...violated, in some way, when something like that happens, so I completely understand why you had her say what she did. And there really are no words she could have said to really explain what he was to her, that is also very, very true.

Jeb's reaction, you totally made up for it in this chapter - his anger, his grief, his broken heart, all came through here. He really must have been like a surrogate father to Emma, and I can't even imagine how broken up he must have been. Funny fact, I was actually watching some movie on TV while on vacation, (started half-way through, so no name), and this old man in it was exactly who I picture Old Jeb to be! :)

Bobby/Ellen - yep, I love them! Will go read that fic later. I loved the Titanic epi as well, because I felt bad about Bobby being alone all this time, and Ellen being dead; but they fit together very well. I'm sure had hey gotten together, there would never be a dull moment in their house :D

Aw, yes, the 'Bel-Dean scene! You are SOOO right, in my mind, 'Florabel' immediately translates to 'Bel, and so I missed it! :D Thank you, thank you! I feel so honoured that you did that, especially Dean being the one calling her that. That man makes me grin like a fool already, but the tree scene was just beautiful. I can see why you would have cried there. I know I almost did.

Emma's death...I can see what you mean. You built her up very beautifully, and it really was a heart-wrenching scene. EVerything that happened that led up to her gruesome death was completely undeserved. But you did do a very through and fantabulous job with that scene. So kudos to you for that!

Ch. 17:

Jeb's scene with Emma's (shudders) body was tear-jerking. THIS is what I did except from him. Him finding out that she had been assaulted - again, this was heart-breaking, but I couldn't help but feel alittle angry with him for thinking that Dean could be capable of it. I see where he was coming from, he has just lost his almost-daughter, is heart-broken, and doesn't know Dean very well - but he did know him for a while, and should have realized that Dean could never do something like this, to anyone, but especially to Emma.

Slaid's little prompts to kill Dean - I;m just going to say that I hope he dies a very horrible death, and soon.

Again, the way Jeb deal with Dean's unconscious form, tore me up, because he did nothing to deserve it. You really do love your hurt!Dean, huh?

As for the seen in the celler, I KNEW IT! knew when Jeb had seen Dean come out of there a few chapters back that it was not going to bode well for him. Oh Dean, you poor, poor man.

But this chapter definitely belonged to that little girl who lost her Mama in the worst possible way. I did cry for 'Bel, Kat. No child (actually no adult, either) should ever have to go through what she has in a short life. It was just heart-rending.

Emma's comforting of 'Bel, that made me smile. You portrayed her character flawlessly, Kat. A mother to the core. If anytone could have comforted Bel at that moment, it was Emma. Bt, you don't have to answer if its too personal, but do you happen to have kids? I get the feeling that you do, because the way you wrote the scenes between Emma and Bel, it was so perfect.

One thing I don't understand though, why did you have Bel go and see Emma's body? I can see that it comforted her to be there with her Mama, and that she was able to talk through her guilt, but just the trauma of the whole situation, it just made me want to bundle her up and hug her and never let go. I guess part of it was getting the meds for Dean, which THANK YOU! btw, but even so I felt horrible that she had to see her mother like that.

What I loved about this chapter (And the whole story really) - Bel's strength, her perseverance, and her courage. After having witnessed such a gruesome scene, having lost everybody in her family, and having faced a monster like Slaid, she still found the courage to do what needed to be done to help Dean. Have I mentioned I love her to bits, and you for bringing her into my world?

I loved the parallel between Bel laying beside Emma, and then later curling up next to Dean. Both scenes were executed beautifully.

Bel's gentleness with Dean's prone form - I can imagine her being a wonderful doctor :)

The last scene, where Dean though Bel was a kitten - can I just say adorable? I know it probably wasn't meant to, but it made me smile. 'kay, going to read the other 2 chapters and review them in a bit.

Thank you again for adding "'Bel" to the story. I can't tell you how delighted that makes me.

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